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  1. For one... who cares! Secondly, I think you logged into the wrong forum.
  2. Super Jag

    Race Rules

    How big do you envision the race track being?
  3. I had the same problem with my Gauth dragon model. I glued the wings so the posts were flush with the top of the dragon so as to get the wings more vertical and over the dragon's body to reduce the torque they would have on the joint from being out to the side too much thus preventing the wings from falling out. Then I stuffed in the green stuff underneath to support the wings. Haven't had any problems with the model falling apart yet.
  4. Super Jag

    Drop 'em on a dime

  5. MOTIVATION is the key term I'd say. If you're planning on painting the Butcher, start developing some incentive and desire for WHY you want to paint him. Perhaps you have some special plans for The Butcher at an upcoming event, or it'll be the lead model for the highest ranking officer in your army of CAV's. Whatever works. It's one model, take your time, do a little here and a little there if you need to. Works of art don't necessarily get done overnight. Sometimes the motivation comes from knowing that your time isn't being wasted. It's one thing to paint for the love of painting but it's another thing when you don't have a clear reason for doing it. Set a goal and remember... MOTIVATION!!! Good Luck
  6. Super Jag

    The black knight

    Clarification for Black Lightning 2 regarding my "Super Jag." Basically the only changes I made to it were to add a Borsig-Spline Bergholm 22 breeder unit and I added an ECCM Pod. Other than that it is the same. I compare it to the Duelist because statistically it is the little bro' version of a Duelist now. Duelist has slightly better armor and guns, whereas the Super Jaguar has slightly better movement and ECM. The end cost is 300 points instead of 236. Add a +1 pilot and it costs 4 more points than the comparable Duelist. Like I said before, I actually pay more points for it in the end but I really like the model and was having fun implementing upgrades. Nothing real special, just fun for me.
  7. Super Jag

    The black knight

    SOldcorn... you bring up an interesting thought about the 20-50% cost increases. I certainly understand the added cost for buying product from another manufacturer, but would one necessarily have to buy products from their own manufacturer at a higher rate??? Hmmm... I don't know business very well. Good thing it's not the "medical" field otherwise the cost would be about 300 percent extra...he-he-he. Still, the 20% and 50% increases do work fine and my guess is that it keeps the stock units from being obsoleted. Otherwise there's not much point in selling models in blisters. The alternative would be to sell individual components and have players create their own units right from the start. That might not be what many players want out of a game. That's just my hypothesis... can any of the Reaper employees enlighten us?
  8. Super Jag

    The black knight

    Jeneki makes a good point... I really don't mean to name call and perhaps my wording should have been more tactful. My comment was meant as a generalization that doesn't apply to everyone with a difference of opinion. Still, maybe those who take offense to it should consider WHY and whether the truth hurts? Jeneki... as per your comment... you confirm my statement. Why is it that some people can't show similar control? Could it be because they "seem" to have something in common... i.e.: a non-productive lifestyle that leaves them yearning to have some impact in life and the problem manifests itself in the form of "gaming micromanagement?" I hope that was more tactful. Thanks for reminding me that typewritten words may not send the same message one intended them too. :p
  9. Super Jag

    The black knight

    Tiarnan... VERY well stated... I TOTALLY agree with you!!! My call sign (Super Jag) is based on modifications made to the stock Jaguar unit. I consider it my favorite model (re: aesthetics) and I love to play the model because it is unique to me. Of course I lose points because I'm paying more to have a modified unit but NO ONE who has seen it in action would call it broken (quite honestly I'd be better off paying fewer points and would gain more advantages by using a stock Duelist which essentially is what my Super Jaguar is). I'm quite willing to use other models with better stat's but I really enjoy my "Super Jaguar." I'm the type who plays to win, but more importantly I'll play units that I ENJOY playing. Heck I've shown up to more than half of my competitions with units in my roster just because I've never played them yet. And to show how balanced this game is, while using unfamiliar units I've never finished worse than 2nd in any event (and yes there were more than 2 people in those events). Call it what you will. I won't mention names or places but the only frustrating tournament experience I've had was the result of the BLO implementing his version of the rules, which contradicted the intentions and rules of the game. Needless to say, the atmosphere of the event was smogged. Frankly, I don't understand why people can't accept the game for what it is? Actually, I do, and everyone I know shares this opinion: People who try to fix what is not broken seem to have this in common... They're losers who have nothing better to do with their miserable lives than to attempt to exert control over any little thing they can get their hands on. Here's a thought from a newbie: I got into the Black Lightning program because I believe in the CAV system and Reaper's dedication to its customers. While I love to conjure up interesting extensions to the games, I wholeheartedly accept the core rules/intentions because they absolutely work!!! In fact, they work so well I'm about to go play another game of CAV with my 5 year old son.
  10. Super Jag

    The black knight

    While I truly believe the "core" rules work excellently for tournament play, I do think the addition of modified units to competition is flavorful and I've yet to see it unbalance any event. With that said I offer this solution... Would it help to designate the competition into 2 categories? There could be a "stock" unit event, and then an "open" category event where players could modify their units (wysiwyg, of course). :D
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