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  1. Sooooooooo, If I understand INNATE spells correctly, then the following statement is correct (referencing this threads answers and ARMY Special Abilities, page 111: In an all Reven fighting company... leader models gain Warcry SA at NO cost AND never depletes this Innate spell. Therefore, the Reven leader(s) can potentially take on the role of a "supportive, rallying" commander, rather than the stereotypical headbashing Orc, by casting this Innate spell "Warcry" as his combat action each and every turn necessary to revive troops.
  2. GREAT counterpoints everyone... Well, truth be known, I like to play devil's advocate at times and thus the main rationale for starting this thread. IMHO, the issues within this thread are relatively easy to dismiss, especially when as it's been noted throughout, that when we have the right attitude (esprit de corp) then we can continue to enjoy ourselves, regardless of what "misperceptions" may come along. In addition, getting some "experienced" point of views and/or knowledge straight from the horses mouth makes a huge difference. To that end I honestly do commend Reaper because of the intangible values they maintain to marking their place in the gaming industry. There really has been a LOT of GREAT things Reaper does that go unappreciated. I and my FLGS had CAV outselling Warhammer 40K this past year. Now, onward to see if we can get Warlord to do the same to Fantasy. Thanks for your input y'all.
  3. Well, that's fine and dandy for those of us who actually know about and make use of this forum. It would seem there are far more players who don't even know it exists... thus, how do they get their confusions rectified? It's too easy for players to get confused, ESPECIALLY considering the fact that Warlord has uniquely different rules/mechanics. I just find that too often the wording of some rule leaves more room for "assumptions" than necessary. I'd say that a scan of eBay would prove otherwise. The market for Reaper product (which doesn't even have it's own category) is very small and the resale value is a notably smaller percentage than Games Workshop. From personal experience I sold all my well painted GW product for considerable PROFIT above the original value. Reaper painted miniatures are lucky to sell at retail value of blister cost. This doesn't change much for NIB items. Of course, I find that I prefer keeping my Reaper product and was relieved to off load my GW forces. Thank Reaper for entering my life when they did. Self-Edit... started getting off topic.
  4. CLARIFICATION ON POINT #2... I agree that the mechanics of Warlord are SIMPLE... and that's a GOOD thing. What I was trying to say is that the precision of certain rules and mechanics are NOT written thoroughly enough. Often they lead to more questions than answers. Anyone else find that to be true? For the record, the responses so far have been very good with no malice. It's turning out to be what I hoped for which is twofold: Feedback & Alternative opinions. Also, it should be noted that many players (including disgruntled) do not have access or just don't care to post on this forum. By in large the Reaper forum members are positive and when it's all said and done are quite happy with Reaper and will continue to support the company. So, if anyone has comments, from non forum players, contrary to what's being posted then please forward those here too. Much of what I post comes from my area players (including me sometimes). I simply continue preaching the gospel of Reaper, take notes from my players, then forward the feedback to the company... like this thread.
  5. BTW... when I have run some dragon scenarios it has usually been one mobbing force versus the dragon and there was limited archery or magic. Also, the objective was to show that the game was inclusive of more creatures than just humans, orcs, dwarves, etc. Personally, I like the idea that the demo players involved gain a sense of fun and accomplishment by defeating the dragon. Therefore, depending on the force fighting the dragon I want to give them a good chance of victory, but they'll definitely pay for it in blood. I'd recommend you make sure you know what your "objective" is for running any scenario like this. That'll make it much easier to decide how to proceed.
  6. Good observation. Actually, I've got a great eye for detail and finding discrepancies. However, recent priorities have deterred my time budget from putting as concentrated effort on beta testing as I'd hoped. Even ReaperMatt has been very supportive in the notion that "real life comes before gaming." Since I don't want to be a lazy, hang around the house, mooch off my wife bum, I've been working my butt off to improve my life despite being a currently unemployed teacher. Gaming has taken a back seat. However, that still doesn't change my "perceptions" on the overall system. I sincerely hope it's just a product of an unrefined, always developing form. Some good points being made... keep 'em coming y'all.
