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  1. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  2. Mine is also read. Can't say that I have not done much reading except in relation to reading I've done before. I am only reading two to four a week.
  3. Here Pezler, I have lowered the resolution to an acceptable level.
  4. Best thing I have done is take up the sponsorship of a meetup group. If I did not it would have gone away. Best thing that happened to me is that I am celebrating my 28th Anniversary today.
  5. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  6. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  7. I'll go along with the helper list. I don't have kids but have many nieces, nephews, grand nieces, grand nephews, great grandnephews and great grand niece. I and others have been used to help the parents cope.
  8. Felicitations o your personal solstice!
  9. None. I am not a horror fan. I did like Buffy/Angel but not for the horror part.
  10. Yes, After they took my ship off so I could do a Glow in the Dark ship and added a few things.
  11. Emailed help at reapermini dot com about Glow in the Dark ship. They canceled my normal ship and I added a GitD Ship.
  12. Who cares. We have not had football in our town since the 90's. (The clowns they call the Browns don't count. They play poorly.)
  13. How do we change our ship to GitD? Already locked in.
  14. I do enjoy it but am bad at doing it. I have Egyptian minis that have been bashed into Jafa (Stargate bad guys) with Staff Weapons and helm or no helm. I also did an Alien four arm insect with guns and pistols. I added feathery antenna to a Shadowrun character to make my Starfinder character. I moded Wraiths so I had over nine unique wraiths. Those have been my most successful.
  15. I own about 4 Megamats (vinyl) two on my game table, they are tan with hexes one side and squares on the other. I also have many of the Pathfinder Maps that represent Desert, forest, swamp, buildings, ships and other things. Also I have foam core with color printed paper glued on the surface for several spaceships (Serenity is one f them). Also I have BattleTech maps of cardboard on one inch insulating boards that is cut to be topological. They are in several boxes that take up 6'x2'x~4' space. Also I have many Formula De tracks mostly printed on cardboard but some fan created are done on just paper.
  16. Felicitations on your personal solstice!
  17. I can say "Oh well" in ASL and that is about it. And as everyone else I can say "Disapproving Hand" in the 301st sign language universal gestures. I was going to put this in purple but i thought "Hey this is the truth.
  18. Felicitations on your personal solstice on the equinox!
  19. The fixed part is at night 4 hrs a week when our group gets together. The mini part varies and is mostly done during the day.
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