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    Everyman Gaming - Kitsune Samurai

    Since I posted some of my work where I converted certain reaper miniatures into kitsune a while ago, I figured I would post one of the newer kitsune that I've painted recently. I got this miniature from "Everyman Gaming", they have been getting a site called imagine3dminiatures.com to 3d print miniatures for them. This miniature was a bit difficult to paint because I had to clean off a lot of plastic nubs that were leftover from the 3d printing process. I kept finding more even after I primed the miniature. I also had to cut the mini off of its 30mm base and glue it to one of reaper's 1 inch scale bases. However, in the end the mini came out very well! Well, some parts came out a bit messy, like the gold on the shield, and the black wash. Luckily, in real life people won't be able to see the messy black wash that I put on the mini, lol. Painting this mini was a lot of fun, so I'm planning to paint Everyman's nine tailed kitsune miniature soon :D
  2. Matrix Dragon

    Everyman Gaming - Kitsune Samurai

    Thanks! I was actually worried that it wouldn't come out well because I usually don't like the way they have to do fur on 3d printed minis. They can't do a fur 'texture', so they have to make it all wavy. Luckily, that didn't end up detracting from things :)
  3. Matrix Dragon

    Everyman Gaming - Kitsune Samurai

    You're both right, I should have taken pictures of that mini at eye level. I'm still getting used to my new picture taking setup, lol. At eye level, you can see how the mini uses the tail is used to hold itself up so that it is in a 'leaping' pose.
  4. Matrix Dragon

    Pathfinder Minis That We'd Like To See

    I'd love to see minis for the new Advanced Race Guide races. Especially ones that are significantly different from humans, such as kitsune, ratfolk, and catfolk and so on. Sure, some people (such as myself) have been able to modify standard minis to resemble the ARG races, but I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who will appreciate the additional options. Plus, I'm sure one of your sculpts would look better than my miniature surgery, lol.
  5. Matrix Dragon

    Basing of Kaladrax?

    I intend to slowly craft a base made out of dead adventurers for him.
  6. Until recently I've been making the mistake of trying to use Testors DullCote as a protective layer. No hard gloss underneeth. I'm wondering if it isn't too late for me to protect my old miniatures by spraying a layer of Krylon Gloss over top their original Dullcote layer. Of course, after that I would have to spray another layer of Dullcote... Is it possible that having these alternating layers of dullcote and gloss could ruin the appearance of the miniatures? Yea, I'm being paranoid ;)
  7. Matrix Dragon

    Spraying new Gloss overtop of old DullCote: Bad idea?

    Thanks for the tips! I've gone ahead and resealed a few of my minis. I haven't noticed any bad reactions and the miniatures seem very well protected now. However, It seems that the extra layers greatly damaged the overall 'detail' of the miniatures. They have that "thick paint that obscures detail" look to them. This probably happened because I've been foolishly spraying a lot of dullcote on my more recent minis in an effort to get them to hold up better, so adding the krylon and another coat of dullcote was probably the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. Ah well, this is probably still better than the paint getting rubbed off. At least I can look forward to my future miniatures being protected properly without sacrificing detail XD
  8. Matrix Dragon

    June 10 Update

    For Pathfinder I'm planning to stat him up at some point as (probably) a Great Wyrm Red Dragon, with either the Lich or Ravener template (pathfinder got rid of the dracolich template, everything uses lich now). Ravener if I can manage to get the soul flame effect right on this 'miniature'. Either way, this will make him at least CR 24. Yes, my players are probably going to have to fight him, and not even as the final boss of the campaign. Yes, I'm an evil gm. ;)
  9. Matrix Dragon

    Next stupid newbie question: Glue?

    A few months ago I pieced together two kitsune minis, you may be able to grab a few ideas and tips from what I went through in this thread.
  10. Matrix Dragon

    Drake KS

    Muahaha, I managed to sneak into the $132 early bird pledge. I think I'll be getting the Saan and Rish armies... assuming they don't manage to get me to throw another $100 at this thing for the $240 bonuses.
  11. Matrix Dragon

    Drake KS

    Darn, if this thing actually managed to make it to the terrain bonus I'm going to be really tempted to go for the $240 pledge...
  12. Matrix Dragon

    Drake KS

    I finally broke down and got the $85 army box pledge. I have a hard time resisting dragon stuff even though I doubt that I'll play the actual wargame. I'm getting the Rish army because I think a lot of the smaller minis will be useful for Pathfinder and the armored dragons are pretty unique. I also threw in an extra $10 to get the mini of the big cat rider :) Must resist putting even more money in... with this I've already dropped like $500 on kickstarters, ick.
  13. Matrix Dragon

    Kensei Fantasy Creatures - IGG

    And one of the new packs also looks like it has Tengu's in it.. Yep, I saw that. I'm just not sure if they'll be close enough to Pathfinder's Tengus to be useful to me. The concept art seems more monstrous. This is also the source of my hesitation on the kitsune: it seems like they will have a multi-tailed fox, but I'm also hoping that the humanoid that comes with the fox will also have a good kitsune theme. Edit: After thinking on this a bit more, I've decided to just wait until the minis I want go on sale on their website. I've already thrown too much money into kickstarters XD
  14. Matrix Dragon

