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  1. Just received delivery of a long-outstanding project: Kaidan Campaign Setting. The original estimated delivery was Oct 2013. It was still completed* despite the passing of its original creator Steven Russell. *There are some odds and ends still being cleaned up, but the main book is done.
  2. Mine have arrived and everything is here except... (drumroll) T'raukzul's lower jaw. It was the very last piece I was going to check and dry fit out of the whole order and it just wasn't there. Off to e-mail the fine folks at Reaper support. Everything else looks fantastic.
  3. Got mine! Oh goodness these are nice. I hope the campaign was successful for you and you'll be able to get these to retail soon. Thanks!
  4. I am soooo glad the Piasa turned out. It looks fantastic. Wish I had the scratch to add the Thunderbird right now. Just an amazing figure. 1 – Piasa Bird - $35 1 – Xiuhcoatl, The Fire Serpent — $15 1 – Vision Serpent — $10
  5. Welp, wrong about Sophie. Probably wrong about the frost giantess as well. Happy to be wrong! We'll get more great women minis this way.
  6. I certainly wouldn't say that in the KS comments! But we're among friends here. PLEDGE MOAR EV'RYONE
  7. I don't think Reaper has revealed a stretch goal that they've pulled because the campaign didn't hit the number for it. If it's on the board, we're probably getting it.
  8. Well, vampire antipaladin wouldn't have been my first guess but she looks pretty cool.
  9. BTW, if any Reaperpeeps are looking at this, the image for the Pretty Deadly set was posted twice on the Kickstarter page and T'Raukzul is missing.
  10. Any ideas on what the other spaces in Pretty Deadly will bring? Presumably we'll see a new Sophie along with the female giant already shown. I really like the female oni!
  11. I'm in for Piasa, Tlahuelpuchi, and Crystal Skull Engine. There are soooo many more that I want when they're available to the public.
  12. I'm curious about which model is slated for resin. I really want the Piasa Bird, but I'm not sure if I want it in resin.
  13. That "extra" bit is actually the BASE for the Deva. This was a stalagmite kinda thing in the Thank You pack. It's not the Standing Stone, nor does it look like anything from Dungeon Decor II (although I didn't order that one, so I can only compare to the Kickstarter artwork). I learned about the Deva base in Expansion 2 earlier! (I thought that was an odd throw-in too, until I saw the thread about it tonight).
  14. Received today! 100% fulfilled here. Every single piece for every set I ordered has been accounted for. Even had an extra bit of dungeon dressing in the Thank You pack. Well done, Reaperpeeps!
  15. Sorry. I thought this was for tracking fulfullment. I guess it's actually only for the Fulfillment Tracker? Apologies.
  16. Oh, right. We were meant to be in here. aaaaanyway Edit: It has come to our attention that there was an error in our delivery confirmation database. Turns out that UPS truncated order numbers when sending data to us in some cases. Unfortunately, this means that you may have received an erroneous shipping notification this evening. First, we apologize for the confusion. We didn't notice the problem until after we sent out the first day's emails, naturally. If you also received an email today from UPS's QuantumView Notify system, then your package is on its way to you. If you received an email that didn't have what you ordered listed, or any number of oddities, then it's likely that you're still in the queue, waiting to be shipped. It wasn't our intention to get your hopes up. We appreciate your patience as we get to the bottom of this problem. Also: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (oh well)
  18. Discussion... or celebration? CELEBRATION!! :bday:
  19. Okay, I'm in. I really prefer plastic (yeah that's weird, I know), but I just can't let that piasa bird go. The completed sculpts look fantastic, so I'm just gonna jump in, support a good project from a good company, and sort the rest out later.
  20. Locked! 2013 Core Set x1 Lesser Demons x1 (rank and file fiends!) Narthrax Dragon x1 Gelatinous Cube x1 Greater Demons x1 Hill Giants x1 Blightfang Dragon x1 Cinder Dragon x1 Expansion Set 1 x1 Expansion Set 2 x1 Khanjira, the World Breaker x1 Nathavarr, Dragon x1 Greedy Adventurers x1 (don't need the terrain, want the minis!) Thank You Set x1 Also- Draaaaaagooooons! Looking forward to getting some individual minis from sets that I didn't want entirely. Looking at you, rat assassins.
  21. Just 24 hours to go! Looks like it just nudged past the get-new-art threshold. At 50K we get more monsters!
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