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  1. Well i to am a fan of the stouty bearded folk and i too dislike black power in fantasy, but you guys forget something, Warlord already has guns and stuff, just check out razig or more so his crew...
  2. ::Begins to cry:: Why oh why did i move from Columbus ohio to germany one and half years ago Wwwhhhhy!! :D :: Seriously though this sucks. Its hard enough around here where i live in germnay to find Reaperminis in my flgs...and now i must wait for the rulebook...
  3. Well i do have a Sebastian figure from little mermaid i picked up in disneyland years ago laying around...
  4. Well i admit the Warhammer or 40k bug never bit me..it got close (bought the Khemri book...) but never fully gotten ahold of me. Most of my paints are GW though. A got a few figs (a bunch of ghules that form a unit in my No quarter and warlord army) and will probably buy some more (ghules probably :D ) Most games i know played or play GW, the oters "were" smart enough to stay out of GW cult. P.S. Since we are talking about Warhammer here i wasn't compellt to discuss my 1500pts Rohan army for GWs LOTR...not to mention my mordor forces...:D
  5. *seeks past the GW addicts* WEll you could try "No Quarter".... no seriously try no quarter out. Its basiclly a WH clone, which uses d10 instead of d6 and has 2 cool advantages over WH: 1) its free to download. 2) its got a Unit building options, to build just about any disired fantasy unit. I converted my Warlord army to the system (still usable with WL though!) and really rocked!
  6. all reaper models are tourny legal. right?
  7. well here in "ye olde europe" :D i have not found to much reception. I have one who is interested in playing the game. However it would help if my local gaming store would carry the Reaper line. I can order all the stuff there but he doesn'T have anything in the store...
  8. sounds interesting gwangi. I myself have 2 armies ready for battle for me and wife...they have been sitting on my gaming table for weeks but sadly we haven't had time to play our battles...oh well the day will come!
  9. Ah yes the Evil WotC...hehe. I am angred with them aswel. However i am back DM DnD (3.0 won't buy 3.5 for awhile!!! since i don't buy modules or acces it doesn't matter to me!) after an absense from the system for about 1 and a half. My fav system is GURPS and thats what i have been playing manly, i just started the new DnD campaign out 2 reasons: 1. My wife wants to DM. He DMed GURPS once but IMO its to hard for Novice DM 2.I want to work on my Gurps world some more, i got over 30 playable demihuman races and those folks need more fluff and stuff But i have to say it is fun play DnD again. The funniest thing in our group right now is that the char with the most Charisma is the Dwarf the cleric with 9, while the human fighters have 7 lol gotta love them pretty dwarfs!
  10. Thomas "Orchound" Moore- I got the southwest of Germany covered :)
  11. try http://www.white-wolf.com/exalted/ Da Hound
  12. yeah sorry my bad..typo :D
  13. I used to play the orcs in demonworld...one of the first mini games played. Also check out Irrational games, i bout a complete lizardmen and dark elf army from them. the models aren't too "sharp" though.
  14. Well for a PC: A blind sorceror/wizard. yes i could just paint one to be blind but i am thinking of one with a bandana around his eyes. I am currently playing one in out Gurps campaign As for monsters im still trying to think of one i want :D
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