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  1. I looks great. I love how the light (highlights) is working with the cloak. You did a nice job of capturing the motion of the mini with your paint. I think a finished base may make you feel better about it.
  2. Sweet concept. Nice clean work. I feel like I need the Vorpral Sword from Alice in Wonderland just to look at it. I am not sure why Wonderland came to me while looking at this, but it did.
  3. I really like the bull orc concept. I like that they are less like a strong human with an ugly face and more animal-ish. The arms remind me of an Ape and the face is a hodge podge of animals. There were an old line of bullish style orcs I remember from the early to mid 80s that reminded me of the Trollocs from Wheel of Time.
  4. The LE line of plastic may be able to bring accessories at a cheaper cost than dwarves forge. Unpainted tables bookshelves etc in plastic would be sweet. I wouldn't buy them, but people who like that stuff when they game would eat up a lower cost option.
  5. Nice job of capturing the facial expression
  6. mold lines are a pain. I always seem to think I got them all or have them clean only to find out I was wrong after I have slung paint on the model.
  7. Smooth. I like the expression on his face, he seems surprised, but in a purposeful way. I love the colors, I do not see many pieces with the Middle Eastern influence. Very clean and a pleasure to look at.
  8. I found I have learned a lot about my work by taking photos, even bad ones. I seen details and flaws with the magnified pics that I can't see while painting. For some reason, once I see them in the photo it is easier to get my brush to work or repair issues even though I still cannot see them on the model I am painting. Are you planning n basing or are you just working on painting basics? thanks for sharing.
  9. You make it all look so easy because it all comes together so freaking well. What isn't to like.
  10. I like floquil primer, but each person has a favorite. I will boldly state I think there is not better matte sealer than Testors Dull coat. It takes the shine out and I find it is such fine particles that I can use it while painting. For instance, if I finish up all of the face and other skin on the mini Before I start on the clothing/armor etc, I may seal the mini with a light coat of testers dull coat. It creates a protective level for the work you have finished that will allow you to clean up a fresh (still wet) accidental brush stroke on a finished area without messing up the finished paint underneath. It is a dream in a can.
  11. stunning, inspiring and beautiful. Where is the red light coming from on her face, I see it on her leg armor as well, is it light reflecting off of the bow? I could look at this piece for hours.
  12. Yeah, it seems only one parent can write off child care expenses even with shared custody. Doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes fathers don't get a lot of love from the system.
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