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  1. 4 hours! The Northlands Saga PDFs are unlocked. Need about $4K more to get the player maps printed (which are handout versions of the GM maps, not scaled for minis as I said earlier).
  2. So, it looks like there were 16 Bones SKUs before the Kickstarter, and there were 13 more set to go from LE. There will be 235* post-Kickstarter Bones. Yeah, that's a bump. *Not counting Mister Bones, since he won't be generally available.
  3. Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin' ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE C'mon! Everybody sing!
  4. 77014 are the disco zombies that were previously in Legendary Encounters. I presume that 77053 are the George, Zombie(s).
  5. Final 24 hours! Get your rum-soaked, kraken-crushed, wereshark-gnawed, piratey goodness while you can! Dead Man's Chest for Pathfinder has been unlocked, and there will also be a PDF of player maps. Up next at $120K is the player maps in print, on a 1" grid for minis. Need a big day to get to this one, but I think it's possible.
  6. Ah, just saw the other thread. Situation fully 'splained. Thanks, guys!
  7. Oh, Hyrekia is a separate SKU. I thought she just came along with Kaladrax.
  8. I have one of the George, Zombies listed separately so I wouldn't forget him when I counted up the 30 New Bones.
  9. Why do I do stuff like this? I don't know. This is more-or-less the list of figures as they scroll by. I tried to note them as rows, but they weren't neatly ordered into lines, so YMMV. Names are pulled from http://greg.botch.com/bones/ So, starting up front with Familiars- Reptus, Winged Serpent:Bat:Little Death:Ferret:Hawk:Cat Wolf:Stumpy:Dark Fairy:Faerie Dragon:Doll with Knife:Familiar All Familiars accounted for. Next, going to Dungeon Attack- 12 Rats (four each of three sculpts) Moving on to Vermin- Spider:Spider Rat Swarm:Dust Scorpion:Fire Beetle:Fire Beetle:Dust Scorpion:Rat Swarm Scarab Beetle Swarm:Spider Swarm:Spider Swarm:Scarab Beetle Swarm All Vermin accounted for. Going back to Dungeon Attack- 12 Kobolds (two each of three sculpts on each side) Flanked by the kobolds- Mockingbeast:Treasure:Oxidation Beast Going back to Dungeon Attack- 12 Goblins (four each of three sculpts) Dungeon Attack all accounted for. And then We Be Goblins!- Halberd Only:Dagger Behind Ear:Dagger Up Sword and Halberd:Sword Only:Dagger in Right Hand:Dagger Down:Archer Now a mix of wee folk- Balto Burrowell, Gnome:Cassie, Female Gnome Wizard:Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Thief:Lem, Iconic Halfling Bard:Ingrid, Female Gnome Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf (with sword up now):Gruff Grimecleaver (weapon swap):Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard All of the Half-Sized Heroes are accounted for here. More Dungeon Dressing- Candelabra:Altar (sans sacrifice):Vault and Lid:Candelabra Don't know if we're getting two Candelabras. Kickstarter images only show one. First of Fire It Up! appears- Spell Effect, Burning Sphere:Wall of Fire Surrounded by skeletons we have- Dain Deepaxe:Hell Hound:Khael Stonekindle (Gandwarf) Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergent All of the Dwarves are accounted for. Here comes the Undead Horde- 6 Skeletons (two each of three sculpts) 4 Zombies (two each of two scultps) Undead Horde all accounted for. Deladrin, Assassin:Lizard Man w/Spear:George, Zombie:Kellen, Nobleman Adventurer (now hooded):Isabeau Laroch, Female Paladin New Female Warrior:Astrid, Female Chronicler:New Female Dragon Slayer:Overladen Henchman:Mason Thornwarden, Ranger Chronoscope, et. al. coming up- Rosie, Chronotechnician:Andre Durand, Time Chaser:Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser:Dita, Steampunk Witch Horace "Action" Jackson:Bonnie, Futuristic Heroine:Female Nova Corp Officer:Rex, Dark Future Hero:Berkeley, Zombie Survivor Deadeye Slim, Cowboy:The Black Mist:Deputy Wayne Tisdale:Ellen Stone, Cowgirl NOVA Corporate Security Sergeant:NOVA Corporate Security Guard:Garvin Markus, Nova Corp Hero:Nova Corp Rifleman:Nova Corp Soldier Erik Proudfoot, IMEF Marine:Nick Stone, IMEF Squad Leader:Jazz Jenkins, IMEF Marine:Sarah Blitzer, IMEF Sniper "Torch" McHugh, IMEF Flame Thrower:Reggie Van Zandt, IMEF Heavy Gunner Ape-X, Super Villain Chronoscope, IMEF Marines, NOVA, and Zombie Hunters all accounted for. Flanking Ape-X- Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin:Nienna, Elf Ranger Bartender:Blacksmith:Strumpet:New Male Fighter with Two Swords (?):Lysette, Elven Mage Wench with Mugs:Grandmother:Finaela, Female Pirate:Elladan, Elf:Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard Gravedigger:Man with Sickle (weapon swap):Aviriel Tellerion, Elf Paladin:Trista, Female Warrior:Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue Mother w/ Children Townsfolk and Townsfolk II all accounted for. New Pirate:Ghoul Queen:Juliette, Wizard:Autumn Bronzeleaf, Female Elf Wizard:New Male Pirate Almaran the Gold, Paladin with Flaming Sword:Mummy of Hakir:Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen:Goldar the Barbarian Medusa:Female Human Wizard:Dark Elf Warrior:Necropolis Ghast:Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergent Finari, Crusaders Hero:Elquin, High Elf Adventurer:Norgol, Irongrave