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  1. Less than 2 hours from the end, and we're only $90 from the $3500 Stretch Goal! We could even hit the $4000 goal (which would be a Stomper that looks like Roddy Piper from "They Live!")...join us! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/481433198/zombie-stomp-the-game-by-team-frog-studios -Paul
  2. 2 days left for this Kickstarter! We locked in a Alice clone (Resident evil) as our first mini, and a zombie version is leading the polling for the second (when we hit $3k!). Both will be $5 each in the Kickstarter, and more in real life! Come on by, take a look, and see if this is something that you might enjoy! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/481433198/zombie-stomp-the-game-by-team-frog-studios Thanks for looking! -Paul
  3. While I am Team Frog Studios (formerly Crunchy Frog Enterprises), and have been using "Frog God" and "Dread Frog God" since GEnie & CompuServe (about 1989ish), I am in no way connected to "Frog God Games," nor do I even know those guys. Besides, we do funny stuff...:D -Paul
  4. Howdy! I can't believe I forgot to come over here and mention our new Kickstarter...and its almost over! (Whoops!) ZOMBIE STOMP! is a game of zombies (of course) and rednecks(!) as they destroy the small town of Romero, Mississippi! We've already locked in a new miniature to go along with the game, inspired by Alice (from Resident Evil!). This was voted on by the backers. Assuming we hit $3000, we'll lock in another figure, again voted on by the backers! And this game has a twist - you can buy a place in the story! Be the Mayor, the Town Drunk, the Pizza Guy, and more! Come on by and check it out! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/481433198/zombie-stomp-the-game-by-team-frog-studios Oh, and if we hit $2500 tonight before I go to bed, I'll give everyone who has pledged at least $15 (basically a level where I am shipping you something) will get 2 free figures of your choice from the Vampire Hunter$ line! We'd love to see you join us for the redneck apocalypse! -Paul
  5. Another thank you to all of our cheerleaders for the project - we wouldn't have gotten as far as we did without your help, and I very much appreciate it! And our next project is actually not that far away... a little less ambitious...but very cool...more on that in a few days...:D
  6. We finished up with $4715...not bad at all. We unlocked Zombie Bunnies and Spy Gal along the way...and learned a lot about the process...we will likely come back in the Spring for another SuperFogeys campaign...thank you to everyone who pledged! -Paul
  7. Okay...3 hours to go! There are a few Special Reward Levels left - you can get the original masters for Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket! You can add to the SuperFogeys universe! And we even have a few of the Storied Hero level left where you get a printed copy of the first 5 chapters of the strip! http://www.kickstart...eam-frog-studio
  8. 6 1/2 hours left...will we get Swifty? Will we get Space Pig? Help support Gene (who will get to do Swirty) and Jason Wiebe ( who will do Space Pig) and support our project! Thank you so much! http://www.kickstart...eam-frog-studio
  9. Okay, we hit $4500, and Spy Gal has been unlocked! Anyone pledging at Hero level or above will get one in their package for no additional charge! We have less than 20 hours left...can you help us unlock Swifty? Can you help us unlock...Space Pig? :D http://www.kickstart...eam-frog-studio
  10. We're at less than 36 hours! Come join the campaign and get free stuff!
  11. Okay, I've now lost my mind - all the major Stretch Goals up through $7500 (Spy Gal, Swifty, & Space Pig) will result in FREE FIGURES FOR EVERYONE AT HERO LEVEL OR HIGHER IF WE HIT THEM! Did you need a better reason to join the project? http://www.superfogeysgame.com -Paul
  12. BTW. we are having a Black Friday Sale at teamfrog.com - 25% Off everything with code "froggod" at Checkout! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! -Paul
  13. You should do the same with ours, as we are not currently in distribution. Retailers will be able to get it directly from me through the Kickstarter or after. Oh, and a clarification on the "Retailer Hero" level I will make shortly basically says they will be able to pick & choose among the available sculpts to be the 10 figures you pay for...you don't necessarily have to get 5 of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket if that is not what they want. -Paul
  14. Okay, and now I revised a couple things, including details about the above Stretch Goals *and* changed some...Like Swifty is now at $6k...and Space Pig is now at $7500...and still on a Gold Shield...what does that Mean?????? Come on over and see at least some of those answers at
  15. Just posted an update to some newly revised Stretch Goals....come on by and take a look! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/481433198/the-superfogeys-adventure-game-by-team-frog-studio/posts/351906?ref=email&show_token=d23fa73cb9a4bf27#
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