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  1. Gotcha Leech... I just edited my previous post to that effect after figuring out what YOU were talking about... thanks.
  2. Yes I did consider tow IFM's... but to keep the overall cost down I decided to go with just one. No biggy because the two Maxim's are my primary functions of the unit and the IFM is simply something to do until they get into range and LoS. SELF EDIT: Aha... I think I see the confusion with the TL system... Apparently there's a typo Series VI is listed under both the Large and Super Chassis charts but with different stats. Since it's a Super Heavy unit I'm swapping for a Super Heavy TL system... There is a Series VII, but it's listed under Small Chassis, which obviously won't serve on an 8DT unit very well. Series VII from the Thunderbird is the one I'm using and it goes to 8 tracks, albeit the last few are not worth much due to the degradation pattern. HOWEVER... the IFM goes off line after DT4 anyways... so I figure the latter DT's are time spent repairing and doing defensive fire. Plus, by that time I should be in close range while still having very respectable stats on the Maxims if necessary. Besides, lack of power is an issue on the latter tracks, therefore another reason I plan to repair once severly damaged. I definitely have mutliple variants on the back burner for the Rhino now and I'll keep toying with it and see what seems to work best for me. For now, I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  3. I've just recently done a Rhino variant... 1. Remove the two DFM's. 2. Add on the Blitz IFM pack (I actually used the Sovereign IFM pack because these two look identical in the JOR1 pictures and it should theoretically function as either depending on need from game to game). Personally I favor the Blitz stats. 3. Upgrade the TL system to the Syram Bullseye Series 6 4. Upgrade the ECM (several options, but I'm currently trying the KDM CMC Series 18.bL). 5. Increased movement optional. By doing steps 1-4 you get a 581 point variant which I call the "BLACK RHINO." (Gotta chuckle... it's named that because it currently only has a black primer paint job). Sure it loses the benefit of one secondary weapon, but the IFM gives it so much more range because it doesn't always need to line up direct fire shots. So I just move him directly at my opponents and take opportunistic shots, either indirectly or directly. Then it gets the benefit of being an upgraded superheavy and all the perks that come with that. I played it in one game and it KICKED ARSE like I couldn't believe (plus it had a WSO and armor upgrade). Simply amazing how well it did; it really proved my idea right... so far. Effectively this variant is my desire to put an awesome model into use (never really favored the Rhino stats, despite it's direct fire lethality) and because the Emperor is yet to be released.
  4. Oh please, please, please tell me that I'm going to finally be able to put my Gauth Dragon and other REAPER miniatures to use in the Warlord game when it gets released... There's just too many of the Dark Heaven Line that I'd love to use somehow. Frankly, I'm not too impressed with the Warlord line of miniatures (no offense sculptors but I've seen better work from most of you).
  5. Super Jag

    Geomagnetic Storms

    I've considered something similar. However, I had intended to use a 4 inch AoE template (like many of the IFM's for consistency). I would start these templates somewhere on the table (if not the center) and then roll a deviation dice and perhaps 1d10 for distance travelled. This storm or multiple storm templates would randomly move around the table at the beginning of each turn. Any unit's that got caught (even partial bases) would be affected with a -1 suppression type disadvantage to all dice rolls through the end of the entire turn sequence. I've not used it yet because I feel it interferes with the players trying to beat eachother and I don't want an outside factor influencing games. Someday though as a "scenario" game I'll run it. I'm hesitant to do it during league or official tournament play though.
  6. Robert E. Howard??? Hmmm... is that the guy who wrote the Conan books way back? If not could you refresh my memory of his works? Thanks.
  7. Very nice! I just love looking at other miniatures especially in the middle of combat with good terrain around. I've been meaning to take photos of some of our games lately but keep forgetting the camera. This oughta motivate me to get it done. BTW... I like the Fire Hawks concept and paint scheme. That and they contrast well against the green guys and probably any other force I can think of. So, the question begs... what does the clashing of orange and green make? hehehe.
  8. Getting a good photo of the Archer is like catching a fart in the wind... that dome of death is too fugly to be photographed... hehehe. Sorry... couldn't resist. Yeah... I wouldn't mind seeing the CAV's in UCOR sections, or back into categories of their design (i.e.: CAV, VTOL, TANK, etc.) for ease of searching in the store. Of course, I suppose all I have to do for a search is use the search window, eh?