    Kensei Fantasy Creatures - IGG

    I'll be honest, I'm interested in this one almost entirely because they'll actually have a kitsune miniature. I've been looking all over for those things. If I understand this correctly, I'll just have to hope that it reaches a funding level of 15.000 so the 'Heaven Omnyouji' are unlocked. Hmm, I think I will wait and see if I can at least see the concept art before committing.
  15. Hah, believe it or not that skull is just a pet cage decoration from Pet Smart that I thought would work perfectly as a prop for that room. It was exactly the right size, though technically I guess it isn't a "Serpent's Skull".
  16. Warning, contains spoilers for the Pathfinder Adventure Path "Serpent's Skull". The Serpent's Skull campaign that I'm GMing is almost finished, and I wanted to put together something special for the final boss. I haven't been able to find any minis that came even close to representing this thing, so I decided to try to create my own 'mini' for the final boss out of green stuff. A lot of green stuff. I have made modifications to small miniatures with green stuff before, but I have never tried to sculpt something on my own before I made this thing. I expected it to come out horribly. I did make several mistakes : it is a bit too large, I should have done the pose differently, and the surface isn't very even. However, I'm actually rather pleased with the results. For reference, here is a picture of what the Avatar is supposed to look like. Yea, I didn't even try to do the scales detail aside from the belly scales. I created it by first making a wire armature and putting some ProCreate putty around it to form the basic shape. From there, I put green stuff on top of the ProCreate to get the details. The colors of the green stuff are a bit mismatched because I use some Citidel green stuff and some Reaper green stuff mixed with milliput. I think I will be using mostly the latter combination for future sculpts. Finally, I put a layer of CA glue on the surface of the thing to smooth it out a bit and help hold it together. I would show you guys pictures of the earlier stages, but I took those pictures with a cell phone camera and they look really blurry... The base I'm using is a 60mm round 'Desecrated Lands Set Two' base from dragonforge designs. It is sized for Huge creatures. I'm currently priming the 'miniature', and hopefully I'll have the whole thing done in one or two weeks.
  17. Well, I was only able to cover the center portion of the map on my table. It was enough for the most part. Luckily, those are cropped pictures so I do have a larger one...
  18. I barely managed to finish the 'mini' in time for the game, and I'm really glad that I put all this work into the thing. Sure, it isn't anywhere near professional quality, but having something that wasn't just another paper mini added a lot to the fight. And yes, that many players did die (or get incapacitated) by the time they finally won, lol.
  19. Well, I'm running out of time to work on this thing since the game I want to use it in is coming up in three days... two of which I'll need to properly seal it. So, the picture below is pretty close to what the final look of this thing will look like. I made one big mistake. I added green glows to the base without thinking of the lighting consequences.... ick. I'll see if I can deal with that at all tomorrow, but I have a feeling I'm going to just have to leave it be. Oh, that green on the base is from me mixing the blue and yellow 'dayglow' colors together. As you can see, those colors aren't quite as effective once mixed together.
  20. Well, the redish color that you can see around the regenerating scales is a mix of a pink and some orange, so they don't seem to lose a large amount of their brightness when mixed. That may only be because those are similar colors though. I wasn't able to get a green dayglow color when I ordered them, so I'm going to try mixing the blue and yellow to see if I can make my own green. I want to have a green glow coming out of the cracks in the base. I'll let you know how well that works out. Edit: I just tried mixing that green together. I think it isn't quite as bright as I would like, but it still seems to have a bit of that illusion of 'glowing' going for it. Though, this may have been because the blue and purple dayglows don't seem to 'glow' nearly as much as the red/pink, orange, and yellow.
  21. Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. I could try and make them darker in the center to make the glow stand out more. I think that matches the original artwork more too. ------------------------ Here, I'll post some links for anyone who wants to find more about those colors. I have to warn you though: they're expensive and I've only been able to find this stuff in pigment form. I had to deal with mixing it with an acrylic binder. I haven't been able to get them to 'flow' nearly as easily as normal paints, but maybe I'm making a mistake in some part of my mixing process. http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2011/10/tutorial-using-dayglow-colors.html http://forgedmonkey.com/
  22. Yea, I probably should have used grey now that I think about it. I think I was more worried about the 'light' areas than the dark areas at the time. Another update pic. What are your opinions of the 'glows' that I added in? (keeping in mind that I'm still making adjustments of course, haha) I haven't completely decided on if the dayglow colors add to the mini or if they look tacky. I'm still working on the regenerating section, but haven't decided on whether I'm going to try and break the scales into smaller sections or if I'm going to just make the existing scales larger so the the 'cracks' showing the regeneration are smaller.
  23. A quick update. I've finished priming the 'mini' and I've applied the first base coats. Pure white on the skull and regenerating area, and deep red on the rest. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the ideal colors for the light and dark red shades for this thing... I should have checked for that much earlier. Going to see if I can find anything interesting at my local game shop. Or maybe I'm just being too picky. I have to warn you: while I'm an alright painter, I haven't painted anything even remotely similar to this before. I'm used to small details, not large areas with only a few colors. I'm going to have to do some fancy shading to get this thing to look interesting! Oh, if you're wondering about those really really bright paints in the picture... those are the dayglow colors I mentioned. I'm hoping that these things will look good for the eyes and regeneration effects.
  24. Hmmm, Liquid green stuff... I may have to try that in the future. This time around I tried fixing it by putting glue over the problem areas, but because of the way glue shrinks down and spreads over the surface I would have had to put layers and layers to actually smooth everything out.
  25. Thanks! Yea, it was surprisingly difficult to keep the surface as uniform as I would have liked. This is actually the thing that bothers me the most about the sculpt in general. I think part of the problem was that I assumed it didn't matter whether or not the first layer of putty I put on was completely smooth. I'll have to be more careful with that part in the future.