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  1. From playing the Age of Mythology PC game... I'm very curious to see what this Celestial Lion looks like too.
  2. Gaming and Painting miniatures were introduced to me just prior to my first shoulder operation. As a lifelong athlete, I found this hobby to be a TREMENDOUS help in overcoming the "bummed" out feelings that injuries/surgeries tend to bring. Painting also tapped into an artisitic side of me that I didn't know existed. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy painting miniatures, but it has also led to numerous contracts by others to professionaly paint their miniatures. Having said that... I personally do experience some frustration with the idea that a certain amount of expenditures (money, time away from family and other interests) are made. If I sense that I'm not putting the miniatures that I've painted to use in some gaming, then I my overall enthusiasm for the hobby does seem to diminish a bit. I no longer collect and paint like I used to, but when I do I'm always glad I did. Good luck with your assignment.
  3. Excellently painted miniatures... frog man.
  4. Admittedly, it can't be very easy to determine what special abilities or stats should be worth X number of points. It still looks to me like the game developers did a very good job attributing point values to characters and troops. Naturally, some are going to look suspicious, and especially so when WE don't know what formula was used to derive point values. Mistakes occur (typos, miscalculations, etc.). Reaper has ALWAYS been very helpful and willing to correct these little buggers. As for the Mummy vs. Skeleton warriors... well, maybe I've seen too many movies but I don't really see why there'd be much difference between the two types of creatures. If one is better than the other on paper, so be it, but let's make sure that troop doesn't get more bang for less buck. With that said, if those points I posted above are accurate, then there definitely is something squirrely with the points formula.
  5. Abstract thinking... the dragon would simply move his head up and down to lay down a line of napalm on enemies below and in front of him. Of course, this is not official.
  6. I've run a couple similar scenarios (Dragon vs. Reven) and we quickly realized the futility of fighting an airborne Dragon. We just kept the dragon on the ground and allowed for it's magic spells (Dispels, fireballs). The games still required the use of magic and some melee versus the dragon to have much success. The Dragon hunt is definitely a fun one though, but against a non-ranged force it's, well, just what you'd expect... a barbecue dinner for the dragon.
  7. Hey Matt, just in case noone has noticed (which I find hard to believe), here's another point discrepancy that should be noted and clarified in the near future... Necropolis Skeleton Warrior = 22 points Nefsokar Mummy Warriors = 21 points... exact same SA's but have 1 better Dis, 1 better MAV, 1 better DV, and 1 better MD. Hmmmm...?
  8. Since Reaper now sells the AEG line of Clan War miniatures, I'd like to extend that by using more of that line and create a force of samurai. I'm using the DHL line of Bugbears as proxies for the Warlord DOrcs.
  9. I'm thinking to change my MSN internet service and get a new ISP. Anyone have some recommendations both for and against any particular ISP's? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Cripdyke. It may take a bit, but hopefully soon we'll get some feedback on our dice experimenting.
  11. Looking good, especially around the head and beard region. Personally, I'd like to see more definition in the clothing (i.e.: highlighting and/or shading).
  12. Hey, even Reaper tells us BLO's that real life comes before gaming. Like I said though... just kidding. As long as I don't go overboard and I do my share of housecleaning, parenting, and attention to the Mrs. then there's no problem. I'm actually VERY fortunate in that she is totally cool with my gaming hobby. Back to topic... the ability to mix forces (just for occasional fun of doing it IMO) sorta gives me the greenlight to paint certain models and troops that I really like but would not get because I'm not interested in the entire army. Reality is that there's only so much time I can put into gaming so I do have to make some choices. Besides, despite being unofficial for tournament play, there are just TOO many great Dark Heaven line miniatures that I'd love to use in Warlord. Again, for that occasional fun I'd like to combine and use most of them as proxies sometimes. (E.G.: Bugbears = Orcs).
  13. Would appreciate it Papabees. Also, please try and notice whether rolling additional dice and extra math is cumbersome in any way. I think we're going to try the d8 in the near future, but we've been more focused on getting Warlord running for now. I'll submit d8 feedback and we can compare that to your 2d6 format.
  14. Thanks Frosch... oh goodie-goodie-goodie!!!! Now I can justify buying and painting ALL the armies available... yippeee!!!! Hmmmm, gotta figure out now how to explain that rationale to my wife when she asks why I'm ignoring her in favor of gaming. Just kidding... I'm definitely in the process of building Necropolis and Dwarves. Reven is third priority but I'm more inclined now to put what I have of them into a freelance force.
