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    CAV Leagues

    As for playing actual league games... I have a handful of scenarios that can be used. They basically all are dependent on whether or not the players can accomplish the objective or not. If you're needing some options then send me an e-mail and I'll get you the information. Simple, easy to use, good fun scenarios. Regarding what to do for leagues... IMHO, consider making a CONSISTENT night/day of the week to hold games. Otherwise here's a few thoughts: A) Specific scenarios or general pick up games? B) CAV only and/or combined arms? C) Round robin format? D) One big game a session or multiple small games? E) Accumulate points or wins & losses? F) How do you score games, if at all? G) What is the experience level of your players and what do they want? Something I've done locally is try to elevate the "popularity" of CAV so that people WANTED to be a part of it. One cool little thing was creating a posterboard with the names/symbols/forces of players and put it up at the store for all to see. Good luck... stick to fundamentals (i.e.: core rules, limited but appropriate optional rules) and remember that it's a work in progress. The more you do, the better you'll get at running events.
  2. Frankly... In situations like this I can't help but point out a fact of life... All relationships must come to an end, and most relationships serve a purpose for a limited period of time. Once the relationship has served it's purpose, it often and unexplainedly just ends. From what you've told us thus far, my only advice is for you to consider what I just stated and see if that puts things into perspective. Also, please, please, please be true to yourself. Trust your insticts. This is obviously not an easy position for you to be in, but YOU MUST be strong in what you feel and know is in your own best interest. Trying to be there for friends and cultivating relationships is one thing... but if a friend can't understand when it's unreasonable for you to over-extend yourself, then maybe they're not friends... Good luck.
  3. Options: A) Come up with some random way of determining your Pirate force. Use what you get regardless of composition. B) Same as above, but predetermine an allowance for a handful of swaps/changes to represent a bit more structure. C) Watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Ice Pirates, and other pirate movies and figure out those pirates' modus operandi... then use that as a premise for your force. Good luck...
  4. I've painted some CAV's in a simple scheme (grey primer, with a darker grey camouflage pattern, silver weapons & cockpit w/ black ink wash). These are great for demo models and frankly have a pretty good urban scheme for what little effort it took to paint them. So, IMO players should be able to do "something" for paint work. However, realistically people just don't have a lot of time. Real life and family priorities make it challenging to find time and energy to paint miniatures. Most of us actually try to work for a living and aren't just sitting at home doing nothing but collecting and painting miniatures. Therefore, we encourage one another (in our area) to get models painted but have patience for those who are "making efforts." I believe it says something to the popularity of a game if players are committed to being fully prepared for their games, which includes a painted force. Of course... I speak on the behalf of "officially supported" events. We aren't overly rigid for casual games though. The important thing is that players are enjoying the game and supporting it (i.e.: supporting the store and Reaper). On a side note... I remember tournaments where the quality of one's painted force was a component of overall scoring. This quite frankly upset the majority of players who were novice painters and/or had limited time to paint because it was always a disadvantage despite their tactical ability in gaming. So, while expecting players to have painted models has it's up side, using it as a determining factor of gameplay results is bad policy. Please be careful not to hold one's limitations against them if anyone is considering enforcing "certain" standards/expectations in painted forces.
  5. Super Jag


    I use one of the following infantry compositions typically: A) With FA-45 and AA-52 B) With 2 AT-23 C) With 1 Grenade Launcher D) Standard AP-11 Rifles Obviously, it depends on the mission... (that's so cliche isn't it). However, I can say that I've personally not bothered with mortars. I'm a big fan of CAV's and aircrafts so infantry play a limited role in my force.
  6. Ahh... very cool. Of course, for all I know it's like being one of those people who wears a shirt with Japanese writing on it... never really knowing for sure if it means what they think it means. Well, anyways, thanks ReaperBryan. I thought I liked my CAV keychain but this Reaper keychain ROCKS, especially knowing what the symbols mean. Can you elaborate if they're simply random creations or derived from some mythological/historical reference???
  7. I have a Reaper Keychain and I noticed there's some symbols on the back of it? Does anyone know what they mean, assuming they represent anything at all?
  8. I simply assemble it, primer it, then paint it. CAV's are great in the sense that they're easy to paint and you can get as fancy as your creativity will let you if you want more than a simple scheme. As for hard to reach places... I've not found that to be a problem and frankly any of those possible spots are rarely viewable while the model is in play on the table. Of course, you should decide for yourself what you prefer. IMHO the game of CAV lends itself to fun because you the mechanics/rules allow players to focus on playing/tactics instead of which model has which special abilities, etc., etc. No reason to believe it's [simplicity] is any different for assembly and painting.
  9. New Year's resolutions??????? I don't believe in those. Don't get me wrong though... I think there's something to be said about celebrating a "concept" of fresh starts. However, this holiday tradition provides a FALSE sense of motivation. Thus, partly the reason for so many failures in reaching those resolutions. As for me... I'm constantly trying to better myself throughout the year. Every so often I make sure and honestly assess whether I'm becoming stagnant or not in all aspects of my life. Basically... "Live life to the fullest" is a good way to make sure I don't get too stale.
