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  1. Remember to use mason bits in the drill. That would help.
  2. It is to be done this year. I would hold off on Takhismat. I'm thinking 2015 for that beeing done!
  3. Someone sugested a spin method. I was thinking spin in a plastic container. Zip tie the mini to the top. screw on the container and spin. No QS gets on the carpet. I thought plastic in case the string or shoelace breaks. That way the container does not shower glass all over.
  4. I'll have to look at the animated Hobit. That might have started it. My memory is that they were like the Grinch.
  5. If I get better at painting I'll join with my bones Dragons.
  6. Yes, they do feel about the same in spring. There are differences, but they are in the same ballpark.
  7. What do you think about drilling and puting an armature of wire in the bending parts. Drill , insert wire, boil ,bend. The wire would help the mini hold the bend. Of course this would mainly help on limbs, clubs and such. a little green stuf to hide the hole and after painting you would not see the wire.
  8. sraeY weN yppaH (some how I ayways get that backward)
  9. For the rally nerdy I got a pop up book on CERN, the Swis collider that found the Higgs Boson (the God Particle for the non physic people out there) In my mispent youth I was a Physics major before I got into Computers.
  10. After about thirty years on forums I got tired of thinking of cute nicknames. So about ten years ago I just started to use first initial last name. My avatar is a picture of me 60 years ago. I used it on another forum that deals with a western game that I GM at conventions. I used it here after the Bones campain.
  11. I have a male friend with the name Pat Dick. What parent in their right mind would name their child that?
  12. I have done the painting. Thank you all for the help. My painting is a bit slap dash, but my wife is happy with the results. At normal viewing distance she is no longer hit with a couple of two male cardinals! I have not sealed it yet. Will wait for a bit to make sure it is dry. It does not need to be sealed to match the rest because everything is matte.
  13. What have you against computer programing language?
  14. Thanks, I will look into this. The bell is not polished, but I think it waws painteed vs glazed. Those have a shine when they do that. This is matte. Even before I will try on the inside to amke sure it works.
  15. I have a request from my wife after I got involved with the Bones Kickstarter. Since I am painting miniatures, how about repainting a porcelain bell with two red cardinals so that one of them is painted like a female. I have two questioins. 1. does anyone know how acrilyics do on porcelain? 2. Any sugestions on color pallete?
  16. I'll have to check the ICD 10 (current listing of Diagnostic codes used in treatment) to see if this is covered.
  17. The 3rd? I didn't think goblins could count that high It's just a name; it doesn't mean there were actually three of them. Now that's a horible tought! Three Buglips. Makes Cuthulu seem part of the Mouslings.
  18. I submit the category: mini madness I think its just a sub-category of figmentia And painting them is pigmentia.
  19. Got my order of LTPK and other paints with Sci Fi Sophie today. I was holding out to get more LTP kits, but with only two left I thought that it was time to order.
  20. Yeah, but you are not working withObject oriented, bussiness proccess enginerring db with about 5 unknown backend apis that has about 18 different institutions making recomendations on changes. Fun Fun Fun. Oh well, I will be off till the new year!
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