  15. CripDyke... thanks for the numbers. As you mentioned, you hadn't played CAV and therefore let me know if you see some differences considering: A) the game of CAV is based on "contested" die rolls B) players are looking for as big a high/low split as they can get in their favor C) the bigger the split, the more damage that occurs The idea of defensive fire using a smaller dice value has been considered but initital thoughts are that it really puts the defender at more disadvantage than necessary. Of course... that's just speculation as of now. Basically all we're looking to do (in our area) is experiment with a different dice value to limit the catastrophic damage that occasionally comes from a high/low split. We don't want to eliminate the possibility, but we do want to make it less frequent. The worst that happens is we try and don't like it. No big deal, right? Well, I'm pretty thorough about using the "scientific method" when trying variations like that. I was just hoping others might be able to pitch in some concrete evidence of why the d8 would or would not work in CAV. Oh, by the way... that Uber-Rhino doesn't last long when chainlocked Sultans start raining IFM's on it's head... hehehehe.
  16. Obviously Warlord gives us the ability to field an unofficial "Generic" force using the data cards in the back of the book. Also, Warlord gives us the flexibility of fielding a "Freelance" force. Is a "Freelance" force simply the use of characters & troops from ONLY MERCENARIES? Another way of asking is... "would a freelance force be official if it followed the following stipulations: A) contained a mixture of models/troops from ANY force rosters available. B) and adhere to the good/neutral/evil combination stipulations. E.G.: Orc Warlord + Skeleton Warriors + Elf Archers + Griffon (Dwarven)... etc.
  17. Hmmmm... maybe I'm still holding out some hope that "UNDEAD" models don't ever lose their fearlessness.
  18. Correct. That's what I'm saying. And I do acknowledge that it seems to be a waste of potential action. However, until the mechanism is changed to allow a buried card during post deployment gameplay, this is a reasonable way to deal with it. I just think of it as stalling and setting up the opponent for a counter attack.
  19. 1. Runner... My model (MV 5) has Runner/2. For purposes of movement during BOTH actions he gets to add that bonus to his movement. Does he add that 2 inches to each action of movement for a total of 14 inches -OR- does he only add 2 inches to one of his action movements for a total of 12 inches? 2. Scrye Shot... What level of obstruction does it ignore? Are we talking about ignoring terrain that paritally covers a target but still grants LOS -AND/OR- are we talking about the scrye shooter being able to see through ANY blocking terrain and where he doesn't actually have LOS? 3. Fearless... As it relates to "Undead" models, do the "undead" models who have lost cohesion still have to lose their fearless ability? Seems like "Undead" wouldn't lose their fearlessness. And the Healing Magic type spells question... Could a cleric cast a healing spell (bandage, cure) on a STUNNED troop and revive him -OR- would the stunned model have to recover first before he can be healed? Thank yew fer yer serport...
  20. If you happen to go first in the first turn (partly due to having extra initiative cards) and you're not ready to go because you'd rather have the opponent go first, then just make Pass actions. I think of gaming like playing a fancy variant of chess... and it's not uncommon to sacrifice a move to set up your opponent to lose in a chess game. Also, there are quite a few troops that have speed in their favor and and/or Ranger SA. Or certain ranged combat models/troops can utilize SA's. So, having that first turn initiative card advantage is more important than it seems because it gives you a better chance of choosing to be offensive or defensive if necessary. I see the point about too many cards being a possible disadvantage... I just don't see it as ACTUALLY being a problem because of above reasons. With that said though, it does make sense that a player might be able to bury a card during actual game play turns too. I wouldn't complain one bit at all if that were the rule.
  21. I must admit that the Dwarves are but 1 of 3 forces I'm working on having (Reven, Necropolis). The Dwarves to me are just FANTASTIC in all ways, and that's saying something because I've never really been a Dwarf fan. Just to rib you a bit Matt... what level of subjectivity should I place on deciding whether he's worth his points or not?
  22. Well... I STILL hold my breath for official verification by ReaperMatt or Reaper Bryan. Glad to hear though that he seemingly earns his points. In his defense, Thorgram is the KING, and I don't recall any other kings in the forces. And, I'm not totally sure, but it appears that maybe, just maybe the cost for most of his support troops/elites are lower than average for their stats. PLEASE LET IT BE A TYPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't mean a difference of 411 points to 410 points either...
  23. What alternatives to "lethal" ammunition in weapons are there? I'm inclined to own a gun or shotgun for home protection but would want it loaded with something that is "non-lethal" like what riot police use. This is two-fold: 1) in case it got used on a family member; 2) theoretically incapacitates the threat enough to gain control of the situation while police are en route. Oh, and yeah... I almost hesitate to say non-lethal after that lady in Boston got killed from taking a non-lethal (beanbag was it) from the riot police in the eye.
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