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  1. My lady wife painted this old Ral Partha Amethyst Dragon a few years ago. She added some Reaper treasure pieces and settled on "Magic of the Orb" for the name of the little vignette she created. I found the old but unopened blister pack in some D&D bits when cleaning out the gaming cupboard. The dragon has been based on an old anniversary dome clock base and protected by the clear Perspex clock dome. Tiled floor is dolls house floor material. Painted with Citadel Paints and some Vallejo paints (we had only just discovered Vallejo at that time) and a lot of time getting it "right". Th
  2. For the skeletons I completed a year back, I went simple as I had to paint 15 of them for use in Runequest. Primed in white (I use Tamiya fine white) Wash using GW Gryphon Sepia Highlight using GW Bleached Bone I then painted the armour, weapons and shields to make them look rather old and not so well cared for. I was quite pleased with the result, they certainly look the part and I have been using this bone painting technique on several mini's since.
  3. Sometimes when you need a bunch of miniatures fast, then turning to eBay and Games Workshop is a quick way of achieving that goal. Both our gaming groups lacked "bad guys", making do with cardboard cutouts or badly painted much older miniatures. So while my wife was busy painting player figures, I got stuck into mass production, Warhammer army style, to rectify the problem. GW miniatures can be sourced very inexpensively on eBay, either as used (paint stripping fun) lots or as new unpainted. I purchased skeletons, beastmen, skinks and dwarfs in plenty. The skinks make excellent Runequest Newt
  4. It is true :) In 2011 I painted 30 mini's over winter, mainly GW Gor herd beastmen to represent RQ Broo and some skeletons (again. GW). However I only painted 3 mini's this year as I was working on several armour and aircraft projects.
  5. I have been a Battletech fan and player for many, many years. RPG's as well. Traveller, D&D and Runequest in the main. But my main hobby is scale model building. Mainly armour and aircraft.
  6. Simply superb. My wife has this one in her Sophie stash. She will love to see your work
  7. So many model kits, so little time

  8. Thanks for the kind words. :) The decals are from Fighting Piranha Decals which specialise in Battletech markings. I think the pin-up girl from from some "Cheesecake" decals I purchased from Starship Modeller. For the life of me I cannot remember! The Silphor Tufts can be purchased at any good hobby store. I got mine online at a local gaming estore.
  9. Those are Silphor tufts. They come in multiple lengths for differing seasons. I use them a lot when basing my model armour builds and they are perfect for miniature basing as well.
  10. Barrow warden I am normally a model kit builder but do love to dabble in miniature painting as a break from ongoing projects and am currently painting a heap of 25mm miniatures to use in my son in law's D&D campaign. This expanding "fit and start" project has taken over from both my wife's and my projects and at the time these images were taken she was working on her Eureka cowbear vignette and I was working on a 1:48 Hobbyboss KV-1 mod. 1942. Having a great time rediscovering old skills and techniques, plus discovering new ones :) I have enjoyed painting this Reaper Barrow Warden. Maki
  11. Absolutely lovely. I will show this thread to my wife this as she has started to collect the Nativity pieces for Christmas 2013.
  12. Sounds fine to me. As we went for Vampire level plus extras, all will arrive thus around March then :)
  13. Grabbed some mini's myself. FRP are most competitive with postage costs as well.
  14. You may well be right. I was of the understanding all the Kickstater Sophie's were mailed out at the same time.
  15. Like the Canadian shipment thread for Kickstarter Sophie's, I thought this might be the place to comment for Aussie destined Kickstarter Sophie's. I find tacking information to be a little vague at most. Once they hit Sydney parcel sorting, the tracking trail tends to end. I doubt they will arrive at our doorsteps before Christmas, one hopes though :)
  16. We got our first package on Tuesday. That was bloody quick! Now hopefully the Kickstarter Sophie will arrive soon as well :)
  17. I got caught as well. I put special instructions in checkout but those did not carry through via Paypal and by the time I realised it was too late. I wanted a stab at another sophie miniature. Oh well...
  18. Shipping is free for us on orders over $25. I asked them to hold my order to combine to save them moneys. Hopefully, I'll have enough moneys for 2 more orders; right now I know I have enough to get the halloween witch sophie, hoping for artist sophie too. I reside in Australia so orders over $50 are required for free postage. That is fine, I easily ordered over that amount. :)
  19. YES. Just add a note to the comments section asking us to please hold your shipment to combine with future 12 days installments. We did that a LOT last year, so we have a system in place. Damn Wish I had known that. I purchased around $55 of miniatures to secure the pirate mousling for my lady wife and to save on postage. I could have added more to our order :(
  20. It is certainly temptng but until there is a firm cost for postage, I will hold off and perhaps invest in the Glorantha atlas
  21. Well Damn. I am sure our DM would have used that for certain. Oh well.
  22. Our gaming group still plays 2nd edition. :) Need to talk to our DM and see if this is of interest. Though might grab it myself simply to enjoy reading.
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