Knight:Satheras, Elf Warlock:New Female Pirate Klocke Classics and Pirates all accounted for. Halbarand, Cleric:Virina, Female Demon:Sinessa, Hellborn Sorceress Heroes all accounted for. Haunts on its way- Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard:Labella DeMornay, Banshee:Spirit Elves all accounted for. Damien, Hellborn Wizard (wepon swap):Callie, Female Rogue with Bow:Clay Golem:Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin Nefsokar Tomb Guard:Dragonman Warrior:Grave Wraith:Anvall Thricedamned, Evil Warlord:Khadath, Nefsokar Captain New Male Paladin:Mangu Timur:Bat Swarm:Darkrasp, Death Priest:Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress (almost off screen) Lots of Pathfinder stuff now- Seoni, Iconic Female Sorceress:Damiel, Iconic Alchemist:Merisel, Iconic Elf Rogue (version 2):Goblin Warchanter We Be Goblins! all accounted for. Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight:Valeros, Iconic Male Human Fighter:Feiya, Iconic Witch:Kyra, Female Iconic Cleric Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard:Seelah, Iconic Female Paladin:Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian Iconics and Iconics II all accounted for. Judas, Necropolis Warlord:Black Orc Hero:Black Orc Archer Tierdeleira, Priestess:Black Orc Tundra Stalker:Orc Swordsman:Ragnaros, Evil Warrior Dark Elves and Dark Heroes all accounted for. Orc Spearman:Snakeman:Male Human Wizard New Wizard with Staff and Familiar:Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage:Lizard Man Spearman:Lizard Man Warrior Aello, Harpy:Battleguard Golem:New Male Berserker:Flesh Golem Ghost King:Arrius the Black, Skeletal Champion Grave Danger all accounted for. Stone Golem:Malek, Necropolis Mage:Neb'nesew, Nefsokar Warlord Golems, Necromancers, and Who's Your Mummy? all accounted for. Vandorendra Demon:New Female Viking:New Male Elf Warrior:Well of Chaos 30 New Bones, Bedevilled, and Dungeon Dressing all accounted for. Night Spectre:Kavorgh, Black Orc Warlord:Medium Fire Elemental BBEG all accounted for. Troll:Ghostly Summons:Eyebeast Haunts and Swamp Things all accounted for. Large Fire Elemental:Owlbear Fire It Up! all accounted for. Yehpima, Female Cloud Giant Storm Giant:Griffon Owlbear/Griffon and Storm Giants all accounted for. So, that's it! Other than Mister Bones (which isn't really part of the Vampire set) I think everything is here!
  10. It Came from the Stars: Bringing the Weird to Pathfinder RPG: Expected June 2012 - Way late. There have been recent updates, so I suppose I'll see this at some point. Rappan Athuk: Expected Aug 2012 - On time! Kaidan Campaign Setting (PFRPG): Expected Oct 2013 - Seems to be moving forward okay. I think he gave himself A LOT of lead time. This project isn't that big.
  11. The one on the left is bent and the one on the right is only slightly bent. So I imagine it's a case-by-case basis. (They appear at 0:30) Which is a little odd, since I thought we were only getting one.
  12. Oh, I missed that part. But are they talking about how they're casting the production pieces, or how they're making the "sculpts" to create molds from?
  13. I'm guessing ArmorCast is metal? I suppose if they don't list the material, it's metal.
  14. We're in the last few days for Razor Coast. Heart of the Razor, Fire As She Bears, and the D20 Pro maps and Hero Lab Data Files have all been achieved and are available as add-ons. At $100K, they'll convert the Necromancer Dead Man's Chest supplement from 3.5 to Pathfinder. Just under $95K now, so it looks like we'll hit this goal too.
  15. I wanted more pre-paints in the Legendary Encounters line, so I made a small pledge early on. When it started getting big, I backed out (I didn't really want a metal Sophie, and they were doing fine without me). Then it got REALLY big. Eventally I couldn't resist and jumped in with both feet. What on Earth am I gonna do with all of these nekkid minis?
  16. New video: Bones 2012 Vampire Slow Crawl Note the title: Bones 2012 Vampire...
  17. Yep, an absurdly ridiculous deal. I'm mostly just curious because there are still some that I either want duplicates of, or some of the options where I wanted only one or two from a multi-figure set. (Plus, I just had to draw the line somewhere.)
  18. Someone on the Paizo boards asked for a Large sized snake mini and this little playmate was suggested: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02675:%20giant%20snake/latest/02675 Wouldn't that be a great fit for Bones? I think every campaign I was ever in fought a giant snake or three during the lower levels.
  19. I think the folks at Frog God might be trying to get Reaper to change it to something more rapierish. We'll see.
  20. 1) Open box. 2) Cackle gleefully. 3) Dump box onto kitchen table. 4) Cackle gleefully. 5) Take inventory. 6) Sort into categories. 7) Marvel at figures, pick out favories. 8) Cackle gleefully. 9) Sort into different categories. 10) Cull out trade bait. 11) Sort into still further categories (because I'm like that). 12) Cackle gleefully. 13) Pick out a likely candidate to try to paint. 14) Try to paint. 15) Figure out where it all went wrong. 16) Watch painting tutorials. 17) Try again. 18) Figure out where it all went wrong. 19 and onward) Repeat 16-18.
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