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  1. I got a set of 6 acrylic shelves, the Nolzur’s beholder (finally in stock at a reasonable price), some Muppet mini figs, and a flower pot shaped like a bulbasaur. The Swedish Chef fell off the shelf just after taking the picture, due to the vibration from the nearby AC unit. Bulbasaur is more of a bluey green than this picture shows. I’m going to purchase a succulent this weekend to plant in him. On that note, I also acquired a few new succulents. They are downstairs though, drying out. Whoever was in charge of watering them, overwatered them to the point that some were floating in their pots. Morons.
  2. Nope, not my cup of tea. Especially the giant city sized ships that leave a trail of massive pollution.
  3. Right? It’s actually really easy. Just watch a YouTube video, folks 🤣
  4. Apparently she had one leg all the way out the window and the other leg on it way out when grandma got to her. We all had extra cuddles tonight. And Hubby installed window locks on the top and bottom of her window, so there’s no way she getting it open more than 2 inches.
  5. So, Hubby and I had a date night (afternoon, really). And our little bean was not happy about it, screamed bloody murder as we left. And then after we had gone, she apparently ran upstairs to her room, opened her window, pushed the screen out, and tried to climb out the window to get to us. Her grandma saved her from falling to her death. And then a neighbor called the cops to make sure she was okay. Which, by the time they got there, she was asleep, so she was okay. We ended our date by going to Home Depot and buying window locks.
  6. Rattle snakes, bears, cougars, coyotes, deer ticks… I think that’s it. Do moronic drivers count?
  7. Depends on a few different factors, but if cost is the same and time doesn’t matter, I’d rather drive. The airline industry has taken what should be an amazing, enjoyable experience, and turned it into a horrible slog.
  8. Huh, why is that? I really enjoy being able to pick out my seats. Of course, I tend to buy my tickets in advance. I’m not really sure, but I really enjoyed the virtual sculpting class I took of yours in 2020. I still have a lot of screen shots from that.
  9. I was going to say that. Toddlers are like puppies crossed with kitties, crossed with apes. My little monster is talking clearer everyday. I’m not going to miss her frustration at not being able to communicate, but I will miss her adorable gibberish.
  10. I hammered my left index finger while putting up my Ethernet cable from the attic to the router. Since my MIL was present I couldn’t actually say what I wanted to, so I improvised and said “SWEAR WORDS!!! SO MANY SWEAR WORDS!!!!” I would’ve sworn I broke it, but the pain subsided the next day and now it’s fine.
  11. Yep. That’s me. Or, it would be if I wore two piece bathing suits.
  12. Well, I feel like my dad would’ve been very proud of me today. It’s been 20+ years since I’ve lit a fire and I did it correctly on the first try. The fire. The monster in her bouncy castle. The fireworks have started.
  13. Just more getting our attic organized and stuff. Bbq today, but nothing else.
  14. I’m not fond of surprises. Even pleasant ones stress me out. Surprises I like wholeheartedly are ones that cause me no additional work and give me some kind of benefit.
  15. I only use it in the kitchen, for baking. I have not attempted a wet palette.
  16. Books, fabric, crafting supplies, clothing patterns, fashion dolls, yarn, paint, art supplies. Electrical cords, apparently. Old bookstore. Christmas (combo of pine, baking cookies, and that cold smell). The air after a rain/thunderstorm. Fresh laundry. Clean house. Yes. I cannot focus in a mess, but I have a hard time not having a mess, and the mess makes me depressed, so it grows while I feel more and more paralyzed by the mess. I’m going to go with geomagnetic super storm, because I just read an article on that. Electrical grids are down, because power companies prioritize profits over being prepared. Civilization has crashed because we don’t know how to function without electricity. My niche is knowing how to make things: clothes, food, shelter, gardens, etc, without the use of electricity. Yes, we have a regular Rifts game most Saturdays. We had a big battle and I effed stuff up. I don’t have any pets, aside from my toddler.
  17. I really enjoyed Moon Knight. It started slow, but by the end the characters had me hooked. Except Konshu. He’s a jerk.
  18. I don’t know that I have a favorite. I can tell you things I don’t like though.
  19. Well, since it would have to be in the town I currently reside in, because I’m sick of moving, it’ll have a to fill a niche here. There is a lack Greek/proper Mediterranean food here, as well as Indian food. So I’d probably do something like that. Hire a couple of grannies from those food cultures, set them up with a nice staff, and let them work their magic.
  20. I don’t think I have a static worst color. Though I’m not a fan of the way Target makes red look beige.
  21. Hide from my kid and take an epic nap! On Sunday it was warm and partly cloudy most of the day. In the evening we had a deluge and thunder storms for like, 20 minutes, then cloudy until the morning. That’s remarkably vague. Things change all the time, nothing has been static. It started with my parents, who are responsible for most of the changes in my early life. I suppose my grandparents get credit for various changes, my aunt who made me want to have long “princess hair”, my uncle who had a scary dog and seemed to enjoy my fear, teachers who encouraged me to learn, teachers who made me feel stupid and worthless, kids who ostracized me, friends who made me feel like it was okay to be myself, boyfriends who made me realize my worth, my husband who gave me so much more confidence, and my daughter who’s made me sleep deprived. And of course, myself. For deciding who I want to be and making the changes to achieve that.
  22. So, I’ve been going to a physical therapist (overworked my leg while moving, pinched my sciatic nerve) and this morning there was another guy there, working on a yoga ball. I'm thinking to myself: yoga balls are great, but if I never have to sit on another of the damn things again I’ll die a happy woman. I still feel traumatized by bouncing Sephy on the dang thing for like 6 hours when she was a tiny baby!
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