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    Indirect fire

    Very true and a legitimate tactic. However, when it comes to IFM, it can strongly be argued that getting the added value of TL versus just splash damage makes a HUGE difference in damage. I'm glad to say that IFM does not rule the game and it's very difficult to win with only that form of attack. Rarely does opportunity arise when an IFM assault is the strength of an attack against the weakness of the opponent and the player kicks total butt.
  2. Super Jag

    Tank Legions??

    Yes someone in our area is a big time "tread-head." He actually is fielding a very sizeable force of tanks in the campaign we're playing in. Unfortunately it hasn't ever been played yet. However, because they are relatively inexpensive to buy (compared to CAV's) he's able to put many upgrades on them. Essentially it seems he is getting quantitiy with quality and that should make him a serious threat. Of course, there are ways to stop him... *insert maniacal laugh*... better not come my way! Personally I think CAV offers a great opportunity for something I've always wanted to see and that is a quasi WWII tank battle. One of these days I'll have enough tanks and find someone willing to play out some similar WWII historical games. As of yet I've only owned Despots but everyone who has seen them in action (and didn't own any tanks) have been thoroughly impressed and ended up buying some along with other tanks. The Despot consistently has staying power. Unfortunately I've not had much success with taking out CAV's with them, but WOW do they stick around and bug the poop out of opponents. BTW Human-Machine... sweet looking paint jobs! Very cool
  3. Super Jag

    Indirect fire

    Correct... Well... basically the spot on the battlefield takes the brunt of the missile impact and anything covered under the template get splash damage (no TL benefits). Only the individual unit that gets target locked during IFM attack suffers from the added TL value to the missile. Any other case it's only the base damage value of the missile. Therefore, if a "point" was targeted as opposed to a unit, then only that "point" would suffer the full force of the missile and TL value... but it's a mute point since it was afterall just a "point" on the battlefield. Hope that helps...
  4. No bashing from what I can tell... Naturally everyone has his/her favorites and dislikes and that's why there's a variety of shows out there. From what I keep hearing the first season kinda blew chunks. I've not seen the pilot let alone the first season shows (I don't think). But what I have seen I've really enjoyed, and yes there's been a few that make me say... well DUhhhh. Really? Seems like 2 out of every 3 episodes I've watched show some level of distress for the ship and it's crew. And again, perhaps this reflects differences in seasons. The biggy for me is I'd like to watch it from beginning to end of the journey. If it's on DVD and it looks like a particular show was badly written, then I'll skip to the next and get caught up that much quicker... Naturally there's differences of opinion and we can always find something negative about anything. Personally I just happen to recently find a simple pleasure of watching this program, for various reasons. So, bring on the feedback, it's interesting talk... just please don't spoil the first or last show for me since I've seen neither.
  5. Dang... I did a quicky search on eBay for voyager season sets and they seem rather pricey. Anybody know about what I should expect to pay for these sets? Are there different versions? Anything I need to know before my ignorance leads me to spend more than is necessary? Thanks.
  6. HOLY SMOKES!!! There were SEVEN seasons? Can't believe I missed that much of it. Boy was I clueless. I always said I didn't watch much television anymore but that makes it obvious how little I truly did. What years did it run? I guess I'll have to start one season at a time and slowly work my way through them all. From what I've seen this past couple months it should be well worth the expenditure of cash and time.
  7. So... I've been getting more and more enthralled with the Star Trek Voyager series airing late nights. I hadn't watched it when it initially came out but now that I've started... I must admit that I'm hooked! This show just seems IMO to be way more interesting than any of the other Star Trek shows. I'm seriously considering trying to find any DVD collection sets of the seasons if there are any available. Does anybody know? I haven't been shopping lately. Heck, I don't even know how many seasons there may have been. If anyone knows anything please pitch in your comments.
  8. Welcome aboard ReaperBryan!!!
  9. Super Jag

