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  1. No, I only use it in Dye Sublimation printing.
  2. Who are you? I have no pet, so asking it a question is hard.
  3. Saturday stopped into the FLGS to get the new Travellers Player's Guide for the new campaign we are starting Tuesday. Sunday made a few new characters to check out how.
  4. They are having hearings on that now. No "niche", I am the MoAT. I have a degree in Physics, was a varsity fencer, know martial arts, computers, electrical repair, auto repair, and am a packrat of all parts. (for those that can't figure out MoAT it is the ETLA for Master of All Trades , ETLA is extended Three Letter Acronym) I am not really a MoAT though, I do not fire weapons of Range very well. I have the yips firing rifles. When I was a teen, whenever I would start to fire the rifle, someone would pluck a hair from the back of my leg.
  5. I have good cleanliness, but my surroundings tend to chaos. From your question I inferred that you were asking about neatness not cleanliness.
  6. Books. I have more books than miniatures. BTW, my wife would say everything. unscented.
  7. 2 for 97. Started great but then blanked on the last 5,
  8. Last Thursday when I was to grill a Cedar Plank Samon with Garlic Onion Rub. I was watching something on TV and lost track of time to soak the Cedar Plank.
  9. Corned Beef on St Paddy's Day BTW I fixed the date
  10. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  11. I looked once at discord, Two times more than I wanted to. PS made the change to your spelling of asocial.
  12. Is that like the Quick Drying Green Rustolium? My Sister's husband had a 54 Ford he painted that color when they were dating.
  13. Not yellow enough. That baby is healthy. Good food of course! Otherwise, I would not have 5 stars. BBQ with sauce would be my style.
  14. Baby diaper brown. The yellowish brown that babies deposit in diapers.
  15. My wife. For the better with some exceptions.
  16. Felicitations on your late personal solstice!
  17. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  18. 12 for me 3 for my brother who is 4 years younger. My sisters are in the middle. It is nice. It rained at Origins but cleared for the drive back and stayed clear, Nothing to hold up to.
  19. Largest is the Ghost Ship. I consider it painted with no paint on it. (Glow in the Dark) Smallest is a Buzzard. It is not painted also.
  20. No, my father was too young. My wife's teacher was a Lt. in the Army. He is now 103 and still alive. My grandparents were too old and my father was the oldest and older than my Uncles on my mother's side.
  21. 5 right for 92 (I counted puppy as it does have five letters, If you wanted the other one to be the only correct answer you should have asked What is another five letter word for puppy )
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