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  1. What happens when archer(s) perform ranged attacks against stunned model(s)?
  2. Hmmmm....? It seems reasonable that I might have a troop of skeletal archers be led by a leader model that actually has some ranged capacity. Unfortunately, none of the current leaders listed for Necropolis have ranged attacks. Is there some way for me to add even a wee bit of ranged capacity to one of my leaders and still maintain an all Necro force? Otherwise I guess I'd have to use a mercenary leader or generic data card, eh? But then I'd lose out on the uni-force bonus SA's.
  3. I haven't used my flyers yet (unpainted Crypt Bats). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm figuring they'd be quite useful like this: 1) Use Ranger SA to close some distance (perhaps directly at intended target and/or feint manuever) 2) Use speed to quickly engage particular models (e.g.: mages, clerics, archers, solos) 3) Theoretically as flyers they could simply fly right over enemy models and terrain, then just drop right down on top of their marks. I am a bit concerned of the DV and 1 track values of Crypt Bats... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I figure out how to use them to max potential. Probably will field them with the obvious choice of Eikar. Eikar will likely get some type of upgrade(s) too. As for flyers w/ range... I'd like to see some, as long as they're not so tough as to unbalance the game.
  4. Depends on the level of paint quality... obviously, right? My fondest pieces took 3-4 hours. My good but quicky schemes ~ 45 minutes. I am curious though... while painting your CAV's did your have a clear image in mind of how you wanted the model to look? I find that my lengthier paint sessions almost always result from NOT having a clear objective to begin with. It usually results in me second guessing and wasting time. Typically: 15 minutes to de-flash, file, assemble/glue the model 5 minutes to primer (allow 24 hours to dry properly) 1 hour for average paint work (+/- due to waiting for paint to dry between coats) 10 minutes to flock base and spray with protective clear matte. My math has it at about 1 hour 35 minutes. Maybe add another 20-30 minutes for decal work. Like I said, the biggest factor for me is knowing what I want it to look like before I start the work. Hopefully you can trim some of that painting time so you can actually play the game too.
  5. Correct mateybob... and good point. That 1 attack would help balance the HIGH MAV.
  6. Factoring in the Deflect SA, having a comparable DV to the rest of the Necropolis troops, and getting upgrades... it's not so bad. Like I implied... as a Necropolis player I wouldn't mind if his MAV is correct. I just know opponents are going to raise an eyebrow when I tell them what my MAV is. In most cases a VERY low target number will be needed and/or no dice roll at all for him to be successful.
  7. Well, I'd sure like them to be accurate but I just noticed how "ridiculously" good the MAV values are for Gauntfield the Scarecrow Golem are. Page. 90 Necropolis force. Reaper Peeps, please confirm this.
  8. Super Jag

    CAV 2

    My 2 cents worth... I'm trying to look at the "positives" of two different directions I can personally go with regards to CAV. 1. I look forward to the "bigger picture" of RAGE and CAV2. 2. If I just happen to end up preferring CAV1, then there's no reason why I can't continue to play that. Either way, I still have the ability to enjoy CAV. Part of the reason I had started the d8 thread is because that's one way for me and my locals to continue enjoying CAV1 (just having a little fun with it). It's challenging at times, but hopefully we don't get so caught up in personal preferences in game systems that we become overly judgemental. There's no denying what one likes... but remember that ultimately, if we just can't seem to agree with "someone" else's rulebooks, then maybe we're being too picky and/or we need to write our own set of rules (i.e.: create our own game). However... FAIR IS FAIR. I have to admit that I too am somewhat disenchanted with what I've seen thus far in the beta testing of CAV2. Good luck figuring out how what you want to do with your CAV gaming.
  9. VEJLIN... yes I did receive them. Thanks for your help. Our last session of CAV suddenly got changed to Warlord demonstration games. So, we're still hopfeull to fiddle with the d8 format and see what happens. I do still plan to post some results sooner or later. At least for now I can compare statistical percentages of both your charts and form a hypothesis.
  10. Has anyone else figured out whether Judas is worth his points? I'm definitely inclined to just field ANY other leader besides him and put the excess points into upgrades or more troops.
  11. Time to clean things up is right... Those DIRTY, FILTHY, RAGGEDY, TATTERED, mummy wrappings NEED some SERIOUS WASHING. Of course, the best solution is to simply let our Necropolis engineers polish those ivory white bones. Or, for the more spirited types, we can offer a nice black robes. Finally, for the die hards, we can offer immortality with the added benefits of not being stuck in a sarchophagus. NECROPOLIS RULES... The living AND the dead!!!!!!!!!!
