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  1. I painted!! We had a paint night instead of doing our rifts game, because we had members doing other stuff. It was so much fun. I was challenged to do some freehand work, in exchange for a little venison steak, and I totally nailed it! Our GM challenged me to paint this: On one of his stompy robots. the picture is a little cloudy, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. He dubbed me the Painting Queen!
  2. Turns out she can have a very small amount of Benadryl. Doctor gave me a dosing chart. So we’re going to have sweet, drug induced sleep tonight.
  3. She’s not yet 2. Most medicine that is actually effective isn’t approved for use in children under 4. I’m gonna be calling her doctor today to see if there’s a cough suppressant she can have. I’m gonna loose my damn mind if I have to deal with one more tantrum about a minor inconvenience.
  4. Well, my kinder has had a cough for the last few days and it’s making everyone miserable. The cough is making the kinder miserable, who is making her daddy and I miserable. The current misery is that she won’t go to sleep because the cough keeps waking her her up. Effing cough and eff righ the hell off.
  5. Very much this. Here’s to hoping for more females in that tavern, in some role other than servant. I was really hoping for some women sitting down and drinking or eating as well.
  6. I made crab and bacon “stuffed” mushrooms tonight. The quotes because it was more of a topping, than a stuffing. It was fantastic! I finally got the recipe perfected. Even my toddler liked the topping, even if the texture of the mushrooms was not to her liking. Of course, I forgot to take pictures, so y’all will have to imagine what they looked like. I had bursitis when I was younger, due mainly to standing stationary for 8+ hours at McDonalds. The exercises actually do help. You might try googling “bursitis exercises” to see if you can get some relief while you wait for your PA appointment.
  7. They ran a national nurses study and found that yes, working graveyard shift for long periods of time is bad for you. We’re talking about nurses who work primarily graveyard for 20+ years. It lowered their life expectancy by a few years. I looked it up back when I was working graveyard, which I did for 10 years. Im definitely glad to done with it. It got very difficult after having a child.
  8. Hopefully there will be very few turds. Just laundry, shopping, budgeting. Might get to play Skyrim at some point.
  9. The problem is that folks use it as an excuse to be mean. Pranks are only successful if the prankee laughs as well. Mostly indifferent.
  10. I’ve checked the progress of the KS 5 times. It’s less exciting when you know you can’t put more than $10 into right now.
  11. I only pledged $10, and will most likely not pledge more until the pledge manager opens. Reaper Kickstarters always have really bad timing for me.
  12. It’s a circulation problem. If I hold my hands higher than my elbows for long periods, my hands go numb. It’s on my list of things to deal with, but there have been other, more pressing issues, and since I’m not rich af, I have to wait to address them. They’re just very hard graham crackers.
  13. I usually plan ahead, buy one thing I was planning on getting, forget the rest, and buy a bunch of stuff I already have. I’ma pro 😎
  14. Makes me picture a wonderfully steampunk computer that, instead of a keyboard, you gotta dial your address in with a rotary device. Horribly impractical, but Oh! The Aesthetic!
  15. Various locations of Despair that I’ll ever be able to consistently paint again.
  16. I’m pretty sure that to qualify as a real pirate you have to do some dastardly deeds. At the very least, theft on the high seas.
  17. Mouslings, in general. Though I believe we have “enough” cowboy style mouslings.
  18. An ergonomics while painting class sounds great. I haven’t painted in a while, because my hands go numb when I do. I’d really love to solve that problem.
  19. See, this is actually really difficult for me, because I freakin LOVE seasonal and holiday minis. If someone makes a holiday mini, doesn’t matter the holiday, I want it. Even the ones I don’t know about, I want those. Anyway, right now I’d say a New Years Sophie. There’s one already, but we need more. Why? Because, that’s why. Anyway, I’d have her in a long evening gown with a slit up her leg and long gloves (picture Sophie cosplaying Jessica Rabbit). In one hand she'd have a noise maker, in the other a champagne flute. Her wings would have streamers hanging off them.
  20. Well, for one thing I don’t generally look for silly life hacks on the internet. Life Hack: make weekly dinner menu so you have a plan and eat out less. Life hack: do a budget so you don’t over spending and can save money. It’s just sensible.
  21. I see they’re finally fulfilling the wishes of the masses and making that dragon riding half long into bones. And it’s about time they add more lady dwarves too!
  22. Well, the third time was the charm. The third Dutch oven arrived yesterday, in perfect, cobalt blue condition, and I used it for the first time tonight. I made a pot roast, in an actual pot, and it turned out AMAZING!! The only one who didn’t appreciate the tender flavorfulness of the meat was my heathen daughter, who still has problems with the texture of beef. Seriously, I love this pot. I’ve wanted one forever. It was worth dealing with the first two. Oh, and Sephy is fine. She slept good last night, no nightmares. And I got a really neat “night light” for the living room, so the dark room wouldn’t creep her out. The lights fade through to different colors constantly. It’s actually really beautiful and soothing (once you figure out how to get it to stop flashing rapidly).
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