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  1. I think that SOldcorn has recently posted a pic of a Black Lightning Dictator, go check out his post.
  2. Yes, but don't the rules for the BL Dictator (at least in army builder) say that you have to have the actual data card, not just a printed one to "officialy" use it?
  3. When I was looking through the rulebook I didn't see this mentioned, so here goes If I have a Fenri or even a hedgehog when it moves its full movement and unloads its troop(s) can it then fire, or keep moving (if it didn't move it's full movement)? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello, I'm new to these boards, and I was wondering do you have to have the actual piece to use the Black Lightning Dictator (I think to recieve one you had to be a member of BL a while ago) or is it simply buy a regular dictator and a 70s, and just take the 70s guns and put them on the regular. Thanks for your help, I am incredibly interested in using one of these some time.
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