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  1. Finally had a few minutes to take some clearer images.
  2. Mine and my wife's current D&D characters. Married Wood Elves painted by my lovely wife. Fighter and ranger, both 6th level. and my Runequest 2e character, this time painted by me :)
  3. I normally use an airbrush freehand or with blutack or paper masks for camo finishes on my scale models. However for CAV or Battletech builds, I find that it is fairly easy to achieve a good result with dry-brushing the lighter colour over the darker. I now use Testors Dull Cote for all my miniatures sprayed over a clear gloss so I can respray the dull coat if the mini gets "shiny". I find with one coat of gloss and two coats of dull cote and the mini is almost damage proof paint wise.
  4. Pics are not the best, shot with my iPhone. Here is my wife Lori's latest miniature. Using the wonderfully sculpted Sora Goldflame as a base for our D&D party's Cleric of Lathander, Bree Shieldforth. Bree excels at slaying undead, thus the pose is excellent and the shield is a perfect representation of Lathander's symbol of a golden flaming sun. Lori was up painting till 2am this morning in order to have her ready for the competition in Melbourne next week. I will add some clearer images as soon as we return from holidays.
  5. We are going on holidays at the start of June and being in Australia with a reasonably complicated order, I would expect to see the Vampire + extra packages arrive after then. My wife (the real miniature painter in the house) suggested we arrange to have all our incoming mail held at our local post office while we were away. Works for me, as I am also expecting my Traveller 5 package as well.
  6. Might get the dressing pieces to complement the DF KS. They look excellent and will add to the collection.
  7. The last few firefights my player group have found themselves in were in starships and a space station. ACR and laser rifles were less than effective. However gauss SMG's, gauss pistols and auto pistols saved the groups hides. So yes, an SF version of the Dwarven Forge game tiles would be handy in these scenarios.
  8. Oh if they ever followed this up with their sci-fi tile line in the same material... My wallet might never recover. I am a D&D player (son in law's campaign) but I referee Traveller (classic) so someone please take my money for SF tiles like the Dwarven Forge Game Tiles!
  9. Science Fiction tiles would be a no brainer for me :)
  10. My wife and I supported this great Kickstarter. Two sets, plus two add-on sets. Postage for all of that is going to cost us around $110. Well worth it though.
  11. thanks. Pretty hard to search at work :)
  12. My apologies if this has been mentioned before. I came across this Kickstarter late, but both my wife and I were most impressed with the whole concept and laid down a pledge for two sets, plus a couple of add-on sets. Hopefully surpise our D&D DM (son in law) later in the year :) Did anyone else participate in the Kickstarter at all? It was very successful.
  13. Love to see some hi tech starship bits like consoles, chairs etc.
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