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  1. fanguad

    Reaper classes?

    Is "Let's get Stoned" one of the classes with problems? It doesn't show up for me when I try to purchase tickets. Nevermind... it showed up just now
  2. fanguad

    Gloomhaven Starting Characters

    Looking forward to continuing our adventures in color!
  3. I got a fierce Oni warrior from Sanael. Thanks for the beautiful mini.
  4. We're down to two weeks left to finish painting and mail your mini. PLEASE try really hard to mail by the 15th.
  5. I'm glad you like her! Everyone else can check her out here:
  6. fanguad

    02923: Princess of Hell

    A fun mini I painted up for the Spring Mini Exchange. My partner wanted a) female b) non-human skin-tones c) horns, d) practical clothes. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Her wings got replaced with the wings from the Bones 3 Sophie, as Princess’s wings got fatally bent in transit. I used zenithal priming for the major shadows and highlights, MSP Clear Red and DR Payne’s Gray for the red, MSP Bright Skin triad + MSP Splattered Blood for her skin. VMA Steel over MSP Midnight Blue for the weapons. The same Midnight Blue is the base for her thong-dress.
  7. fanguad


    Yeah, there's regular communication and they're getting fairly close to production. They suffered from a bit of over-reach which increased the complexity of the project. They've also announced this game will not be released at retail due to cost.
  8. Mini, ready to be shipped out when I can make time to visit the post office. Click here for spoilers.
  9. Finished up my mini tonight! I'll post pictures shortly. Speaking of pictures, please send WIP pictures to your organizer (or post in this thread) by April 1st.
  10. fanguad

    Farrow Valkyries

    They work for Circle, Legion, Skorne and Trollbloods... just sayin' :)
  11. fanguad

    Farrow Valkyries

    I paint a lot of Privateer Press models because I play their games, but only post those I really enjoy to this forum. These porcine ladies were tons of fun to paint up. Much of the model was suitable for directional highlighting + inks, or basecoat + wash, which gave me lots of time to work on the fun parts: the hair. And boy do these girls have lots of it. I also shot them against a different background, which I thought I'd post since the whole photo just gives a different feel.
  12. fanguad

    Grey Maidens

    Yes, that's who I'm using for the captain - I wanted to have an even number of Grey Maidens to make it easier to build encounters with groups of them. Having three "levels" of them should make it easier for my players to differentiate between relevant individuals in an encounter.
  13. fanguad

    Grey Maidens

    A squad of Grey Maidens. They show up in Curse of the Crimson Throne a bunch, so I’ve painted a captain, a couple lieutenants and some grunts. I didn't spend a ton of time on them, but I think they came out looking reasonably nice. The biggest mistake I see is the "halo" on the captains hair isn't right in the front.
  14. 19 total people in this exchange. My half of the people have their assignments, and robinh should not be far behind. Get thee to painting!
  15. 16 people signed up so far. Get your sign-ups in by Sunday if you want to participate