  9. Simply add the cost of an ECCM pod for that level of Damage Track of the Black Knight. Keep in mind the power consumption of your components because the ECCM POD IS AN ALWAYS ON POD. That means you are always allocating 3 points of available power to it which means you have that much less from your total. So, when you get to moving and firing weapons and have an ECCM pod on, your power drain probably won't let you do much. Obviously, the next thing to do is swap the breeder for one with more available power. Subtract the cost of the original breeder, then add the cost of the new one times 1.2 or 1.5 because of the penalty cost for same or out of UCOR component, respectively. Good luck... and VERY COOL that you created the Black Knight based on the fluff in the book. Those are the fun models to play with IMO.
  10. What a very cool terrain idea... now I know what to do with all those extra bits I have. That'll go along with the Ripper truck I converted into a salvage vehicle that now has a hydraulic shaft on it and a battle damaged Jaguar leg laying on it. What to do with the empty post holes...? Honestly, besides yourself wanting it to look just right... do you think anyone will really complain about something like that? I can't help but think they'll be so impressed with the concept of a CAV junkyard terrain piece they won't nit pick over something so small. And if they did, tell 'em to take a flying leap... Would like to see a photo of this terrain if you can manage it when you're done.
  11. Forgive me if this is going a bit off thread... For starters, depending on the "type" of degradation pattern a unit follows (in the unit design guidelines - JOR1) it will be different from others. I personally favor type II degradation over type I when picking units that appeal to me solely on stats. Type III has good longevity also. Something about those frontloaded degradation types that I'm not too keen on. Anyways... I personally have no problems with the fact that different units degrade at different percentages because it adds wonderful and needed variety to the game. Plus, from a fluff stand point, different companies have different specializations in their equipment and this is partly reflected in degradation. Nice to see the number crunching behind this type of stuff though.
  12. What a cool social bonding idea! Well, apparently my wife takes all the photos and she also takes A LOT of our pets (I swear she's St. Francis of Assisi reincarnated) because she's not in any of the photos we have on of our computer storage devices. So, for now here's a photo of my kid and I. Tito (me) and Anthony
  13. Oh my... how to choose from so many that I really like? Well, instead of choosing a favorite I'll just list the one's I really like. I'll assume that the first one's that pop up in my head are my "ranked" favorites, if that makes sense. This is a list of "aesthetically" preferred units. Jaguar Falcon Centurion Starhawk VI Mantis Scorpion Wow... just really feels wrong not to list more than this but I'd be here all night juggling the list if I didn't settle on these. As for my favorite "effective" unit... well really that just depends on the type of game and the objective. I won't play with any of the unit's I consider ugly... hehehe.
  14. Excellent point that should not be forgotten. I too once made a move that was risky and cost me dearly, but in the end was well worth it. Basically, I performed a close assault with an APC and 2 infantry bases against a Scorpion. When it was all said and done I was cut to shreds and lost the enitre section after the following turn because of their extensively damaged conditions. The good news... it taught me to learn and know what I'm doing before just throwing my myself into an unused rule (since it was the first time I'd ever performed a close assualt). I learned the hard way about close combat in CAV, but nevertheless... I learned. Oh, the really good news... I managed to outmanuever my opponent to completely wipe his entire force off the board! Throughout the game and to this day we joke about how fun that incident was.
  15. Yeah... I just love the design of the model... it has that futuristic sci-fi appeal for me. Plus, I believe you get what you pay for and I'm getting more convinced from playing it that what you get more than compensates for cost. It has shown that it hands down is better than the throw away type units like Kikyus. Typically I pull the heavy DFM off the Kharl and add an armor upgrade. It keeps me in track with sniping and I have no issues with LDF optional rules and I really don't miss that third missile. I do the same with the Tsuiseki but remove the PBG instead there. Gotta love the Warthog design.
  16. In retrospect... my opinion of the Rhino might not be quite accurate. I got to thinking about why I'm not so impressed with what could be argueably called the most impressive CAV unit designed. Understandably that opinion is molded by what I've seen of the Rhino in action. After having just posted on another thread about "awareness" I've come to the realization that almost every single time I saw a Rhino get its butt handed to it, it was being played by a rookie and it was stood right out in the open as well as not very tactically smart. Also, it usually was getting tattooed by '70 Dictators or Sultans. Respectively, one designed to take out hard targets, and the other designed to do it with IFM from hiding. Hrrmmmm... must play one for myself and see how well I can do with it... not bragging but I do play a bit better than a rookie.
