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  1. Kaladrax:Going by the Preview post with the assumption taht the reference figure is on a 25 mm base it looks like you could base it with a 5" square base with the tail hanging out. With tail on the base I would estimate about 7" square. These are just estimates from the pictures. Your results may varry. Edit: Nethyrmaul: Based on the Pic of the unfinished green and assuming that from the end of the thumb to the first joint is 1" it looks like it can fit on a 3" square with tail hanging off. 4" with tail inside. Again just estimates from pics.
  2. I'ts not my fault! I started with LTPK 4 (the last to go out of stock) and just picked up 5 & 3 when they put 10 of each up on 1/14. Now 1 2 and 5 are out of stock.
  3. Now I as an Rabble Rouser will follow young wipersnaper klawzie's Instigations to fling JJ popsicle's at reaperguard. Fire the trebuchet! (getting close to the time I can instigate myself!)
  4. After him Kool-aid will never be the same.
  5. How about just Mountable figures? Some other lines make the horse and rider separate. The rider sometimes has the saddle but sometimes does not. I would like the figures without saddle but sculted so they fit a saddle that is an extra bit. Then you can have a horse without the saddle. This way you could have the horse unsaddled, horse saddled or horse and rider with saddle.
  6. I have some from Gyana just for any ring bearers. I'm sure the Rev would not mind. Now how many will get that reference?
  7. We had snow pack until the weekend. It got up to the mid 60's. Monday it was back to 20's and 30's. Snow forcast tommorow. OH well!
  8. Oh the humanity! That is terrible.
  9. Yes, but that is a different sculpt. 03641: Gunslinger not 50003: Ellen Stone.
  10. considering it is a Cyber Troll, shouldn't it be carrying a flame thrower? <wink> No a grenade launcher with proximity fuse disabled because grenades don't hurt him. Trust me. My SR character knows too well.
  11. The wings are a conversion. She is a Wild West fig. edit: Where did you get that pic? In the Gallery she is http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Chronoscope/latest/50003
  12. I am also one who most ejoys the fact that I have a finished mini. That is for me the reason to paint.
  13. No, I expect the Bones ones will come with an announcement. So far I don't think the Bones kits have a firm ETA announced. It's more like "We'd like to do it for (time X) if we can." But the Reaperinos have a lot on their plate so if'n you ask me, I don't think we'll see a Bones kit until after the Kickstarter deliveries at the soonestth. I figure the working estimate now is realistically "sometime in 2013". There's a metal Kit 6 listed on the back of some of the current paint kits . . . Kit 6 has yet to materialize half a decade later. This is the origin of the Reaper Soon joke. Reaper's always got lots of neat new cool things to try out and amaze us, but the various resource demands mean some things show up late, sometimes not at all. So until there's a definite, firm, absolute date given then it's best to assume it's not going to be very Soon. Fixed your missing tm or sould it be soonthest?
  14. Just use her to signal the end of the senario. It's not over untill ...
  15. They outlawed Hooman slaves about 150 years ago where I come from. Unless there wage slaves. Oh well!
  16. I'm frivolous posting as fast as I can. 28 posts to go?
  17. BTW there are more in stock at this time.
  18. I know my painting skills are not up to any prize, I'm in it for the fun.
  19. Obviosly the gnomes work for Buglips but not for pocketcthulhu. Now we have Elder God discrimination! PS I like Major Tom also even though my music tastes are a few centuries older.
  20. I ride a motorcycle, so that's pretty much my motto for life. Good motto to have. I grew up around guys on bikes. I really hate how little people pay attention to motorcycles once the warm weather kicks in and you start seeing them on the road again. Of course, the idiots that go flying down the highway weaving and shooting through traffic or riding between the lanes during traffic back ups...I hope they at least are listed as an organ donor. That is the ERs nickname for them, Donor Bikes. Esp. if they don't wear helmets. I don't like that though. Bikes have only human powered motors. The others are noise polluters.
  21. I got what I wanted. But it does mean that they have stock comming in. I would look back soom tm. They probably will take time to make up the kits. It's not likly they got just 50 of what they were short of.
  22. There were 10 each of each LTPK in stock. I got 3 and 5 so there are only 9 of them. Just to let you know.
  23. If we weaponize the Hot Sauce what is to keep Buglips from weaponizing the Skanky Socks? (Just Rabble Rousing here.)
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