  10. We don't play hex in our area and I've been able to visit several other game stores (out of state) and they don't play hex either. IMO hexes/squares ruin the miniature gaming experience. Open movement on the board instead of following hex routes is the most common method I've heard of and the only method I've ever seen used. Heroclix is one of those games where squares (hex essentially) is used and it drives me absolutely nuts to watch players constantly counting ranges and distances before, during, and after movements. It just takes the challenge out of the game. There's something to be said about having to CHALLENGING ONE'S BRAIN and COMMIT TO DECISIONS while gaming. So far, the only way the hex is a factor in the game is for determining the 60 degree maximum pivots/turns and occasionally a LDF (limited defensive fire) shot. As well... it is almost intangible, but seemingly some of the problems that have arisen regarding CAV rules/mechanics result from the fact that the game is written both for hex and open play movement.
  11. Hey Hex... it's not whether you think you painted the models well or not (and honestly you did a great paint job too because the sculpts of GRW mini's take some painting potential away). What I'm impressed with is your "outside the box" thinking and creativity. The Great Rail Wars game seems to exude a more relaxed attitude about players using proxies, especially something like what you've done here. I'd love to see these models on a table in a game sometime. That's the stuff that makes gaming fun. IMHO this mentality is what takes gaming to another level of enjoyment for everyone involved. E.G.: I had personally used some zombie-ish looking undead Reaper horses to model a specific posse for GRW and it received lot's of praise and acts like a catalyst for other players to do more with their forces, and at the least complete their basic paint work. Yeah... I'd heard Savage Worlds was similar. Not familiar with it though. Sooner or later I'll check it out. For now I'm totally stoked about the release of Warlord by Reaper. Well, if you do anymore mod work like these Cretaceous Gang members, please do share with us again.
  12. AWESOME... JUST TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! BTW... I notice those Great Rail Wars miniatures. If any of you haven't played that game I HIGHLY recommend it. Unfortunately it's not really supported anymore but if you and friends can get into it you'll never regret it. Again Hexenhammer... that is GREAT quality work and VERY creative!!!
  13. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Dark Elf Trilogy by Salvatore. I embarrasingly admit that I'm not much of a book reader (prefer movies... being the "visual" type predominantly). However, I took the inititative to just go ahead and read the first book in that series and it hooked me into finishing the set. Now I'm still interested in reading the rest of the book sets dealing with Drizzt. Unfortunately I feel overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many and I'm not even sure what order to read them in. That's great that Salvatore has continued to put out books on time and maintain the quality of his writings. As for me... I enjoyed the Drizzt character so much that I modeled and painted a Dark Elf character to resemble him as best as possible after seeing some photos of him in various D&D type works.
  14. I'm not starting this thread to serve as a catalyst for political opinions and arguments. I know enough forum moderators that I will asap request them to immediately delete innappropriate postings. So, PLEASE keep it to informative... where to find good resources information, etc. What I'd like is if anyone has some resource they can share to help me make a well informed decision when it comes to the presidential election and my vote. It's another one of those years where I really am leery of both candidates. I haven't really seen much in the way of "plans" for improvement and direction for our country out of either during the television coverage. Seems mostly like mudslinging (not unusual) has been the tactic. Also, I understand that some feel certain media venues are politically biased. I don't mind if you feel like sharing a warning about that because I'm looking for as much "unbiased" information as possible. Thanks...
  15. Simply to play devil's advocate here... SO DON'T ANYONE GO OFF ON A TANGENT AGAINST ME... PLEASE! What "human being" has NOT opened their mouth and said something questionable? I personally didn't agree with his statement either but I'm not going to let that dictate my final decision as to who to vote for. As for the government trying to keep free speakers down... I wouldn't doubt it. But then again... some people shouldn't be allowed to talk because all they do is sit at home and criticize everything and everyone, yet they don't do a thing to help improve society. AND NO... NO... NO... NOTHING I'VE SAID HERE IS MEANT AS A DEROGATORY COMMENT TO ANYONE HEAR ON THE FORUM!!! Please, noone let their panties get bunched up.
  16. TATSU makes a great point here too (as well as everyone else actually). Your lifestyle change won't last long if you're not enjoying it. (I hope you don't mind Tatsu... I slightly edited your statement to emphasize the main paint IMHO. If that bothers you send me a PM and I'll correct it). Not likely... I'm currently unemployed. Teaching positions are far and few between where we live. But I'm ready and willing!
  17. Thank you... I hope it made sense. I REALLY HAVE TO APPLAUD RODNICK for this statement... I forgot to mention it myself BUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may have to make sacrifices at least short term or budget your time more. And don't forget... HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT... TO YOUR LIFESTYLE CHANGE.
  18. I was in school (Western Illinois University) going to a Cognition & Motivation class. How did it change me? I believe more and more in the concept of delivering punishment to evil people with extreme prejudice.
