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  1. considering it is a Cyber Troll, shouldn't it be carrying a flame thrower? <wink> No a grenade launcher with proximity fuse disabled because grenades don't hurt him. Trust me. My SR character knows too well.
  2. The wings are a conversion. She is a Wild West fig. edit: Where did you get that pic? In the Gallery she is http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/latest/50003
  3. I am also one who most ejoys the fact that I have a finished mini. That is for me the reason to paint.
  4. No, I expect the Bones ones will come with an announcement. So far I don't think the Bones kits have a firm ETA announced. It's more like "We'd like to do it for (time X) if we can." But the Reaperinos have a lot on their plate so if'n you ask me, I don't think we'll see a Bones kit until after the Kickstarter deliveries at the soonestth. I figure the working estimate now is realistically "sometime in 2013". There's a metal Kit 6 listed on the back of some of the current paint kits . . . Kit 6 has yet to materialize half a decade later. This is the origin of the Reaper Soon joke. Reaper's always got lots of neat new cool things to try out and amaze us, but the various resource demands mean some things show up late, sometimes not at all. So until there's a definite, firm, absolute date given then it's best to assume it's not going to be very Soon. Fixed your missing tm or sould it be soonthest?
  5. Just use her to signal the end of the senario. It's not over untill ...
  6. They outlawed Hooman slaves about 150 years ago where I come from. Unless there wage slaves. Oh well!
  7. I'm frivolous posting as fast as I can. 28 posts to go?
  8. BTW there are more in stock at this time.
  9. I know my painting skills are not up to any prize, I'm in it for the fun.
  10. Obviosly the gnomes work for Buglips but not for pocketcthulhu. Now we have Elder God discrimination! PS I like Major Tom also even though my music tastes are a few centuries older.
  11. I ride a motorcycle, so that's pretty much my motto for life. Good motto to have. I grew up around guys on bikes. I really hate how little people pay attention to motorcycles once the warm weather kicks in and you start seeing them on the road again. Of course, the idiots that go flying down the highway weaving and shooting through traffic or riding between the lanes during traffic back ups...I hope they at least are listed as an organ donor. That is the ERs nickname for them, Donor Bikes. Esp. if they don't wear helmets. I don't like that though. Bikes have only human powered motors. The others are noise polluters.
  12. I got what I wanted. But it does mean that they have stock comming in. I would look back soom tm. They probably will take time to make up the kits. It's not likly they got just 50 of what they were short of.
  13. There were 10 each of each LTPK in stock. I got 3 and 5 so there are only 9 of them. Just to let you know.
  14. If we weaponize the Hot Sauce what is to keep Buglips from weaponizing the Skanky Socks? (Just Rabble Rousing here.)
  15. What is this, the hot sauce thread? Where are the Instigators to rattle the gates of Reaperguard? We Rabble Rousers nned instigating!
  16. You are not the only one. For thirty year I have regaled people about the time I fixed a computer by laying on hands.
  17. 1. Open box 2. Take inventory to confirm nothing is amiss 3. Sort into general groupings in order of paint queue. a. Dragons (Choose one for "There Be Dragons" contest. Someone has to supply the laughter!) b. Giant Skeleton. Base coat and shade this. c. Western figs (never have enough Western Figs) d. SF e. all others 4. Add the bones to the queue (Plagerized from above post and edited for me.)
  18. Maybe outside cool and the inside molten like he melted his way up? Using OSL from the magma below? Way beyond my skill level but not my imagination.
  19. Paint them differently. If one is painted in the blue family I will paint the other in the Brown or Green. If I am feeling creative I will modify them. I had two minis with no name. (Clint with pancho). I modifoied one to be mounted so that I could put him on a horse.
  20. We have had our snow here. We are now in our January Thaw. Temps will get into 60's. Knew it would happen because I bought a new pair of X-C skis after my last pair broke out skiing. I keep my snowblower in the garage. No fences in our neigborhood and we have a restriction on our deed that says no outbuildings. Would have a problem with that anyway. The back yard drops 65' in about 200'. It's nice for wildlife though. My paining area in in the walkout basement. I have been sitting in my chair and have had a coyote walk by 6 to 8 feet away. And the biggest attack on our bird feeder is when the wild turkeys try to eat there.
  21. I have to say the topic of bribing me is kind of a touchy subject. I can joke a little bit, but once we start talking about money, I get uncomfortable. In my real life, I am an elected official and there are laws I am held to that the average person doesn't have to deal with in their life. I just finished up my Campaign Finance Paperwork for 2012, I toe the line to do the right thing because I believe I make a difference in my office. With as interconnected that everything on the internet is, I would be most unhappy for this fun thread to turn into a political nightmare for me. Please respect that I really don't take bribes. Now, body disposal on the other hand.... As for the books, yes, I read a lot. I finished 207 books during the calendar year 2012, surpassing my goal of 200. I use Goodreads to track my books. Yes, some were comics, but only the graphic novel compilations, not the monthly small ones. I didn't count the ones I read to my students aka picture books, although I recommend Weird Al's children's book highly. I don't own a lot of books, I am an avid Library Patron. I prefer paper over electronic, do not own a reader device. I have slowed down my reading since I got my bifocals, I still forget to wear the glasses. At my current rate, I am 5 books behind to meet the 2013 goal of 200, but my weekend is booked (ha!) to read. You want to stay away from my neck of the woods. For the last few years many of the local pols have been convicted of taking bribes. Two people that I worked with included. I have to stay away from the subject myself. On the other hand I believe in ownership of books. I will read a book in hardback from the library, but I will buy it when it comes out in paperback.I think my linear shelf space is about 320' (40' of bookcases by 8 or more sheves per bookcase). Libraries tend to only have the current books except for "literature". I will go back and reread a series or book I enjoyed. It has been many years so I am rereading Agatha Christie in alphbetical order. At the S's right now.
  22. One sugestion to make it more holoweenish is one or more tombstones. Mega minis has these also.
  23. Or like Buglips nWIP (no Work in Progress)
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