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  1. I would like to see more things like Mashaaf, purely original creative strange creative things, not so much revamps of various monsters from bestiaries. When I run games I tend to reskin creatures (change their appearance keep the stats) so veteran players do not go into troll killing mode when it is described to them. My list -A collection of evil looking creatures that could either be demons, aberrations, insectoid race, non-zergs, Alien (xenomorph) or whatever. Something that spans the size categories from small to huge. -Planar stuff; sure there are pit fiends in the
  2. Alrighty, coat hanger it is. Probably will not have time to start it until Saturday, so if anyone has something better than a coat hanger please drop a post.
  3. Moved this post here to include pics. As stated before, he has been boiled several times, he has his right wing pinned, and he has been asked really nicely many many times. V will just not get his wings straight no matter what I do. I attempted pinning him with a paper clip as the insert after drilling, then when that failed I measured and cut a nail double the width of the paperclip. Those joints have actually stayed semi where they need to be. The problem is the top that wing just flops over. Then on his other wing (his left), it started doing the same nonsense of not holding
  4. I have boiled him several times, drilled a hole to pin, and talked very nice to Verocithrax; but his wings will just not stay up. I have been trying to get this to stay since he arrived with the Kickstarter 2 package. There is pressure now in the game I play in, after lots of Role Play I have a bonded Black Dragon; so this needs to happen. Has anyone had the same problem with this mini? Any advice?
  5. Awesome list with links Babbles! Chain Devil- yes More PC Minis with chains and whips. There is a chain spru, but most models hands do not support it without LOTS of tinkering.
  6. Been haunting this thread for a few days. Really want to say to the artist that drew up the froghemoth, gazebo, with cake; freaking awesome! I guess I would like to see more stuff from the Monster Manuel that gets overlooked. Hags Nightmares Gith Ettercaps Chuul Etc... Also more strange horrifying aberration like things.
  7. Oh my god yes! I thought all was loss! Thank you so much! Gonna lay the smack down!
  8. Hey everyone! Long time collector and gamer here just discovered the forum, it is great! Not sure if anyone can help me with this one or point me in the right direction but here it goes. I am looking for Marthrangul's right hand... the raised one. I believe it broke off when I moved several years back and my chops hurt from the constant bashing. It has been gone for sometime now :-(. He is not intimidating when he hits the table anymore. Players purposely attack his right side "because he cant hit me"...
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