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  1. Like I said, they're all soft in Mass, we had the same snow fall up here and I still went to work in shorts, though wading through a 3 foot drift was a bit chilly.
  2. We don't get states of emergency here in NH for snow, school didn't even close for the last one. You flat landers are too soft.
  3. Drink heavily, I would suggest a decent brandy but most any booze will do. You wont actually be any warmer but you wont mind as much either.
  4. And remember to tip your bartender.
  5. Loved that movie. :) "Gee Mr. Lamar, you use your mouth prettier than a twenty dollar whore."
  6. If you look in the craft section of the Reaper website there was a nice article on paint thinning by whiz and I believe it had a couple recipes in it.
  7. Anybody who thinks there is some good in everyone hasn't met everyone.
  8. Went through this myself a while back, I ended up having to go into the registry and manually removing the offending item. That was in windows 98, in xp I think a system restore would probably do the trick.
  9. My mom dressed me in drag every year until I out grew her cloths. But I don't have issues, nope no issues here.
  10. The SRD is your friend. If you are just looking to learn the rules and play in a pbp game then this should help.
  11. Now this is just an educated guess based on my experience as a printer and working with ink but if you just thin a paint you are also deluting the pigment, a transparent paint would still retain the original color strength.
  12. Many years ago an employer of mine got that same scam in snail mail. Now I get that thing about 4 times a month.
  13. In the hall of the mountain king, also have some animal sounds, a wolf howling, sheep bleeting, usually gets me some interesting looks in the grocerie store.
  14. Hehe, nice cat collection you have. Most northern breed dogs have a fairly strong prey drive so introducing a cat to a 5 year old that wasn't raised with one from a pup may not be such a good idea. :)
  15. At 5 years old she is full grown. I've seen huskys go a little over 100 lbs before, hard to tell from the pic but she looks to be in great condition and maybe 80 or 90 lbs?
  16. She's a beauty CD, northern breeds are the best. I know exactly how you feel though I couldn't take being without a dog for only 4 or so years after being on my own, got a wolfhybrid as a rescue and that's what I've had for the past 20 years (not the same one of course). Life is way to short to be without a dog, congratulations.
  17. I recently switched to an internet explorer shell called myie2, I like it alot better than firefox, tabbed browsing, mouse moves, all the functions of mozilla and more but without the wonkyness.
  18. I am at a loss for unbiased sources, it seems passions run very high on both sides, what I usually do is check the web sites for both candidates, you can basically end up with a bulleted list of what each claims to be for and against to use as a comparison and starting point. GW John Kerry
  19. I may be wrong but I believe the save for web option in photoshop is not in versions before 7. It's not an option under "save as" it is a selection all it's own under file.
  20. My dremel is a few years old as well, very well made stuff. As an example, I had left it lying in it's open case on my work bench in the basement, apparently a leak from under the kitchen sink had poured through the floor directly above, about 2 days later I went down stairs to get my dremel for a project only to find it half submerged in water, I was heart broken thinking it was ruined, I love that thing plus it was a birthday gift from my mum. Anyway I set it on my painting bench upstairs and let it dry out for a few days plugged it in and it fired right up. It does make a bit of a raspy sound when it runs but works just as good as it ever did.
  21. My only issue with Mozilla is that I have yet to figure out how to configure the mail program (thunderbird) for my hotmail account. Anyone with more experience with it know if it can even do web based mail? Oh, and google tool bar is an addon for IE that has a pop-up blocker built in for those that don't feel inclined to switch browsers.
  22. Is this all being done on the pc or are you going to be using some external video? If it's all on the pc macromedia has a product just for this sort of thing. Robodemo I've never used it but it looks like it would fit the bill.
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