    Books and things

    Just to summarize in another way for you: Main Rulebook: Great fluff; Correct Rules: INCORRECT data cards. JOR1: Mostly CAV's; ALL units have been released; Errata and FAQ's; Correct data cards; and if you could only buy one JOR at this time... I'd recommend this one just to get you rolling while building a solid grasp of CAV gaming since a CAV unit IMO is what's it's all about. JOR2: Mostly vehicles; Waiting for a number of models to reach their release dates; bit more errata and FAQ... the vehicle component of CAV gaming can really, and I mean really elevate the enjoyment of the game whenever you feel ready for it. Naturally, I encourage you to get both books and the Big Dance novella for fun reading.
  10. Yeah FPilot, I wondered about that. That's actually what got me thinking about finding this type of terrain. There was a guy at the school here recently that had a cool N scale looking replica of a land fill and all I could do was think about how I could snatch it and take it home for my gaming before anyone noticed it was missing. Unfortunately, my five finger discount didn't work out.
  11. Dreamingdemon... thanks for the website you posted. That is some great looking building collections. Do you have a phone number for them? I couldn't find one on the website anywhere and have some questions for them. Thanks.
  12. That is just a great looking model! Curious if your chainmail concerns would be dashed aside once the miniature gets painted?
  13. I've always preferred my models to look sharp and pristeen. I've given some models (e.g.: skeletons) a dirtier, weathered look before to great effect. I think I would now like to try my hand at making a character class miniature look "battle worn" or appear to have trampled through a battle field or rough terrain. Any good techniques/suggestions for getting this effect? What about battle damaged? Thanks.
  14. Knowing that CAV is N scale or 1/160th, where can I find me some good buildings and terrain? I've looked around on eBay a bit and figured out that I can probably go to a hobby store (model railroad scenery, etc). I've also already purchase some great terrain from JR miniatures. More specifically I'm looking for at the least: A. modern to futuristic buildings, terrain, etc. B. solid/sturdy construction C. relatively inexpensive (no brainer, eh?) I know I can make some good generic buildings myself but I'd like something that has a realistic appearance. If anyone knows of a good place please let me know. Thanks.
  15. This is how I do it and why: BLACK primer: A) because it allows for spots to missed during painting if you're doing quick, mass numbers. B) it acts as a dark shade or ink to give you at least a two color painting minimum (assuming you didn't paint in the creases). C) I prefer darker subdued looking paint jobs and the black undercoat helps dampen the brightness of the overall model. D) I also now prefer using a black ink wash to fill in areas where the spray primer missed. Ideally a black brush on primer is great, but they're near impossible to find it seems. Plus the ink wash seems to smooth out the base coat some. WHITE primer: A) when a model is primarily going to be a light - white colored scheme. B) when I want to paint silver on the entire metal/steel objects on the miniature and then black ink wash over the entire area. Seems to look better than just a quicky drybrush technique. C) when I want an overall brighter, colorful finish to the model. As for primers themselves, I like to use a $1 spray can of flat black or white that I get from Wal-Mart (ColorPlace interior/exterior Fast Dry... front half of can is blue and the back half is white). This stuff has worked far better than the Citadel primers which I find dries in the air before getting to the model and leaves a dusty unsmooth coat. Usually I am about 8-12 inches from the model when I spray the primer. Plenty of ways to do it I'm sure. However, what I do works absolutely great and I see no reason for me to change it. Never had any problems with it either. Good luck with your primering.
  16. Typically it depends on what model is being painted. However, I've found that to get a great leathery effect, I will go ahead and do all the highlights with browns and light brown (various hues) and then wash the entire area with the "flesh wash" ink from Games Workshop. IMO it is lousy for using on flesh but great for that leather effect.
  17. It's not a Kolditz symbol that I can tell. Good luck if you're intent on getting the correct answer. Personally whenever I get around to painting this model I'm going to paint her in the same scheme as my CAV unit's. Just replace the red with cobalt blue and I'll slap on the Excalibur's Wrath decal on her shoulder.
