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  1. Yes to mailbox. Packages up to trade paperback size. (If the Stargrave is 8x10 it would not have fit. But then, a tornado would have taken the mailbox anyway.)
  2. I have bought all Chronoscope expansions. I have not bought many Fantasy expansions.
  3. No, but I do prime more than not prime.
  4. There is in Ohio, just saw one two days ago.
  5. I don't know of interesting, but we have a racoon that knocks down our garbage can and rips into the bag every Monday night.
  6. MythBusters: The Game Show. Contestants need to test a myth and get prizes if they can do it definitively.
  7. Yes, and yes, it is necessary. I will drive 45 minutes to an hour to gamming and 20 minutes to an hour to Disc Golf every week.
  8. @Cygnwulf ,Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  9. I join the trombone section with 7 right (first time to be perfect) for a total of 76 points
  10. Many colors. Sometimes I have gotten the same color multiple times. I use it when it fits my color scheme. I don't pay much attention to color names.
  11. Zontar! Thing from Venus. It is a terrible movie that is a remake of a bad B-movie with amateur actors. It was so bad! I remember one scene where a man shoots his wife because the aliens have taken over her mind. In a monotone with no emotion whatsoever he says "No, Martha no" (It's been a while so I don't remember her name)
  12. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  13. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  14. He got the recipe from a woman that had a restaurant on Route 66. PBS had a series on women on Route 66 that talked about that.
  15. You mean Joan Hickson the definitive Marple that Agatha herself said should play her when she aged into the part. Rutherford is like the current Poirot of Branagh, a caricature of the character.
  16. "And never is seen the Disparaging Hand." (Sung to Home on the Range) To use the correct name.
  17. I like the one sided tacos with salsa. (Also known as corn chips) Mexican food just does not agree with my body or taste buds.
  18. May 4th has nothing to do with a B Movie fantasy.
  19. One thing to watch is this you tube video. SioCast: The Future Of Miniatures Manufacturing?!?! #UKGE2021 - YouTube
  20. @haldir Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  21. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  22. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
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