  7. Someone posted a Dragon scenario not too long ago and it plays really well. Also, it is a great eye-catcher to get people drawn to Warlord games and demos. I've thought about getting some of the dragon babies and hatchlings and having them be a "treasure" claim and then of course the momma dragon furiously defends her offspring. Perhaps for smaller dragons use the last handful of stat lines from the original/generic dragon data card? One thing I've found is that it's almost necessary to AVOID using flight for the dragon, otherwise the attacking forces have very little chance of success. Of course, if that's what you want with a slim to zero chance of looter success, then by all means... Lot's of fun using the BIG dragons. Go for it.
  8. Not that I've reached a posting number of monolithic proportions, but I remember when I had posted my first few dozen topics/responses and virtually all my energy was on the good. It's GREAT to see you post POSITIVE support!!! Please continue... it was meant purely as a compliment.
  9. Yes... that's my concern addressed in statement #4. Too many different extra abilities & spells that pertain to certain models or situations... multiplied by all the different ones for different R.A.G.E. games seems like it's getting away from the objective of the system. As well, extra special abilities and spells are "advanced" or basically still function on what seems to be CORE mechanics that are perhaps too simple and/or not fully explained. What's the use in advanced rules if the CORE is faulty? I am referencing the R.A.G.E. system concept, which is to say ONE system, MANY games. That's the similarity to GW. I REALLY AM A HAPPY REAPER FAN & SUPPORTER... In case anyone wasn't clear on that!!!
  10. Hah! Thanks for your input. I gotta chuckle because your responses remind me of what I and many others used to say at your level of postings. Seems the more involved we become the more challenging it is to maintain that enthusiasm. Believe me, as a Black Lightning Officer I too publicly maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude (and unlike others I know, my personality exudes it anyways). However, that doesn't change the natural development of certain perceptions, from us BLO's or gamers in general.
  11. I have the wonderful game "Circus Maximus." I want to upscale it to 3 dimensional and utilize 15mm Chariot models (preferably) but am open to 25mm scale as well. I've not found ANY decent websites containing photos of chariots to judge what their quality before buying them. If you know of anything that fits the descriptions below please post it. Looking for, well, basically what you see in the movie Ben Hur. Thanks.
  12. At the risk of getting backhanded by Reaper folks... I'm very curious what other's perceptions are with regards to the following discussions... and I EMPHASIZE that I'm NOT trying to be negative in any way, but I do have some perception concerns regarding Warlord and R.A.G.E. in general. 1. Any one else frustrated with the fact that the BEAUTIFUL Warlord book is available, but so many of it's corresponding models are unavailable? I think back to the game of Chronopia and that company (Target Games) did the same thing and in it lost them over a dozen players in our small town area alone. 2. More and more I'm starting to get the impression that the Warlord rules/mechanics were written TOO simple and/or lack sufficient explanation of intention. 3. Who else is having difficulty coming to grips with the 2 action phases (variable depending on which troop model acts out which type of action) per initiative card? I guess there's a reason why most games have a system whereby the model has one action which is INCLUSIVE of the ability to both move and conduct activity (combat, etc.). 4. As much as I greatly appreciate being a CAV2 beta tester, I've found it somewhat difficult/discenchanting to maintain interest in proofreading and testing it. Some of it can be chalked up to it being a new system and having to change my existing knowledge of the game, however, for a system (R.A.G.E.) supposedly being easy for transference, it honestly seems overwhelming. When judging how easily one could go from Warlord to CAV2, I just don't see it being as easy as suggested. So, then multiply this concern by the other planned games for the future in R.A.G.E. 5. Is Reaper trying to follow in the footsteps of Games Workshop? Admirable if they are, however I have my reservations because of the fact that many of us appreciate some of the qualities that makes Reaper, Reaper: unique, affordable, community, etc. If I wanted to play Games Workshop style I'd get a second job to pay for it and stop spending time with my family... I know these opinions are actually shared by others, but I'm curious just how far it extends and hopefully others have a more rationalizing twist on these perceptions. Feel free to elaborate.
  13. Well, whoever sculpted the models, they all look really cool. I like that none of them look "over the top" fantasy, and all have good dynamic poses... (which to me means the arms are AWAY from the body and the models actually look to be in BALANCED poses). Nice work again from the sculptors.
  14. I put in a request for some time ago... so here's a little reminder nudge for a model that I think would be great! There are a handful of really cool Black Legionnaire models made by Sandra Garrity (#02464, #02465, #02489, #02490). I was hoping Reaper could contract her to make some of these MOUNTED on horseback, or even some other cool beast of burden. My Webpage Personally I'd like to create a more complete force with this (which might require some creation of bowmen or archers, and MOUNTED of course). Also, I would like to make a CHESS set using these pieces along with a couple of others. That would help fill out what I'd need.