  18. Tough for me to even consider using infantry because I absolutely ENJOY using CAV's and VTOLS. But, on the occasion that I do play with infantry I typically bring 1 or 2 sections max. Those sections are usually as follows: 2 Fenri or Vindicator 2 Regular infantry w/ weapons compliment of FA45 MG and AA52 missile launcher. I never have owned or plan to have heavy infantry because they seem silly to me. Sometimes my infantry will be armed with just a grenade launcher so I have a relatively cheap base with a wee bit of firepower. Other times I use a base w/ 2 AT23 missile launchers to go hard target sniping. Basically, the Attack Transport units (Fenri, Vindicator... as those are the models that catch my eye and hold their own) drop off the infantry in an inconvenient location for the opponent. Then they fly off and provide support where needed. Like most CAV games, it really depends on the role they are to fill or the goals of the combat. Without that it's tough to decide how to fill out your infantry. With that said, I typically keep my infantry/transports as flexible as possible so that I can just play them and not really worry about whether they're correct for the given situation. I have played a scenario of capture the flag whereby I found considerable success by having 2 hedgehogs,. 2 badgers, and 6 total infantry bases (very basic weapon compliments). Since I had to get the flag and hold it, the infantry and transports were numerous to ensure that I could always pick up the flag when necessary and move it from unit to unit until I had control of flags in my own deployment zone. The result, my opponents were frustrated that they couldn't eliminate enough of my infantry and transports as well, my other support CAV's eliminated the opponent's small numbers of infantry/transporters and they were unable to get or hold any flags. As for having 1 transporter and a full compliment of 3 infantry bases in it, I've not used that often enough to decide if I like it or not. I suppose I need to play that and figure out what the best use of it would be. We're currently in a campaign in my area and the reconnaissance reports has it that a player essentially based his force on the 82nd airborne. Lot's of transporters and infantry. Should be interesting to see how that holds up.
  19. Hey... if that guy can get that "MadCat" Mechwarrior unit treehouse movin'... then by all means the event should be turned into a car crushing contest versus other monster trucks. That is just too cool!
  20. Well, no doubt you've put some thought into this but I just don't have the time or desire to read the entire lengthy novel. What was it you were trying to tell us? Thanks.
  21. Will there be certain groups/races for the Warlord game? Or is it just a matter of picking out certain appealing miniatures and making a hodge-podge gang of models to fight with? I'd like to know if there are rules governing different groups of various races and information like that. Thanks.
  22. Ooh... good topic starter Erion... 1) CAV gives GREAT guidelines in the rules for terrain parameter, so I'd love to see them come up building type terrain. I've purchased and used to much success the JR miniatures industrial complex terrain. Great stuff. I've also managed to use felt material and paint markers to make some great highway/roads, and rivers at very little cost. With all the colors out there the options are almost endless. Tree and hill terrain is too common, so that's why I vote for more N-scale buildings. 2) The local FLGS owner has come up with a campaign setting and he's opted to use Hedgehogs as ambulances and Whisper and/or Ripper missile trucks as salvage vehicles. We're all excited about it. 3) Psyros... personally I'm not liking that idea and don't think it'll be good for the game... but then again I'm not the expert.
  23. Super Jag

    CAV Fluff question

    Does it have to be a resource? It's quite possible that the planet all your players are fighting over is the only and/or best jump point or lay over stop leading towards a new uncharted, potentially key part of the universe. Whoever controls this planet essentially controls the passage and can charge all the money they want for others "having" to stop there on their way through.
  24. Well, it looks like my favorite brushes are starting to go past the point of perfectly worn in and into the garbage. When I bought them I was clueless (still am) of what I was buying. Fortunately they've worked out great for me. So, I've come to notice that different brushes use different types of bristles. I'm not sure what they all are and why I'd want to buy one type over the other. Any suggestions you all have about choosing particular brushes is appreciated.
  25. I like it! Always nice to be able to pay someone else for terrain when I'm too lazy to make my own. Does anyone know if this stuff comes pre painted or not and if the costs are comparable to the fantasy terrain? (I don't even know approximately what the fantasy terrain costs for that matter...)
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