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  1. If D&D AL has a presence this year, I want to run some tables. Let me talk to the coordinator for this region. I should know something before EoB on Friday, 8/12.
  2. Regrettably, most of my wargaming experience comes in either the form of hex-paper maps with stacks of cardboard counters, or some other game that takes place 38,000 years in the future. I’ll have to buy new minis to break into Warlord, in any case. OTOH, I am scheduled to get a goodly number of skeletons & orcs over the next year… