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  1. So far this CAV-RC is looking really cool and very useful. Thanks for all your expenditures in creating this and especially for making it available to the masses.
  2. Super Jag

    CAV Rule

    Ahhh... we see the point of confusion... In the example in the book as you quoted there is a TYPO. It should read that to the +8 weapons of the Rhino is added the target lock value of +3 (instead of +1). That plus the range bonus DOES equal +12. Gotta watch out for those typos... they sneak up and get you.
  3. EXACTLY what I'm looking for... the guy from that James Bond movie. Wasn't that the same movie with Jane Seymour? Anyways... that to me is the ideal looking voodoo witch doctor.
  4. That model from 100 Kingdoms freak show section is really cool. He also (IMO) has a fitting bayou appeal. I forgot to mention that the voodoo characters I'm wanting have the fluff background of being from the Louisiana bayou regions ideally. The ole witch doctor from the swamp lands, eh Thanks again, Lady Tam
  5. Ohhh yeah... Baron Savoodie would be a great proxy model. It really does fit the description quite well. Now... just gotta find one or tow of these (seems to me they're in UK and probably not worth the expense of shipping... but I'll look into it some more). I've seen some of the other West Wind models and Baron is the only one I liked. Thanks LadyTam...
  6. Really would like to find a good 25-28 mm voodoo priest/priestess type model. I'm wanting it for playing the Great Rail Wars miniature game. Keep in mind the game concept is essentially the wild west gone freakshow just after the civil war. I'm just not finding anything at all. There's only one model available from the original company but that model looks like a tribal pygmy leprechaun in loincloth wearing a top hat and poop eating grin. Hmmm... not sure whether that's a good or bad thing now that I think about that description? Next costume for Halloween? Something with a voodoo doll would be excellent (and I can probably model that myself if the model allows for it. Anyways... thanks for your help.
  7. From the handful of times I've played with the desgin system to create models, the resulting creations always seemed to have some balancing factor to them. Usually it's a higher priced model because of the mini-max approach. Or, I'll build in some average to below average stats. Seems like a player mini-maxing could be at a disadvantage in the end because they'd have "put too many eggs in one basket" sort of. As a result the rest of the force/section would be less threatening due to lack of points allotment. Have you found this to be true? As long as it somehow balances itself out I really do like the potential of players creating a junkyard CAV and competing with it. An intrinisic and extrinsic pride that adds to the flavor and enjoyment of CAV gaming.
  8. Well now, that makes a big difference... I played a game where IMO the ONLY reason I lost was because the other player was LUCKY enough to get 3 of the first 4 initiative cards FOR 4 TURNS IN A ROW!!! Despite the balancing factor of defensive fire, there's just NO making up for losing that much initiative.
  9. There is the notion of playing "Junkyard CAV's" or "Garbage Can CAV" or more accurately known as units created from scratch based on the vehicle design rules in the JOR1. Have any of you played many events with these types of models? I'm particularly curious of how a Warmaster would play out if Junkyard CAV's were allowed? Currently I'm considering having my area players vote on the allowance of a single Junkyard CAV within their Warmaster section for a future tournament. Any experienced thoughts appreciated.
  10. Uh Frosch... you didn't mention anything about the designing of the SUPER FROG
  11. Ahhh... the premeasurement arguement. I'd add in my 2 cents worth since I'm so adament over this issue, but suffice to say it'd be going off topic.
  12. Longballing as you call it... or "outranging" is such a grin inducing tactic for the player using it, especially when damage is dealt to the target. Obviously the '70 Dictator is LETHAL with its GKW 14 weapons and I've seen these models repeatedly destroy super heavies when used by a player with the ability to triangulate ranges well. Of course, there's also that crowd that somehow derive from the rules, despite it not clearly stating that premeasuring is legal and those shot declarations should never miss out on outranging shots. But I digress. Other units that are great for outranging: Tsuisekis = 48 inches... and if you strip the PBG you have cheaper hard target snipers. Kharls = 48 inches... same as Tsuisekis but vs. soft targets. Drop the heavy DFM and add armor upgrade. Mastodons = 40 inches and a lethal weapon on all 7 DT's. Sovereigns = 48 inches... only +3 vs. Hard targets but combined with a target lock (and improved TL system @ +4) then you're firing +7 or +8 missiles. Obviously there's a few others but these are my favorites for outranging. As for your other lessons learned SuMicus... I've got similar beliefs: 1. Quantity of good stock units are almost always better than fewer upgraded units. I've yet to lose when I have this advantage. 2. Spreading forces... uh, yeah, definitely good idea... keeps the template dropping units at minimal effectiveness. 3. Rhino... (love-hate relationship). We know why we love the Rhino, but I have circumvented the problem of a slow mover trying desperately to line up shots with all that direct fire weaponry. The answer... instead waiting for the Emperor to be released, I just dropped the 2 DFM's off the Rhino, added a KDM Ghost IFM and had enough points left over to upgrade the TL and ECM systems and still came out cheaper than a standard Rhino. I've played it with an armor, +2 MV, and WSO upgrade also, and this unit ABSOLUTELY ROCKS THE BOARD!!! The love-hate feelings I had for the Rhino are now love-love. BTW... IMHO judging by the force rosters you listed, it looks like you just drew an unfortunate matchup of your units versus his units. Sometimes that's just very difficult to overcome. Although I've never been convinced of heavy infantry. Just don't seem like they're worth their points in any way shape or form. Infantry gotta stay cheap as possible. Oh yes... yes indeed, this is the way to play. Just avoid the slow moving uber CAV and take out the rest of the force. Eventually there'll by a numbers advantage for you and just a single Rhino left to fight. Unless of course you have my Rhino variant. I often ignore certain units that theoretically shouldn't be ignored because it renders them useless for the opponent if I constantly outmanuever them. Usually it means a lot of points tied up in a single CAV that are just wasted.
  13. NOW THAT IS USING YOUR NOODLE FPilot.... good work. I just got done playing some MechWarrior 4 Vengeance on the PC and I gotta say that the ability of certain mechs utilizing jump jets REALLY took the game to a new level for me both offensively and defensively. I hadn't actually used them until today but WOW... the difference in fun level was exponential. Personally I'd love to see jump jets in CAV. Just for the concept of getting a CAV up on top of a building or impassable terrain structure is too cool. I imagine it would function similarly to hover vehicles with regards to vertical movement penalties. Also, I suppose it could introduce the concept of "pop-up" shooting. Initially I'd liken it to other games I've seen where the attacker jump jets up, takes it's shots, then defensive fire is taken at some negative because of the challenge to shoot an appearing/disappearing, vertical moving CAV unit. As for SMS type movement CAV's... sounds good to me. Certainly adds more cool aspects to the game. Good stuff FPilot... keep up the brainstorming.
  14. Super Jag