  15. LMBO.. While not entirely satisfying, I can certainly understand the response of SOON. If a company declares a date but fails to make it by then, well that just irks the customers too. Almost a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" response. All I know is that the majority of 11 players in our current campaign and another handful who were unable to participate are wanting these new releases as of yesterday. In response to their inquiries... I will now just say, "SOON." With a smile of course... Until the release, I shall crush them with Titans and Thunderbirds... yee haw!!!
  16. Virtually all the players in my area are BEGGING for the Emperor CAV. Anyone know when it's coming out? I know it's not a precise science but it'd be nice to stop having to tell my area players to continue being patient. Anyways... not trying to drudge up the issue of unpunctual, slow, or uncertain releases, but it seems necessary from time to time. Thanks for any word you can provide for me to pass on. Personally, I just use a Rhino with a single Blitz IFM pack (removed both DFMs). Add armor, +2 movement, Series 8 T.L. and wha-la... what I call the Titan.
  17. Lord Pravage... thanks for the input. I do seem to recall this information somewhere in the past. It makes sense and in fact is more in line with Reaper's current direction with its RAGE format. I like that it's retained simple practicality. The d8 format is something we'ver REALLY taken a liking to as a group of players. We've just started a CAV campaign and there are 11 players involved. Many of these players are anxious to play again BECAUSE of the implementation of the d8. I've already mentioned your format and some of the other suggestions and as a matter of preference everyone here wants the d8 over anything else. Reasoning for is that it is a VERY simple change that doesn't affect the core rules that are used (other than the fact that the original d10 isn't used). Damage has been much more realistic. Otherwise, EVERYTHING stays the same. Things that players didn't see as fitting were having to use more than one dice, or going to a NON-Contested dice roll, or utilizing a different damage chart. As our campaign is now underway, I plan to post more feedback regarding the d8.
  18. NECROPOLIS Judas Bloodspire Elsabeth Briarkiss Proxied Talarand the Blackguard (#02789) for Azarphan Captain Proxied Ulthalokh the Unclean (#02605) for Athack Crimson Knight Seargent Eikar Crypt Bat Lord Naomi Malek Syphillis... hehehe (Syphrilla) Gauntfield Proxied Gloom Wraith (#02819) for Nivar the Wraith 8 Skeletal Warriors 8 Skeletal Archers 6 Wraith Harvesters 3 Crypt Bats Kaena, Banshee Now that the Breakers are available I plan to order those along with some more Crypt Bats (but was hoping more sculpts would come out for the CB's). Probably will get another Banshee as I'm exclusively Necropolis. Doubt I'll get a Gargoyle. Basically I've got about everything and am 2/3 done painting. Considering modelling the Crypt Bats onto flight stands too.
  19. Thought I'd share this little gem... I really liked this model except I wanted more of a Beastman appeal, so I left off the wings and puttied the back muscles into form.
  20. All the Clark Gable humor is TOO HILARIOUS... LMAO. Are we sure this isn't Tom Cruise from "The Last Samurai" though? Awesome paint job on the miniature. I love that it's not crazy bright colors but instead a more toned down earthy look, especially for the leather armor.
  21. YES... I did find those screaming faces within the cloth. I too had not noticed them until I started painting. The first time I came across one I was TOTALLY impressed. Very clever sculpting detail.
  22. And the Warlord skeleton for comparison...
  23. After posting my Necropolis force for Warlord, I am just not convinced of how those skeletons turned out so I'm posting this photo of some Celtos miniatures/skeletons I'd done previously. I prefer how these turned out. What's your opinion? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by my preference because there was a difference in effort between the two types of models.
  24. I used a similar procedure: 1. Primer white 2. Complete model wash with a thinned out Terra Cotta Brown paint (earthy) 3. Highlight with Ivory White. Weapons and armor I painted silver and thin washed a black ink. I had tried to make them look "right of the ground" dirty. That was really tough for me visually because I usually prefer my models look pristeen and clean. Perhaps the difference was in using that lighter earthy brown wash, eh?
  25. Now that's the look I prefer for skeletons and undead in general. You're making me want to go re-do my own Necropolis skeletons... Nice work BTW.
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