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  1. And finally, my Reaper proxy model for Nivar the Wraith...
  3. More doggy bones... WOW, What a crappy photo, eh?
  4. Skeleton Warrior... For all these skeletons I tried to actually make them appear "out of the earth" dirty. To that end I experimented with basing them white, then washing them with a Terra Cotta color then highlighting a bit with Ivory bone/white. Not sure that I like the results compared to others I've painted with a dark gray or black undertone.
  5. This is Reaper proxy model Ulthalokh the Unclean, used as my seargent...
  6. Still can't seem to get the results I'm looking for with the camera... but these photos should be decent enough for you all to give accurate feedback. I have yet to finish the bases with bits of terrain. The following photos are of my Necropolis force for Warlord. #1 is my Reaper proxy model Talarand the Blackguard that I use as my captain
  7. I've seen some people use SMALL COLORED PAPER CLIPS. Personally for CAV I used to use a very small nail/tack... glue it to the base and then put a the same colored bead on it and it's matching troops.
  8. I understand that some models may be conducting ranged combat during their 1st action while the other archers in the same troop might be conducting ranged combat at the same time, albeit during their second action. I'm mostly just agreeing that it gets a bit complicated when there's a whole mess of miniatures... Just something different to get used to.
  9. I agree that when it's a mixed group of models (melee, archers, spellcasters, elites...) that it DOES BECOME CONFUSING. That's a problem inherent with the "multiple" actions allowed and not having all models conducting the same types of actions; I would have much preferred a mechanic whereby there was only ONE action and the various options were inclusive with that action (i.e.: I charge & reach opponent... I get to swing). The Warlord mechanic seems to be taking longer to get used to for me. Personally I find it a little easier when performing things one action at a time. Technically we're supposed to declare our actions before doing any movements/actions. We just declare "intentions" then conduct our first actions. Once completed we then try to complete our declared "intentions" by using our second actions with models who've yet to complete their type of actions. If any archers shot in the first action sequence then technically you couldn't have any others shoot in the second action sequence. I'm not convinced this is how it was meant to be, but... I digress. I hope something in this text helped clarify your question/confusion.
  10. I can understand what you're doing and it actually makes sense... HOWEVER, my understanding is that we need to increase the cost by +3 points for EVERY damage track the data card has. E.G.: Generic Warlord adds +1 MAV... thus raising the Warlord's original value of 226 points to 238 total points (4 damage track levels at 3 points per track = 12 points). I think where the problem may occur with increasing individiual stat lines, especially stats towards the bottom of the column, is that it no longer reflects a "degradation" of the characters health or ability to function. Of course, I'm not the authority on Warlord.
  11. ahhhh yes... so true. I always forget this because I'm a big fan of using skeletons. Personally I only have 6 Wraiths.
  12. Firstly, let me see if I understand correctly the original stipulations to fielding adepts. As I play Necropolis, I may field ONE troops worth of Wraith Harvesters and/or ONE troops worth of Crypt Bats. Is this right? So, if I played 3,000 points I could then potentially have either: a) 2 troops worth of Wraiths b) 2 troops worth of Crypt Bats c) either a or b and 1 troop choice of the other Between trying to give Warlord demo's, doing CAV2 Beta, and CAV1 for personal enjoyment, I'll do my best to get some bigger games in for this adept trial. Any particular feedback you're looking/hoping for?
  13. Super Jag

    Fighting Pirahna

    I had Fighting Pirannha help create several new decals for me this past year. They have a level of customer service that is head and shoulders above many other businesses. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting decals. I'll try and get some close ups done and post photos too.
  14. While I'm still undecided whether the d8 format makes the crew and unit upgrades more valuable, most of the others here are inclined to say yes. Personally I've given more consideration to using super heavies because logic seems that they should last longer. However, of the 4 Super Heavies used between the two games, 2 were destroyed, one had 5 DT's inflicted, and the last received 2 DT's. There hasn't been anything so far that couldn't reasonably be destroyed, especially if the "concentrated fire power" tactic was utilized. In fact, this tactic seems to be a bit more important while using d8's.
  15. Thank you all very much for your birthday wishes!!!
  16. My Necropolis force being "cheaper" usually fields fuller Troop groups. If I'm wanting strength of numbers I tend to fill in the ranks more. When I want quality of models first & or more initiative cards I tend to go with Troop size minimums.
