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  1. I'm happy with exactly, precisely what I ordered. I wouldn't change a thing. You know, in case you were wondering.
  2. My modest amount of paint is shipping with my Bones. So I just have to sit back and wait patiently. Oh, god I think I'm going to pass out from anticipation. Hurry Bonesmas, hurry fast.
  3. Unfortunately, you often don't find out they're an unreliable jackass until you're already relying on them.
  4. It is odd that the additional volume would have caused the costs to increase. Maybe needing to get such a volume of figures manufactured within a narrow timeframe would have required additional resources (overtime pay, additional facilities procured, etc.). Very interesting.
  5. Never understood the hate THAC0 got. Seemed like a simple mechanic to me.
  6. Weren't they selling them (including options) at a con recently?
  7. FWIW, I've used Craftics #33 "Clear-Thickened Acrylic Cement" to glue Legendary Encounters (and other plastic figures) to acrylic and wooden bases. I can't separate the figures from the bases by just using my hands. This may seem weird and exotic, but this is the glue recommended by Litko for assembly of their acrylic counters. Some folks here might have some on-hand.
  8. I'll be gnawing mine open with my teeth. Who has time for tools at a time like that?
  9. The prices are gone now, but I could go for 1 pack of 3", 1 of 2", and 3 of 1".
  10. I'm not interested in that entire package, but I would like some bases. If I could specify the quantity, I would pre-order some.
  11. This guy is great. Apparently the box is full of shooty guys and Yephima is workin' it. Edit: Wait. General Splattin? This is the best thing I've seen today.
  12. That was fun. I thought the knife guy was going to lose part of his thumb at one point. And now I must have theme music playing when I open mine. Silversun Pickups, maybe.
  13. Yes... counting... Pew pew! Hack hack! Die black orc scum! Rawwwwr!
  14. It could simply be that this was supposed to be their spot all along. Mythos Foundry may well have planned ahead to secure this time, and since it's much smaller than the other notable Trollforge projects it's still within their orignal parameters. Or maybe they just sent Ed a giant chocolate easter bunny. Who knows.
  15. Interesting. I wonder how they got in front of Imbrian? Thanks for the link! Also, I think I knew that Ed was in St. Louis, but never really wrapped my head around that. Sounds like his new place will have a store front. I'll have to seek him out when he gets settled.
  16. Well, if Ed was going to do these, this might affect the Mythos Foundry Kickstarter: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46597-imbrian-arts-kickstarter/page-21#entry695765 Thanks to Darsc Zacal for the heads up.
  17. Like Sanwah, mine are already in my spreadsheet. A spreadsheet that I've tinkered and futzed with for several months now, doing all sorts of messing about with the Bones numbers. It's been open more often than not since the Kickstarter ended. I love my spreadsheet.
  18. That's the two-sword fighter guy from the Kickstarter "Heroes" set. He's a new sculpt, though!
  19. Beyond possibly shortening Kaladrax's tail, I'm likely to take the pistol from Gruff Grimecleaver to use elsewhere. Probably on one of the Chronoscope figures. Really wish he had that in his right hand.
  20. Of course you don't HAVE to do the $50 deal. They'll have bases of various sizes in packs of 10 in their Kickstarter. I plan on getting some, but I can't pony up for the whole pile right now.
  21. Can you wear out a .jpg my mousing over it? I fear I'm going to render http://greg.botch.com/bones/ illegible.
  22. Martin noted that he has painted it, but it has not been photographed yet.
  23. Probably the easiest way is to check the e-mail confirmation you received from the pledge manager.
  24. Actually, I don't think that's Hyrekia in the Kaladrax pic in the Preview Gallery.
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