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  1. Mix is best. Several years ago at Origins there was a map from the Lord of the Rings. It was one of the battles mentioned in Return of the King but only in passing. It was a keep about three feet high with a river and a bridge in front of it. The detail was like the bigature sets in the movie.
  2. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  3. Probably 1993 so 42 years old. I had been on the bulletin boards for 12 years before that which were like text forums, but 1993 was the first time the public was allowed to access it. I still have the 300 baud acoustic modem I used to get on the bulletin boards.
  4. Can't we talk about real miniatures? Dire jellyfish are not my style.
  5. Question for a friend. He just bought an Ender 3 v 4.1. When assembling it he ran into problems with two screws that would not insert. What is the best assembly instructions? The instructions that came with it are very bad. One is the illustrations of correct installation and improper installation that look to be identical.
  6. A Mattress 50 lb. Bag of Black Oil Sunflower seed
  7. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  8. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  9. Nobody knows about the heist. Quess the replica was too good. Good strategy. Everything needs buglips to blame
  10. But they always told users to pledge in Kickstarter to up the unlocks.
  11. Let's be realistic, they always have more models than they show in case the Kickstarter blows up.
  12. The crew is just me and to keep a secret I will just tell me. (Two may keep a secret if one is dead. To be safe from ghosts I won't even tell anyone else.)
  13. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  14. Looks more like a Canadian Goose Cobra. Much more frightening.
  15. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  16. Right now it's Humans covered in black goo. We are doing a GURPS Expanse campaign at this time.
  17. Yes to mailbox. Packages up to trade paperback size. (If the Stargrave is 8x10 it would not have fit. But then, a tornado would have taken the mailbox anyway.)
  18. I have bought all Chronoscope expansions. I have not bought many Fantasy expansions.
  19. No, but I do prime more than not prime.
  20. There is in Ohio, just saw one two days ago.
  21. I don't know of interesting, but we have a racoon that knocks down our garbage can and rips into the bag every Monday night.
  22. MythBusters: The Game Show. Contestants need to test a myth and get prizes if they can do it definitively.
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