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  1. I finally stopped looking at the beautfiul artwork long enough to actually compare stats and costs, etc. How is it that Dwarf King Thorgram is a whopping 411 points? That seems like a typo. If it's not then is he REALLY worth buying, painting and fielding?
  2. Curious... how do you think your Crusader force would be if you concentrated more on troop numbers and lessened the amount of points spent on upgrades? As for getting Valandil, I would DEFFINITELY get him involved. The model itself is really cool and the stats seem to be great, especially for the points cost. Don't forget about the ARMY Special Abilities on page 110 for fielding an ALL Crusader force. It'll be interesting to see how well the "Mercy" rule works out, but the "Holy Light" unique spell looks absolutely wicked versus undead.
  3. Definitely a cool concept. If I were a Dwarf, I'd be motivated to kick enemy butt and run back to the beer providing Totem ASAP for celebration. Heck, What damage could a quick pint pre-battle have?
  4. Right Claymore. That's what I got clarified with ReaperBryan as a possibility that could exist, thus the rationale for why the Z model would not simply attack anyways and use the following action as CdG/Loot. Z is planning to get rid of A and take a shot elsewhere.
  5. Airhead, you probably should consider starting a new thread for this subject to keep it separate from this one so it'll be more easily noticed and answered. Good question to have clarified.
  6. Ahhhhh... Thanks Matt. Very well explained.
  7. Good... I'm getting the hang of this. Now, how about stretching this scenario a bit more? X,Y & Z versus A all starting in base to base. So, technically, the phrase "Z as not attacking"... does that mean Z has opted to PASS during the first action thus leaving him with only one more action which is how he hopefully will perform a Coup de Grace?
  8. That's what I'm going with for now. However the link provided by abngi leading to Matt's explanation gives me the distinct impression that a Dispel spell is the only defensive magic intended to be used.
  9. So... who's gonna be the first to paint a tattoo on that arse? Or, perhaps model an overflow of dingleberries? Maybe a big juicy butt pimple? Sorry... couldn't resist
  10. The one thing that stands out for me is the fact that you opted not to attach the additional whatever thingy on his back... which I totally agree with. Maybe it's the photo but the paint appears to be a bit on the thick side. Otherwise it all looks good and I really dig the effect on the beard (gives me the impression of a younger dwarf's beard that has been aged by stress/magic). Also, I really like the weapon modification you chose and the mod work looks good.
  11. Personally, I had initially envisioned a statue on top of a small mountain.
  12. Nothing to be sorry about. Personally I learned (from the military) how important ATTENTION TO DETAIL can be. As a Black Lightning rep, crash course learning Warlord, I would much rather figure this stuff out sooner than later so that I'm not misinforming area players. I'm putting some brain power into it because I just know sooner or later others are going to ask me the same. I love to play "spirit of the game" but I do have a knack for spotting potential loopholes and cheesy opportunities. In fact... I was partly doing it wrong because a different rep showed me incorrectly. To his defense (maybe) he was using rules from about 2-3 months ago.
  13. This is the supporting argument behind that statement I quoted in the initital post. While the statement itself is technically too broadly stated, the idea is that responsible people generally don't use their guns to commit crimes... case in point: Not to go off on a tangent, but it could be argued that the whole IRRESPONSIBLILTY OF GUNS problem comes back to the fact that manufacturers are selling guns partly, if not primarily, because of PROFIT. The more that can be sold, the more money that can be made. Result, more tools for killing in circulation, and TOO MANY PEOPLE equally irresponsible owning them.
  14. Kim, Yeah, I'd be interested in seeing what you came up with. Is it something easily posted on this forum? Please keep in mind that I can't stand math beyond geometry level (hated algebra type of guy... ). So, if you even want to just share a summarization of your statistics that would be great. Thanks.
  15. Okay then... is Matt saying that an affected mage/cleric (directly or indirectly) can ONLY PERFORM a DISPEL spell? Would definitely like some clarification on whether defensive magic MUST be a "defensive" spell (e.g.: Dispel) -AND/OR- Can a defensive magic spell be an "offensive" spell? (e.g.: Bolt)
  16. Thanks all... between this and the tangent thread my confusion on "charge" has been clarified. THERE IS NO CHARGE. JUST A CHARGE MOVEMENT BONUS. THERE IS NO ATTACK ASSOCIATED WITH A CHARGE MOVEMENT. TO potentially PERFORM BACK TO BACK ACTIONS OF "COMBAT" & "LOOTING (coup de grace)" THE ATTACKER MUST HAVE STARTED IN BASE TO BASE CONTACT. I feel so happy now knowing the truth... Thanks again
  17. uh yeah... what abngi and Emmel said. "waiting" = passing for the current action
  18. I'm so glad I asked... thanks much!!! That statement really clarifies it So, performing a movement and then another movement with a charge bonus into base to base contact would exhaust the 2 allowable actions (both being non-combat). The end result is that the model has simply engaged an opponent in base to base... combat will have to wait until some other initiative card. VERY True... and that is why I'm not afraid to ask all the questions I've posted recently. Trying to NOT CONFUSE other game's mechanics with this Warlord system.
  19. Part of the reason I don't mind trying to tweak the system by experimenting with d8's is because the mechanics as we know it will be gone in the near future once CAV jumps to the R.A.G.E. format.
  20. This is a new thread shooting off from a different one that got me confused about the whole charge and attack concept. Please correct the wording if necessary: 1) Charge bonus is technically a NON-Combat action related to movement. As such, a model that charges and makes base to base contact with it's declared target has ONLY performed a movement which is NON-Combat... meaning there is NO attack/combat to go along with this action. The attacking model would need another remaining action to perform the actual combat action. I.E.: Does a model that successfully charged get an automatic attack for that charge action? Sorry but this water looks muddy to me. This makes a HUGE difference because it means that if a model had to make a movement with one action, and then declared a charge (another non-combat action) would ONLY HAVE MOVED INTO BASE TO BASE CONTACT WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF AN ACTUAL ATTACK. Technically a model would have to reach the opponent in it's first action to make a melee attack during it's second action. So far we've understood it to function like so: Move (one action)... charge into base to base (2nd action, which is when the charging model actually gets to make combat rolls).
  21. Obviously when the mage/cleric is DIRECTLY attacked by magic it potentially can perform defensive magic. What about when the mage/cleric was an INDIRECT target (within the template) of a magical attack? Can it still perform defensive magic? Also, please verify for me that defensive magic could NOT be performed by the mage/cleric when he is NOT in any way affected by a spell (i.e.: magical retaliation when his own friendly troops are affected by magic).
  22. thrush65... thanks for the clarification (and pointing out the rule/page #). I'd hoped that it WASN'T feasible to do that. Just seemed excessive and over the limit if you know what I mean.
  23. And that my friend is precisely why I mentioned that I [self quote]
  24. Let me see if I get this right... A model could potentially charge/attack an opponent during it's first action phase, and if he stunned his opponent could then use it's second "non-combat looting" action to perform the coup de grace. Correct???
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