  12. STEVEN... I did actually elude to this fact you've pointed out earlier in this post. Basically we're only experimenting for the "Poops & Giggles" of it all. Frankly I can go one of two ways with CAV: 1) Wait for CAV2 to be released (preference) -OR- 2) Fiddle with CAV first edition UNTIL CAV2 comes out Either way, I'm pefectly happy with CAV. Part of fiddling is MY WAY of learning why things do and do not work (I do that with virtually everything). IN NO WAY am I interested in making CAV something other than what the R.A.G.E. system will soon make it. Otherwise, I'd definitely agree that my limited time and energies would be better spent on CAV2 beta rules (which I've put in for as a BL tester), as well as continuing to move forward with Warlord.
  13. I agree... in fact I started a thread recently "Making of a Warlord Samurai." Check it out. Definitely add your input about a Japanese themed faction. If nothing else, you definitely can do something with those generic data cards for now.
  14. Personally I WOULD LOVE TO FIELD A SAMURAI force and think that there's huge potential now that Reaper is producing the AEG line of miniatures. I'd love to field some of these heavy elites as breakers:
  15. I enjoy all things bushido and therefore was tinkering with adjustments I would make to generic data cards to best represent various samurai. Here's my thoughts on a few... what are yours? Include your rationale for it too if you don't mind. WARRIOR: +1 or +2 MAV (reknown swordsman, right?), Fearless (mostly for the discipline and notion that samurai are prepared for death), perhaps -1 or -2 to DV because of leather armor and no shields. LONGBOWMEN: If the SA were available I'd add Sure Shot. Perhaps add +1 to MAV and/or thrust weapon (well rounded warriors/training). CAVALRY: Add +1 or +2 to RAV (well rounded) ASSASSIN/Ninja: Small (able to conceal himself and use cover well) GREAT DRAGON: NO flyer SA. Change mage to cleric (since eastern dragons are traditionally good and not treasure mongering like western dragons) Well, I don't profess to be an expert of bushido, so these are my humble opinions. Let me know what you think.
  16. Okay B... let's not forget to mention the Nefsokar "Cross Death's River" army ability... hehehehe Seriously though, maybe a solution is to point out to your friends that there ARE ways to beat your archers. They just need to find it. Heck, losing some games is not that bad if it leads to figuring out how to beat an opponents' strengths. IMHO, figuring out different ways of winning in various scenarios brings me a lot of enjoyment. Maybe if your friends could think of it in those terms instead of wins or losses. Also, if they think they can't beat your force... unexpectedly switch forces with him and then see what happens. Maybe if you're able to win (or be relatively successful) with better tactics then they'll see your archers aren't all that. If you can't get anymore games, come on over to my area.... Necropolis is ready to put your Elven bones to better use.
  17. So, with regards to the REGROUPing question... If a typical captain model (max 1 elite) regrouped remaining troops from a dead Warlord, he could still only have a maximum of 1 elite (either because his troop already had one, or he could only absorb up to 1 due to limitations)... Correct? Please clarify the second part of the original INNATE spell question I originally posted. Or, is this innate spell free and simply chosen/added to the spellcasters list? Thanks.
  18. Awesome... This army (even though I've not played it yet) is my favorite... and now I like it that much more. QUESTION though... Does this Necropolis update ALSO apply to Razig's Crew?
  19. Just a few questions... 1. If a shooting or spell casting model is NOT IN RANGE after having made his declaration to shoot or cast spell, does the model: A. lose the combat action? B. because the model HAS NOT MET THE CRITERIA (as in CAV) he should make adjustments if possible (i.e.: movement forward) to get into range? 2. When a leader performs a REGROUP action... does he still have to observe the limitations to number of ELITE models he is allowed? 3. Does an Innate spell count towards spell capacity limitations? Also, the model only has to pay for the Innate spell once, right? Thanks for your help.
  20. Yeah, Harvester DO become non adept in 100% Necropolis force. Use them instead of Skeletons if you like. Also, if you do get skeletons, you'll find they work great for the Razig's Crew (Undead Pirates... like the movie Pirates of the Caribbean). Personally, I think you'll be happy with the "undead" and I wouldn't be surprised if you end up getting another force or two assembled. Good luck figuring out your favorite.
  21. Thanks Hanzo... that's another good idea. Personally I think it's just as simple to change the denomination of the dice we're using. I "assume" we'd get similar results. However, your suggested chart would be a good one to try also. We're planning to play some variation on CAV very soon. Warlord has taken a priority lately. Like I said... will definitely offer feedback ASAP. If you manage some games with your new chart, please give us some feedback too. All the help we can get the better
  22. Was he... Trolling for love in all the wrong places? Sing it with me, "he's got dungeon fever, she's got dungeon fever." Durgam Deepmug, alas having drunken himself into a state of intoxication, did manage to find his beer goggles and it was love at first sight.
  23. That lion certainly won't be a problem for my Necropolis force either... no meat on those bones to worry about chewing.
  24. That should make for a great fur coat on my Reven Warlord!!!
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