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    Not to be confused with... "Soon."
  2. If you intend to play online then yes you would need additional... whatever it is. I've never played PS2 online so I can't really answer specifically. I can tell you that my wife, 7 year old son and I played together and just completed the game. We're going to play again with new characters.
  3. We've been playing the Champions, Return to Arms video game for the PS2 since it was released about 1 month ago. It's been absolutely GREAT. This sequel to Champions of Norrath is WAY better than the firt game (which was good enough to make us want to get this sequel game). If you're into fantasy video gaming then I highly recommend you check this out.
  4. I think the logic needs to take a sidestep to the "abstract" to appreciate a mechanic of this nature. Because the miniatures are static, it may SEEM the way you've described. Try thinking in terms of CONTINUOUS and/or LIVE action. Perhaps Judas dispatched several opponents during the course of getting engaged by different attackers from various angles over a short period of time. Also, my understanding is that Warlord is supposed to encourage faster play. The Warmaster ability helps achieve that goal.
  5. If you're playing with those very cool Black Legionnaire models then technically you're not using an official force... SO, with that in mind I personally think they'd be great as an "anti-Crusader" force. They seem very similar to me except that they're the opposites, or "bad guys." Overlords is an obvious option, but why not think a bit further out of the box and be the "evil-Crusaders?" Don't forget that you could make the ultimate customization by just using the Generic templates in the back of the book too. Good luck deciding, and have fun with those Black Legionnaires... I am really happy with my growing set. Hopefully someone at Reaper will follow through with my request to make a mounted Black Legionnaire now.
  6. LMBO... I'd forgotten to mention that Jeneki. The imaginations of the players as you pointed out are also amusing. Hey, maybe Reaper can start a "CAV's Gone Wild" series.
  7. Four dragons? All fighting eachother? NOW THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!! Sort of reminds me of a Godzilla on monster island theme. Great work Erion!
  8. Technically, Kelcore is correct. An entire army of bear riding Dwarves would be an awesome sight. If you really dig the idea of an all bear cavalry force, go for it though. Just find someone agreeable to play against you. Maybe even create a scenario for it then have some fun playing. I encourage my son to paint some of the miniatures he likes and since mostly they're all "solo" DHL mini's we occasionally play a game where he uses all his Solo monsters with appropriate stat cards. The games are usually very fun and surprisingly balanced.
  9. But, but, but... it works so well in my "video" game. You're logic sounds right to me Sergei. So, I guess that leaves one solution... Yes we can jump jet, but it's considered kamikaze attack. As soon as the CAV is in the air roll for deviation, see where it crash lands. Too funny. Hey, if you're lucky you might land on something that'll explode. How cool would that be? SILLY, SILLY, SILLY, eh?
  10. Spartan6... I'd agree that those would be fun variants for a game, and it probably goes without saying that they'd be "local optional" rules. Just for poops & giggles I think I'm going to work on a jump jets rule. I honestly think the game is fine without it, but it would add a little flare to those CAV only type games. If I figure something out I'll post it. The thing I'd like to add with building destruction is possible "splash" damage from exploding buildings, sort of like an IFM template. Off to brainstorm.
  11. Anybody got any amusing questions or comments that come up during demonstration games of CAV? Here's a few that routinely get me chuckling: 1. "Can my CAV fly up on top of the building?" 2. "Can I transfer extra movement from this CAV to that one?" 3. "Can my bigger CAV just step on your little CAV?" 4. "Woudn't that be so cool if my CAV could fly up on that building?" (of course, this is asked just minutes after giving a polite NO answer to question #1). 5. "Can't I just blow up the building and make it fall onto the CAV hiding behind it?" 6. "Can I just self destruct and blow up the CAV next to me?" Other things I find amusing are watching players (usually youths) do the following: 1. Using the model's like they were toy dinosaurs with sound effects. 2. Using their fingertips to create imaginary trails of laser beams flying from one cannon into another unit. 3. Walk around the table like Mr. Roboto firing gauss cannon shots at their buddies in the store. 4. Shake the dice in their hand FOREVER before rolling them. (actually this one gets annoying after about the third time they do it... hehehe)
  12. @ Warwick... I hadn't realized until you pointed this out. I'd have to agree with you. Giving a weakness is fine, but if it too easily negated then what's the point. Don't worry about being in the minority either... I'll vouch that there's just as many players with questions and confusion but they just don't have access to a forum like this where questions can be clarified. I sometimes feel bad pointing out discrepancies and misperceptions but frankly it's worth it because I become better informed and it likely helps anyone else who reads it. Understanding WHY something is as it is can be a big help. Plus, I enjoy understanding why and why not certain concepts do or do not work in a game system. It gives me a better handle on things.