  19. Yes I have some solid information to help you out. Please keep in mind that I am a certified Physical Educator with an emphasis on fitness. You may want to consult with your doctor first. Achieving a healthy body and fitness is multi faceted: Healthy Factors 1. Muscular Endurance (many repetitions... aka stamina) 2. Muscular Strength (how strong you are... what's your bench press maximum) 3. Cardiovascular (the key to losing weight... burns calories and improves heart which is needless to say a very important organ) 4. Flexibility (helps prevent injuries and overcompensation problems of body) 5. Nutrition (eat healthy... get educated on this one) 6. Body composition (usually comes with the above factors in check) FIRST begin with a GOAL. Be realistic. If you're looking to trim down then figure on losing 1-2 pounds a week by a certain date several to 6 months down the road. When putting a fitness regiment together you must consider trying to include the majority of the healthy components from above as possible. Personally I focus on #'s 1, 3, 4 and 5. BUT now we must UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REQUIRED TO ACHIEVE OPTIMAL WORKOUTS. FITT Principle F = Frequency (how often each week are you exercising) I = Intensity (and this is the most important of all) T = Time (how long are the workouts) T = Type (what kind of exercise or equipment are you doing/using) With this said... Probably the best way for me to illustrate the above information is with a fitness example: Fitness Regiment Fall 2004 GOALS: 1. Lose 10 pounds 2. Muscles toned/primed for general phyical activity 3. Cardio endurance to walk 18 holes without fatigue REWARDS for reaching goals: • Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Nuggets • Baskin Robbins CARDIOVASCULAR Frequency = 4 x each week Intensity = Target HR zone 112-150 bpm Time = > 20 minutes per session Type = Lateral Thigh Trainer; swimming; jogging/walking FLEXIBILITY Frequency = 4 x each week Intensity = n/a Time = 6 breath cycles Type = Yoga BODY COMPOSITION • Weigh in on Monday mornings • Determine composition upon reaching body weight goal • Lose 1 pound minimum per week MUSCLAR ENDURANCE Priorities: 1. Core muscles (abs and low back) 2. Tone/primed musculature for general athletic activity Frequency = 3 x each week Intensity = ~15 repetitions per set Time = as per type of workout utilized Type = Core Secrets; Pilates DIETARY GUIDELINES • Low saturated fats • Decreased carbohydrates • 32 ounce of water minimum per day WEEK #1 COMPONENT M T W Th F Sa Sun Cardio ROM Weight Muscle Dietary Obviously keep charting for as many weeks as necessary so that you can accurately evaluate what is or is not working for you. This record keeping also keeps you honest. At the end of your fitness period (approximately 6-8 weeks) go ahead and determine if you reached your goals. Then readjust your goals and fitness routines as necessary. Partly it is trial and error so don't get discouraged... just learn from the process and refine as you need to. I hope this helps and feel free to contact me via PM for more help. Good luck and big applaud for verbalizing your decision to change your life for the better. NOW... THE HARD PART... HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT!!!!!!!!!!! SEE IT THROUGH TO THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Personally I'm skeptical about all of it, especially since the government is involved... but who isn't, right? However I find that while this website does raise an eyebrow of interest... I find it interesting that these same people are TRYING TO SELL US THIS INFORMATION? Quite convenient to startle the skeptics with conspiracy theory and then bait us into merchandise sales. Then again... maybe I'm TOO much of a skeptic...
  21. Oh how embarrasingly true this is... Personally I didn't have time to keep up with beta testing of Warlord and figured that when the game ACTUALLY was finalized that I'd only have one set of rules to learn (as opposed to being confused with "experimental" rules. Soon... soon... I will have my Warlord and be able to play it too.
  22. My oh my how things have changed since the summer of 1992 when I graduated the U course. Thanks for the FYI, that's interesting to know. I do recall that Fitz was slotted for either closure or very limited military usage (or something like that). Gosh, I'll have to dig up my old Army photos and such and reminisce about my time there. Brings back lot's of memories.
  23. Uh... you're absolutely right. I have to chuckle whenever anyone says that. Honestly, as the topic subtitle infers, a better name does need to be made. Gunslinger was a thought, but my understanding is that's a CBT term already. Open to suggestions. Go right ahead... that's why I posted it for everyone. Like I said, you should be able to just use it as is. However, should you feel the need to experiment, then please give us feedback. Mostly it comes down to preferences. E.G.: I prefer the "combat ineffective" scoring system and Spire prefers the "damage track" scoring system. In the end, all that really matters is the enjoyment of the games and encouraging players to continue supporting it. Let us know how it goes if you run the tournament.
  24. Actually, I'm rated as a Super G or technically my m.o.s. was 35U (if memory serves me correctly. I had both the 38 week and advanced 30 week technical schools. 91A sounds familiar... isn't that more of a hands on patient m.o.s.? I'd swear 91A's were training at my same location of Club Fitzsimons, Aurora, Colorado (a 1 square mile post outside of Denver which 1/4 of was a golf course and we had no drill seargents, and soldiers actually got away with left handed saluting, and... well, you get the picture). With regards to who should be invited to playtest (IMHO) the real concern comes down to (as you implied) the fact that many of us have difficulty remembering the difference between "personal" opinion and the ability to give unbiased feedback. Hopefully Reaper peeps have ascertained by now who that is (and personally I hope I have earned that privelege).
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