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  1. Specific down to the point of stating that Hyrekia would be available without Kaladrax, but Kaladrax would not be available without Hyrekia. The SKUs should be: 77192 Kaladrax 77193 Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage Edited because I r dum
  2. I used about 5 bottles of paint on him in total. This is both awesome and terrifying.
  3. I know what you meant but I couldn't help wincing at the mental image of a UPS employee gleefully attacking your packages with a spear. I thought that was standard?
  4. Wyrmgear looks fantastic (of course). The real question is: how many gallons of paint did Kaladrax take?
  5. It just got real. My birthday is in three weeks. Have I told you guys lately that you're the best? Because you are.
  6. I love everything about the Peryton except the antlers. Wow are they wonky.
  7. Received mine as well. Looks like they were shipped separately from the UK. Mine look good, but I have no experience with brushes like this. I'm not going to have much useful info beyond "they're pretty" and "they got my order right". Aside: I do get the feeling these are being made in small batches, rather than on some huge assembly line. Mine vary in length a fair amount. My #1 and #0 are about a 1/4" shorter than the rest. The little sleeves also vary, so I'm guessing each is done individually to accomodate the length of that particular brush.
  8. Absolutely a taste thing. To me the skeletons look chunky and weird and the orcs look bow-legged and ... I'll leave it at that. Certainly they're serviceable, but there are so many better options already available in PPM.
  9. Which ones? Because all the Bones I have now are also in the LE line, and aside from the fiddly zombies they've been pretty cool all around and I haven't had any issues with the sculpts. I'm not at all a fan of the skeletons or orcs. Which doesn't sound like much, until you realize that covers SKUs 01-12. The zombie, gargoyle, and female vampire are all pretty silly. Great worm is cool, but something you'd only use once out of 3-4 campaigns (maybe). I like the rest of the line and have most of them. But that mostly leaves things you'd only get 1 or a few of, rather than hoards. Another thing are the repaints. This is both super-cool and kind of frustrating. If I order one of these on-line, I don't really know what I'm going to get. So I'll avoid getting a giant spider, since I don't want a nuclear green one (and there are plenty of PPM spiders out there already).
  10. I thought the monster pre-paints were doing okay. For me (a prepaint only guy before Bones Kickstarter) I think a number of the sculpts they chose for the early LE figures were... unfortunate.
  11. Wouldn't they cast the minis in Texas, then ship them to China for paint? The molds are business critical. If they're lost in shipping, that's a big hit. If a shipment of minis is lost, that isn't nearly as big a deal.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm not certain if I'll shorten it, but I'm leaning that way.
  13. I'm in for Bones LTPKs as soon as they're available. Like, the moment I can buy one. I have my credit card out right now. Just sayin'
  14. I've stolen a manhole cover for basing Kaladrax. Don't tell anyone.
  15. Based on the pricing I'm seeing now, it looks like my order will work out to be about 65% off what my favorite on-line miniature dealer would charge. Not MSRP, their discount price. YMMV.
  16. I agree about the $75 level. As for me, I'm just not interested in the kraken. It's super cool and everything, I know. I just don't have a use for it and don't want to drop $60 for it. It seems like the levels are intended to be kraken, or kraken plus. I really want to put in a good sized pledge upfront, both to move things along and get in on the loyalty reward. I just don't see a reason to due to how this is structured.
  17. True, I hadn't considered packaging. But will they really go with a pistol case for these? Seems like a cardboard box would be the way to go. Probably with something spiffier than a dox matrix print-out, though.
  18. Aw man... I really should have gotten another Kaladrax... Aw man... I'm pretty stoked that I got a Kaladrax...
  19. Fair enough. I just didn't expect any Bones figure to approach that price point. So, are these the largest figures Reaper has done?
  20. That's weird. Wyrmgear is listed at $25. I know Kaladrax and Nethyrmaul are larger, but three times larger? Goodness.
  21. Only a handful of the updates are for backers only. The rest are publicly viewable. Try here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-an-evolution-of-gaming-min/posts
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