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  1. It looks like: 4 each of the first 29 Bones SKUs- 77001-77029 4 each of the "30 New Bones" set 3 metal Kickstarter Sophies 2 each of the stretch goals that were added to Vampire, except the Chronoscope sets (for some reason) 1 Mr. Bones The PDFs Racks and signage, if you're actually a retail shop. Whatever add-on you added.
  2. I'll start with the Litko bases I already have. Hopefully, the DCM (above) bases will come through and I'll use those as well. Possibly some cheap disc bases from eBay. I'm coming from pre-painted plastics and don't really care about making bases look good. I just want the figure to take up the appropriate amount of space on the mat and not fall over.
  3. Beautiful work. Seltyiel looks good as a drow. I might go that way with mine.
  4. Also the Mythos Foundry family-sized Cthulhu and friends.
  5. Good job, Kit and all the Reaperpeeps. Watching The Influx today has been entertaining. Oh, and badge! I think. Edit-Yes, badge! And now for the basking.
  6. This is looking really good, Greyhaze. Also, the possibility of getting some your bases intrigues me.
  7. I was thinking Mr. Bones was an exclusive as well, but he's listed for pre-order at Paizo. He should be fair game, I think.
  8. They look like plywood. If so, that price is around what Litko charges for 1" ply bases in small quantities. Theirs are plain, but are less expensive in larger quantities.
  9. Bones (Mar) or brushes (Apr), with Razor Coast (May) as the dark horse.
  10. Wasn't there someone with 12 Vampires, plus hoards of extras? As for me, I don't know how far back I'll be. I'd guess Vamp plus 3 paints and 11 add-ons puts me just about in the middle.
  11. I've been a good boy lately, I should get in on this just for Wilbur Whateley. ONLY for Wilbur Whateley. Oh, god that t-shirt looks great.
  12. I wonder if Kickstarter will give him trouble when he tries to start another campaign after killing one that, at one point, was 300% funded.
  13. I can't believe you're making a Piasa Bird. This is amazing. Oh for plastic versions of these.
  14. I think a fair number of the Chronoscope group will make plausible Pathfinder gunslingers, so I'm looking forward to those. No idea what I'll do with the space marines yet, other than use them for terrible, terrible paint experiments.
  15. Wow, several figures there that didn't make the Kickstarter. I really like the LE line, but now that I have all of these unpainted Bones coming I'm not sure how many more LEs I'll get.
  16. Holy cats, look at the Sky Spirit.
  17. This.. is interesting. I may have to bail on Red Box and get in on some cowboys and indians.
  18. One of the fine folks over at the Paizo forums noted that the latest installment of the Pathfinder Adventure Path, #66 The Dead Heart of Xin
  19. And after the new pledge levels... crickets. This thing has hit a wall.
  20. Rats. After goofing around with some of the space marines, the first ones I'll try to do "for real" will almost certainly be the rats.
  21. I'm in early, mostly to help move things along. If I don't like how things shape up, I'll drop back or drop out.
  22. Wish there was an Aenglish option up front. Oh, well. Still in.
  23. Woooo! Sounds like they grilled him a bit about the last KS. Approval took for-ev-er. Hope to see it soon!
  24. An interesting one for a noob like me. I'll probably get in on this one.
  25. I wonder how difficult it will be to get rid of Halbarand's chain. Have we seen a final version of Wyrmgear yet? I thought he was being re-worked a bit. Also, haven't seen the new Hyrekia, I don't think. Other than the elves that were replaced, I think that's it for the ones that were only concept art during the Kickstarter. I think there are still a few that were shown as finished scuplts, but haven't appeared in preview yet.
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