  17. It's worth mentioning that while the following concept is probably realized by most, it very often is not carried out. People need to develop a greater sense of awareness. I see some evidence of this in these posts. I think if players would literally set out with a goal in mind and then play to that end while taking careful notes of what occurs as a result, he would really learn some things. example... my next few games I am literally going to field nothing but IFM specialist CAV units. So, throughout the game, determine what the opponent is doing and hypothesize why he is doing that? Perhaps ask the opponent afterwards to get some feedback. Ask yourself questions like: how effective was my IFM barrage against this type target versus that type target? Did my opponent move that unit there and this unit here because of my force composition? Did I get the desired effect I was looking for? Did I stick with the strengths of my units or get sidetracked? What dictated the flow of the game? Sitting down with "CLEAR" objectives in mind then jotting down some notes about what transpires is a GREAT way to learn. I have to remind myself to do this to actually learn something, otherwise it just goes right over my head.
  18. LOL... Well, good question. How DO I set up my sections. Umm, in reflection, I typically keep like unit's with like units and that's probably because I'm so enamored with that unit's ability that I want a whole section of them working together to accomplish the same goal. E.G.: Tsuiseki section to snipe CAV's at range. Kharl section to snipe soft targets together. As for CAV's, well I tend to field them in one of two ways: 1) a combination of units ranging from ESM specialist to superiority, to super heavy, or 2) a section full of similar well balanced, capable of handling both soft and hard targets (e.g.: Butchers, Sultans, etc.) I haven't really come to the point of worrying about a more mobile section versus a hard hitting slow section. I suppose that's because most of my unit's are a satisfactory combination of both. One thing is for sure... rarely do I consider a unit or sections as expendable. So with that in mind I try to set them up for best survival. To me that means fielding them with the same objective in mind and sticking to the use of that section's strength. Funny you ask because recently I've been rethinking my unit selections, which would affect my section compositions. I have always been about "balance" in my life in general. Naturally this is reflected in my miniatures collection. However, I'm now venturing into the "specialist" idealogy. Why not use a Panther to go along with that hard target killing Dictator? Or, why not go ahead and field a section of long ranging IFM dropping specialists like Sovereigns and Conquerors? Catch my drift? Oh, oh, oh... so many wonderful options to pursue, not enough time to play. Well, if that's the worst of my problems... then I can count my blessings, eh?
  19. In a sense the threat of the Rhino has a similar effect of a Mastodon and/or a Whisper missile. They all can dictate to the opponent how they're going to play their force. These 3 units in particular can control zones of battle by forcing people to avoid them due to their destructive nature. Sort of like a football team's defense dictating where and what the opponent's offense can go/do. That is a mighty powerful intangible benefit of these units. I really have a love hate relationship with the Rhino I own. It just sits on the shelf primered black with a menacing look just staring back at me waiting for the call of duty. But I just can't seem to bring myself to paint and play it. I wouldn't be surprised if the first time I actually get around to playing it that it'll be lot's of fun for me and change my opinion. Just a superbly designed looking model if nothing else. Oh... just remembered, the last time I saw a Rhino, once again it belonged to my opponent in a campaign game and I picked it apart with Tsuisekis without taking a DT in return. See what I mean about the love hate thing?
  20. Ahhh yes... the Rhino in it's proper scale is a magnificent machine to admire. As for your questions... IMHO: 1. NOT worth the points 2. I do not field one 3 - 6. See response to question 2. I have seen the Rhino in action and even ACE/ACE crewed Rhinos. However, usually when I see a Rhino I also see it get obliterated by outranging '70 Dictators in 1-2 turns or slowly picked to death by IFM. Don't get me wrong, I've seen the potential of the Rhino, even when it was half damaged. The short range and slooowww movement of the Rhino just doesn't make it appealing to me... at least not when I can get other super heavies at less cost and at relatively similar capacity. I'd much prefer to take an Emperor if I'm going to have equivalent firepower, range, DT, and mobility. Of course, as stated above, this is just my opinion and given the right scenario the Rhino is an ominous opponent. Otherwise, I'd just assume field most any of the other super heavies.
