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  1. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  2. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  3. Here is a look out our back window. Not today but last May.
  4. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  5. Some of our local libraries have Innovation Centers that all have 3-d printers. For them it is $.10 a gram minimum $1.00 for a print. They do all the printing. This is a lot less than what a normal maker space will do. They are subsidizing the process to get people involved. You are not paying (except in taxes) for cost of the machine, power or time of the person printing.
  6. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  7. Scariest thing was on May 4th 1970. I took part in a protest to the Kent State shootings by sitting in the road of a major 4 lane street in Cleveland. I did it because I thought that there was no reason for the National Guard to fire. This will also be another answer to yesterdays question. Normally I am not frightened by Horses, but if you have to jump up a three foot wall to escape a galloping horse that is trying to run you over, you are frightened.
  8. Nothing. I have even gone a day without reading a book.
  9. It doesn't work if you are not the GM. He does not tell me until he says I need ...
  10. You would have hated my last session. We had 6 tanks, 21 enemy soldiers, 20 allied soldiers, 2 NPC friendly and 3 PCs. Of that I had 4 tanks, two pickups, 34 soldiers, and 13 assortment of SF dinos with guns, sf mouselings and one flying monkey as stand-ins. (I think our GM was trying to tax my mini collection to see how far I could go. I could have gone all human soldiers but did not want to pull out the Western Calvary.
  11. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  12. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  13. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  14. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  15. Connery, Sir Sean Connery RIP
  16. It will be after all KS backers have received their pledges but not before all of the minis are out for retail sale. Bones 4 are not all out yet. Bones 5 started Oct 1st 2019. Shipping to start in April 2021 Bones 4 started Aug 1 2017 shipping ended in June 2019 Shipping was to start Feb 2019 Bones 3 started July 2015 shipping ended in July 2017 Shipping was to start Aug 2016
  17. ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ r ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ b ▅ n ▅ ▅ r▅ ▅ i v ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ▅ ? give away ?
  18. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  19. Going off to diner and then a Skype gaming session. (The GM's house is under quarantine)
  20. Yes, I have four pumpkins to carve. They don't last long so I carve them close to Saturday. It only takes a few minutes because I carve the mini pumpkins. Never roasted a pumpkin. Pumpkin Pie.
  21. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  22. Have to update. I remembered that after I all nighted at the con I did an all nighter to rebuild a server that crashed hard. This was about 1993 or 1994. The server that ran Nurse scheduling had several disks die due to a bad power supply. Had the power supply fixed, installed hard disks and installed the os and kicked off the backups. Our backups at that time did not install from cold iron (you needed a running operating system). Then I had to run 4 or 5 backups because we did incremental backups off a weekly full backup. It was near the end of the week so we had a lot of backups to reinstall. Got done about 9 am and went home to sleep. I don't know why I did not remember this. It was such a delightful memory.
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