  17. Just played a second game of CAV while using d8s. 4,000 point combined arms forces per side 6x4 foot table 17 terrain pieces (10 Buildings, 5 light woods, 2 river sections) d8 used ONLY for TL & Shooting (all else d10) Excalibur's Wrath Force: (7.8% points alloted to upgrades) Section 1: 2 x Thunderbird, 2 x Starhawk 6 Section 2: 4 x Despot Section 3: 4 x Sabre (weapons swapped for Stilleto turret) Section 4: 2 x Harpy, 2 x Kikyu Iron Vipers Force: (36.6% points alloted to upgrades) Section 1: Revenant, 2 x Gladiator II, Ghost Section 2: 2 x Ghast, 2 x Longbow Section 3: 2 x Chieftan, 2 x Despot This game was completed in just under 3 hours with an attritional win by the Excalibur's Wrath Force. Game Notes: 1. The winning force did have the fortune of winning card initiative numerous times throughout the early turns of the game. Still, it was agreed upon by players and spectators that it was NOT as devastating because of the limited high-low splits of d8's. 2. Once again the only times whereby damages of 3+ occured on single dice rolls was when it was expected (e.g.: Weapon + Range + TL = +10, versus Armor + Pilot = +4... net result +6 for attacker). 3. There were NO critical hits in this game, but numerous results of 2-3 damage points did occur per dice rolls. 4. Defensive Fire did seem to be less lethal but still a factor. A handful of other CAV gamers who've been able to watch these past two games have got stoked about playing again, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE D8.
  18. Actually, if I understand correctly this is a legal force because the leader models count as one of the 4 models required before adding an elite. PAGE 51 Example: Leader Model's Data Card: Troop 3-10/2... At the maximum, this Troop may have up to ten total Models: the leader, 2 Elites, and 7 soldiers. Deduction tells me that the leader plus 7 soldiers = 8 total, which is what allows for the 2 Elites to be added.
  19. Finally had a chance to play CAV today and try the d8's. 3500 points per side combined arms. 6x4 foot table. 8 terrain pieces (1 sizeable hill, 5 light woods, intersecting river). D8 was used in place of D10 ONLY for Target Locks & Shooting (all else was d10). Excalibur's Wrath force: (upgrades not listed here) Section 1: 2 x Butcher, Sovereign III, Rhino Section 2: 4 x Kharls Section 3: 2 x Sultans Iron Vipers force: (upgrades not listed here) Section 1: 2 x Kikyus, 2 x Tsuisekis Section 2: 2 x Gladiator, Sovereign III, Talon Section 3: Wight, Katana, Dictator, Warlord This game took 2.5 hours to complete and finished with an attritional win by the Iron Vipers. GENERAL FEEDBACK OF THE D8... for this particular game both players involved and several spectators all agreed: 1. D8's did NOT slow down the game. 2. 2 critical hits did occur... both times were situations where a critical was virtually expected. 3. The majority of damage inflicted to units was steady with no "one-roll massive damages" occuring. 1-2 points was a consistent result with a handful of 3 or more damage results too. 4. It seemed that upgrades (particularly crew) would be more effective. 5. During bad rolling stretches and/or lost initiatives the "short end of the stick" player got beat up but certainly not annihilated. After only one game using d8's it's too early to make it policy. However, our campaign coordinator likes it so much he's planning to use it in our new campaign (and so far noone is complaining). We're all very pleased with the theoretical and practical application of d8 to CAV. I'll continue posting d8 feedback after upcoming games.
  20. Hey Reaper Peeps... what will become of the Limited Edition Dictator now that CAV2 is in the works?
  21. And that is precisely why I don't see WHY someone would use volley. Why would someone give up all the extra attacks? Sure, you gain 6 inches but rolling more dice (and potentially at higher value) is WAY better. I should make a distinction between DIRECT and INDIRECT volley though. Direct volley it seems to me not worth it unless you absolutely thought you needed that extra 6 inches to hit. Indirect volley is great because it takes a non LOS situation into potential kills (assuming blazer involved). NEW QUESTION... Is "in-line" formation actually necessary during an Indirect Volley?
  22. I keep reading the rules/mechanics for volley ranged attacks and I'm about to pull out what little hair I have left on my head. I see some of the perks to using it, but I don't see WHY anyone would use it. As per the examples on page 65... ... The troop with 6 ranged attacks has an AoE of 1.25 inches. AT BEST, assuming everything in the universe lines up, the biggest number of models within that template is 5. Realisticly there'd only be about 3 models affected. So, assuming there were only 3 models under that 1.25 inch AoE, how many dice are rolled against these targets? Is it only 1 dice per affected model (3), or 1 dice per # of ranged attacks (6) distributed amongst the targets? Be prepared. Depending on the answer I've got follow up questions.
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