  21. Like anything, having initiative can make a big differnce... BUT the great thing about CAV is that this factor is somewhat dampened because of the one great thing that separates CAV from other games... DEFENSIVE FIRE!!! Ahh yes, what a great concept. I've found that my forces can usually withstand not getting the initiative card occasionally. Reasonably, when the opponent got the cards 3-4 times in a row, well yes, then I can say that made or broke the game for my forces. That I can accept because at some point that advantage will come to me. Glad to hear you guys are venturing into larger forces. IMO it seems silly to shuffle 2-4 cards. We REALLY love getting into the 2,000+ combined arms forces. Sooner or later we'll throw down something huge. When you start playing larger forces, the unit's of choice start to get interesting and then it's a matter of who brought what to the table against what you brought. A battle pitching strengths versus weaknesses. Great example... players around here love the Kikyu for taking out aircraft. So, I am the first one to field Kharls with armor upgrades. Thus far in the campaign my section of Kharls have taken out 8 Kikyu's, 2 Lynx's, 1 infantry stand while only taking ONE single loss of Kharl. The formula... outranged the soft target killing units, flanked them to negate their guns due to LDF optional rule being used, and IMO getting more bang for the buck with these units. CAV only games are great!!! Combined arms is even better!!!
  22. With regards to Rolling Thunder... I don't think you realize that in the long run IFM is typically less effective. Unless you have very well upgraded TL systems and WSO's, the odds of applying much damage are reduced. Against soft targets it doesn't take very many hits because they usually have fewer DT's than most hard target units. Any smart player will negate your template of splash damage by spacing out, and as a result you've invested how many points to take try and take out one base of infantry, etc. Versus hard targets, the damage done is usually lower than what you'd get from a direct fired shot (but there is the benefit of negating pilot upgrades). But the higher number of DT's to work through usually mean you won't significantly hurt the unit. The only unit I've seen have sweet success with IFM against hard targets is the Sultan. But here in lies the problem... With any IFM shots, if you don't get TL then the shot drifts and it's not often that it drifts onto something else and actually does damage. Even if you did get a TL it still is ONLY one shot and one dice roll only for damage. At least with direct fire you get to still roll your multiple damage dice regardless of getting/missing TL. Trying to win a game on IFM tactics alone... well, I have yet to see it work. Don't forget, the table is going to shrink very quickly as the opponent advances on you and then what do you have... their strength against your weakness. This is not to say there isn't some merit to dropping bombs from a safe distance, but when it comes down to it... gotta get up close and personal.
  23. Hmmm... while tactics do vary from player to player and is relatively dependent upon playing styles, the tactics listed below have proven to be succesful regardless of opposition: 1. Concentrate the section's firepower on 1 or two targets maximum. This usually ensures massive damage or destruction of the target unit. 2. When possible, take your shots from behind cover to maximum armor bonuses. 1 or 2 points make a difference when getting hit, especially during defensive fire. 3. Since we don't pre-measure (in our area)... get good at triangulating or at least remembering distances previously measured on the board. This helps you get those perfectly ranged shots where you OUTrange the target and receive no defensive fire. 4. KNOW YOUR FOE. It's well worth the effort to understand what opponents' units can and can't do at certain levels of damage. e.g.: front loaded units like the Dictator and Assassin are mere dandy lions after DT3 (relatively speaking compared to type II or type III degrading units). 5. DON'T... I repeat DON'T let yourself get SANDWICHED between other players. Find a way to get another opponent between you and the 3rd or 4th players. 6. It's not necessarily a tactic rather more an observation... Getting target lock seems to make a world of difference for doing damage to units. Personally, I prefer to take the fight to my opponent "offensively" to gain that advantage instead of hanging around in turtle mode. Well... obviously this is debatable but if nothing else... consistently using #1, #2, and #5 above will help you survive longer and increase your chances for success. After that... yeah, you do need to learn through trial and error and asking questions. More importantly, be AWARE of what's occurring so the light has a chance to click on. And if you're still not sure... read my signature.
  24. I'm happy with just having a decal number on the unit to tell it apart from the rest and then just keep a file updated (during campaign) to determine who's becoming legendary. I do have a commander name that sticks with the force: Commander Lewis "Lewy" Dagato of the Excalibur's Wrath mercenary force.
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