  13. You are partially correct in your understanding of Runner SA. It is a multi faceted SA with regards to movement. Page 71 Runner/#... When conducting a Movement Action, the Model gains the indicated number of inches as additional Mov if (and only if) the Model will be able to come into Base-to-base contact with an enemy Model and initiate close combate. (the definition goes on to explain)... This is in addition to the Charge Bonus. (again, continues to explain)... Additionally, a Runner may use the addition movement indicated during action phases where the Model conducts two Movement Actions... Sorry to bore you with almost the entire definition, but I didn't want to assume whether readers owned the rulebook or not. So, Runner SA is very helpful in a variety of ways. Hope that helped.
  14. I love the "athletic" symmetry of these Dwarves. They seem more capable somehow than the typical "stump." Personally, I can't help but think that the supposedly slower movement of Dwarves would be realized in longer distances. For covering short ranges they "wouldn't" necessarily be at that much of a disadvantage, IMHO. However, if they had to cover 2 or more table lengths then they'd get left in the dust by most other races of taller height. My understanding (from having asked previously) is that Runner SA is only used during ONE of the movement actions each turn, not both. So, Runner/2 on a 5 inch moving model, who does two movement actions would move a total of 12 inches in one turn. 14 inches if a charge occurred. Funny!!! Great movie quote Hexxenhammer... I do have to agree with you Warwick... When bonuses are combined it does seem odd that Dwarves are moving so "unusually" fast, as compared to other models. I think some of the oddity is because it's different than what is customarily thought about a Dwarf's movement capacity.
  15. Freefall... please post in the future when you've placed an order so the rest of us know to wait about a day for Kit to update new product. Thanks.
  16. I also really like the Black Legionnaire models by Sandra Garrity. I've been recently collecting them. Black Legionnaire My favorite is the one wielding the 2 handed axe. I also use this Inquisitor of Malvernis miniatures to compliment them: Inquisitor And: Ulthalokh And: Mangu Timur And: Tyran And: Talarand Whew... thought it'd never end, eh? I hope that helps.
  17. Super Jag

    CAV Choice Help

    The Centurion and Butcher CAV's are in the JOR2, and the Katana is in JOR1. Search around this CAV forum and you'll find a link for the FREE CAV army builder that some of the demo team created. It's AWESOME!!! Personally I assemble THEN paint and find it to be much easier than the reverse. There's no problem reaching tough areas, and frankly anything that would be tough is not going to get viewed anyways. Use acrylic paints... obviously Reaper paints are wonderful. I don't know brush sizes, but I guess I use standard mix of them. Perhaps ask about brushes in the craft corner threads... someone there would know better. Good luck.
  18. Shin Okada... glad to see you had the courage to share your disappointments. The feedback you left was well stated and should help for future improvement. I'm also glad to have confirmation that the players in my area are not the only ones with this same concern. Sometimes it's difficult getting past the "sense of obligation" to be true to the game and only play it the way the manufacturer intended. Rest assured that Reaper has proven to be a gamer friendly company. By all means, feel free to customize your personal games as necessary to enjoy the particular models and/or personally created characters you'd like to use. Personally I have the Necropolis force and I shy away from using my Warlord. I favor a well upgraded captain. As well, I have multiple captain and seargent models and all of them are DHL line Reaper mini's as proxy. They are very fitting, I use different names for them. This way I don't have to worry about my specifically named Warlord leader running into his doppleganger. Within reason, do what you can to enjoy your force compositions. Then continue playing the game and after a while finally decide if you're enthusiasm has returned or not. Good luck...
  19. Hmmm. My video game experiences is limited to Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance for the PC. Any idea how the Front Missions 4 compares? Thanks for the tip, I recently purchased a Playstation 2 and didn't realize that game was out. The Mechwarrior gets me "visually" pumped about playing CAV.
