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  1. Core, Lesser Demons, Exp 1, Exp 2, Narthrax, Gelatinous Cube, Greater Demons, Hill Giants, Blightfang, Cinder, Khanjira, Nathavarr All the Dragons! Most of the Demons! Other Stuff! Wooooooo!
  2. Seriously, look at this face. http://www.reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0031.JPG
  3. Creator Reaper Miniatures 2 minutes ago http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0020.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0021.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0022.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0023.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0024.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0025.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0026.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0027.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0028.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0029.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0030.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0031.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0032.JPG http://reapermini.com/misc/DDSPreviews/DSCN0033.JPG Here's some other shots - for scale
  4. They're busy adding it to the calculator now.
  5. ^^ Heads up ^^ (This is specifically for the Kickstarter comments, not here)
  6. Just the ones that have appeared in the teaser videos, I think.
  7. ...Bryan's grandfather killed Alfalfa. This is remarkably high on the list of things I didn't think I'd learn about today.
  8. Bold prediction: The police box becomes one of the best selling figures at retail from this Kickstarter. Also, WERESHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK (we now return you to your thread, already in progress)
  9. He had a previous KS that didn't fund: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/607732401/this-project-is-for-10-mm-terrain-for-miniature-ga?ref=users We discussed it here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47891-scenic-bases-ks/
  10. Paizo loooooves aboleth. But things got a little out of hand and had many submissions from their freelancers attributing everything to the aboleth. So they came up with this handy flowchart:
  11. @editionwarlord, you pledge enough to cover the sets you want, but stay at the $1 level.
  12. now is that CORE subsets...or CORE EXPO subsets... Here's the exchange: Sam Bloch 28 minutes ago Is it possible to get extra copies of the sets that are part of the core set, like the PF villains? If so when will prices for those be up? Reaper Miniatures 26 minutes ago @Sam Bloch - yes, and those prices will be posted with our Pledge/Shipping Calculator So maybe also the Expansion, but they haven't specified that as yet AFAIK.
  13. Yeah, I would love some advanced (and PC friendlier) lizardfolk. Really liked Gene's savage lizardfolk from the last KS. Aw yeah. Reaper just confirmed that Core sub-sets will be available as add-ons in the pledge manager.
  14. I had gotten off the fence about the core expansion, deciding it wasn't for me. Just when I think I'm out they pull me back in. Holy goodness, that's a heck of an expansion. Well done, guys.
  15. So, now that the initial craziness is over I wanted to go back and ask a couple of things: 1) As a n00b, should I get the HD paints? I kind of like the Master Series triads, so I don't know how well these would work with those (as far as shading/highlighting goes - I presume they'll mix without issue). I guess these are better for certain colors (like yellow (?)), so are the colors offered in the KS package the ones where HD really shines? 2) Has there been any indication of being able to add-on additional copies of the sets added to the Core Set (Dungeon Monsters, Bully For You, etc.). We could do that last time, but I could see Reaper not doing that again to keep logistics a little simpler. Thanks, all!
  16. All of the Dungeon Decor II figures are new sculpts by TaleSpinner: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51617-bones-kickstarter-2-discussion/page-63#entry771641 Also: I'm pretty sure Garrick the Bold was shown in the Core Set Expansion #1 image for scale only. He's already in Bones.
  17. I'm reasonably sure the three new Bugbears are weapon swaps and small mods to Tre Manor's original Bugbear Bully/Warrior (03245/77015)
  18. This is soooooper helpful. I've already lifted it for my own spreadsheet. Thanks!
  19. I'm loving the dragons (except Verocithrax, not really a fan). I'm probably getting all of them except V.
  20. Well, that was a little optimistic, but not by a whole lot.
  21. Holy cats, this has been amazing so far. I've bumped my pledge twice already.
  22. I'm really curious about that as well. Will there be only 4000 core sets available through the KS and then the rest are 1$ buyins picking up add ons individually? Color me perplexed. (Early bird shipping pledged :) ) They can add pledge levels later, I believe. There may well be Wave 3, Wave 4, etc.
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