    Hey Kit!

    As fantastic as CAV is to play... I wouldn't mind seeing a specific forum on CAV under the sci-fi category.
  15. Yes... I have self edited my previous posts on this topic. Decided it just wasn't worth the effort... not to mention going off thread. Thanks for your support Matt...
  16. I would like your help compiling a list of models from any game company that are centaur type creatures. I'm a sagittarian and have slowly been working on collecting and painting a sagittarian themed collection of various tauric creatures. If you have combinations of models that you think would be good for conversion work then please include those parts too. One of the coolest pictures of a tauric creature I've ever seen is the Hobgoblin Griffon Centaur in a picture in one of the D&D 3rd edition books. I'd love to make that model at some point. Here's what I currently have and/or already plan to soon obtain: Reaper Spider Centaur Clan War Togashi Hoshi (half dragon/half samurai) Customized "normal" Centaur Hobgoblin Griffon (Reaper Warlord Griffon modified w/ ???) Clan War (Naga archer) Thanks for your help. This is a fun and inspiring project of mine within the miniature gaming hobby.
  17. So... was thinking to make another themed section of CAV's. This one would be the "PINK LADIES" or similarly titled. Obviously the primary paint scheme would be hot pink or something like that. The feedback I would like from y'all is... which CAV's come to mind when you think of this theme? Particularly what 4 CAV's as an entire section? Since it's a CAV section, perhaps an emphasis on Warmaster combat (but combined arms is open game too). Other variants or thoughts on this theme welcomed... Please don't think me twisted here... ... I'm simply going by first reaction to images derived by the theme and/or pictures and names of the CAV's in the JOR's. COUGAR- Ahhh... the sleek, sexiness of the jungle cat JAGUAR - again... the cat thing SCORPION - Ouch... that abrasive b-otch has got some sting... BISHOP - Multi tasking capacity of most women I know SPIDER - Well... we all know what the Black Widow is about KHAN - Supportive PANTHER - Really supportive TALON- Super supportive MASTODON - Shows that men aren't the only one's packin' a big cannon... SULTAN - Multi tasking capacity of most women I know SABRETOOTH - ooohhh-la-la, sexy legs! Yeah, yeah... I know. Don't say it! hehehehe Well, have some fun with it, let me know, and whenever I get around to completing this section I'll post pictures.
  18. I tend to paint anywhere from a approximately half a dozen to a dozen models at once. If they all happen to be the same troop then I just work one color at a time moving from one model to the next. By the time I get to the last one, the first one is dried enough to start the next phase. Also... by doing this, particularly with different characters, I find that at some point my interest just naturally gravitates towards a particular model and I end up finishing that one, but with the benefit of having half completed all the others.
  19. Super Jag

    Some custom cavs

    Bet that was fun for you to create these custom CAV's? Looks good... applause for not trying to max out every possible stat. Do you have any fluff or background on these two designs? Can you elaborate beyond their role designations?
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