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  1. I am a Host. For our game group I supply most of the terrain and miniatures even though I am not the GM.
  2. felicitations on your personal solstice!
  3. The County I live in means Crooked River. The Crooked River River (Cuyahoga River) lives up to the name. It flows into the lake from the south. It's headwaters is north of it's mouth.
  4. Until I get to Breakfast. Then my pill box and paper tell me. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we have to read the paper online. Our local paper will not deliver on those days. Big pain because they do not have a good e-reader. I have to select the paper edition, download the full edition and then open explorer and open the pdf. Bah humbug!!! Why in my day they delivered the paper to your house before you got up every day! And put it in the newspaper box on the mailbox. Now it is tossed out the window from a car going the speed limit.
  5. I like the Kali that was discontinued. Too lazy to take pictures right now.
  6. Mostly plain. Just filling out the bases that is not in their range now.
  7. Work week? I'm retired what is this work week you talk of? Actually I wake up earlier on Saturday and Sunday than on Wednesday. I stay out late Tuesday for gaming so I sleep in. That is what the pill caddy is for when you get old. You are not there yet.
  8. They keep saying that they will. It will be a small one compared to Bones.
  9. Felicitations on your personal solstice oh prince of fungus!
  10. Sorry, I was wrong. We had a very partial eclipse here. With the clouds I could not tell. Turkeys because they don't leave as much mess. We have had them many times. Even once at our bird feeder.
  11. But I just remembered. Base Boss should be the next Kickstarter.
  12. Hard to tell with the clouds, but unless someone has a very bright night light I would say yes. I don't think we have the eclipse here.
  13. Like most others, no. Too risky for hijack of phone that I probably do not have on me to start with. Phones are for talking.
  14. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  15. Microwave or Grill. They ate used more than the oven anyway.
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