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  1. The ocean-themed mini has made it across the ocean! Oh my word, this is a gorgeous mini, Pochi. And you even threw in a wallaby(?) ornament and all sorts of exciting candy I've never heard of before! Thank you so much!
  2. Anyone out there a fan of thread necros? I finished up this Sophie this week (after reworking most things - I've gotten better since I last worked on her), and had forgotten about this WIP thread until Google reminded me while I was searching for which Sophie this was. Protip: don't wait 10 years to finish your minis!
  3. Glad to hear you like her! Here are the pictures I took, for some more angles.
  4. My package is away! It *should* get there in time for Christmas.
  5. here is my WIP image. hoping to get this finished up in time for Christmas
  6. So glad to see this is still going! Thanks for picking up the torch @SGHawkins09 and posting it on Discord @Reaper_Jon. I don't check the forums anymore since notifications stopped working for me, so thanks for the link I am definitely in.
  7. I haven't been painting much Reaper lately, but painted up this beastie for Jimmy The Brush's July community challenge. Everything on the beast is TMM.
  8. It's actually a very similar technique. I learned it from Michael Proctor at ReaperCon. First, base color. Then shade with a thinned down, very dark color. Blue Liner in this case. Finally, highlight by mixing your base color with a bright metal, Vallejo Metal Medium is what I see most people use; I think ProAcryl also makes a pure metal flake.
  9. It's been a while since I've painted a Reaper miniature, so I thought I would post my latest creation here. I had a lot of fun painting this mini - blue is one of my favorite colors to blend with, and I enjoy painting fun hair, like her braid in the back. TMM was used on the metal.
  10. It's been a while since I've painted many reaper miniatures. I weapon modded this this Reaper Solar for use as a Privateer Press Morrowan Archon. His shield is a 3d printed, upscaled Stormcast shield without the Sigmar emblem. Morrowan symbol is freehand. Skin is MSP Olive Skin Triad, hair is MSP Blonde Hair Triad. Blue is MSP Desert Sky (with Indigo Black and Ultramarine Blue). Silver undercoated MSP Nightmare Black, then VMC Oiled Steel, P3 Quicksilver and Vallejo Metal Medium. Red is MSP HD Crimson Red (with Red Liner and S75 Blood Red). Wings are Citadel Contrast Apothecary White, drybrushed with Citadel Dry White. Gold is Citadel Gehenna’s gold.
  11. Is "Let's get Stoned" one of the classes with problems? It doesn't show up for me when I try to purchase tickets. Nevermind... it showed up just now
  12. Looking forward to continuing our adventures in color!
  13. I got a fierce Oni warrior from Sanael. Thanks for the beautiful mini.
  14. We're down to two weeks left to finish painting and mail your mini. PLEASE try really hard to mail by the 15th.
  15. I'm glad you like her! Everyone else can check her out here:
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