  20. All of these CAV's you're eye-balling are excellent choices. Here's my brief 2 cents worth on them: Starhawk VI - THE BEST looking model in the game!!! Pricey unit but totally worth it, particularly for combined arms. Mantis - Just a step down from the Starhawk VI. Go hard target hunting. Duelist - Very handy with it's ECCM pod for helping itself and others gain Target Locks. Runs into power shortages though because of that pod though, especially since it's weapons dictate that it gets engaged with targets. The Tiger CAV just released and is very comparable to the Duelist, but without the ECCM pod. Could drop the ECCM pod off the Duelist to though. Ogre - Me likey the Ogre as an aggressive super-heavy. Typically I'll add armor and speed upgrades. IMHO... you could get these units before the books. I have yet to find anyone who didn't like CAV or regretted getting involved. Thug - Never used one, but they seem to be a good deal for the points. Definitely a combined arms type unit though. Gladiator II - Hard to argue against a Hughes Marietta CAV. Lot's of players like this unit, and it's comparable to the Mantis. As for infantry, I never use heavy infantry, but do enjoy using light to moderately armed regualr infantry. Putting too many points into them seems wasteful. Defintely get trasnport units for them to max out their effectiveness. Armored units - I love CAV's and planes so much that I rarely have any armored units. However, the tanks in general are great units, especially the Despots and Naginatas. You get what you pay for, and usually some more. 2 for 1 deal compared to many CAV's.
  21. Too bad I couldn't make the expenditures to attend Origins or Gencon.
  22. If you've got the JOR 1 &/or 2 coming soon, you'll be able to see cool photos/sketches of all the units. Also, the JOR's have the ACCURATE Data Cards (The main rulebook is 2/3 good now... Great Fluff & Rules). I started by getting models that I thought looked cool. You can always upgrade their crew and equipment to make them more stout if necessary. With some experience you'll figure out your playing style and what models fit that. E.G.: Personally I favor a direct fire approach. Therefore, I look for units with 3-4 direct fire type weapons and plenty enough power to move and fire multiple weapons in latter damage tracks. Seems to be an effective combination for me. I have plenty of balance, but definitely favor CAV's and Aircraft. As for how many to start out with. 4 CAV models is a great start. Build up from there as you can. Again... Starter Set is a very good way to begin. Good luck.
  23. Forgive me for the following short responses. I only had 2 hours of sleep last night. JUST DO CAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an incredibly GREAT game. Really, I could go into a convincing speech but simply put, CAV is AWESOME in so many ways. It amazes me how many people I demo the game to are hooked after 1-2 games. I'd recommend you start looking into the CAV Starter Box Set ($40 + tax). You'll be saving $35 for a great package! You just can't beat that kind of deal. Personally, I think the game SHINES with its combined arms aspect. However, you can't go wrong just playing mechs initially. Bear in mind that CAV2 is on the way approximately 6 months from now. The good news is two fold though. One, the new version will incorporate all of the current models. Two, the current version of CAV is something you'll probably want to keep anyways... because it's just that good! You won't regret getting into CAV.
  24. Would appreciate some clarification on the following rules and/or your experiences with these Necropolis related subjects: 1. Is the Discipline value for Skeletal Breakers supposed to be 9 or was this value a typo? I like the number but it is unusually higher when comparing other faction's warriors to breaker type troops. 2. Army Special Ability "Fear of Undeath"... Ummm, other than 4 of the Elite models (with either Vile or Horrid) getting charged it seems to be a non-factor. And that's assuming a Necro player even fielded all 4 of those Elites. Are there other ways to put this to use? 3. Anyone use the Unique Spell "Undying Host" yet? What's your opinion on it's value as a spell? The advantages of a Spectral Minion a very enticing, but the 75 point cost PER casting spell and the need for a CP roll of at least 4 or 5 makes me wonder...? I know that magical empowerment items and a familiar could be purchased for the spellcaster to help the spell success, but I try not to put too many points into individual models. Best case scenario for successful Undying Host spell... Naomi (CP 6) @ 213 points + Undying Host @ 75 points + Greater Magical Empowerment (+2 CP) @ 45 points + d10 roll result of 10 = 18 Result for 5 Spectral Minions. For a whopping 333 points (without familiar) there's only a 10% chance of failure and an average yield of 2 Minions. Not only can I NOT figure out how to actually reach 20+ result of 6 Minions, I don't know that I want to spend another 75 points to try the spell again. Seems like more skeletons would be wiser??? 4. What is and/or does a Spectral Minion look like? 5. What's your experience with using Crypt Bats? Obviously if any troop is used "correctly" it usually does well. However, are you getting your points worth out of these troops? 6. Any other comments about Necropolis you'd like to share? Thanks...
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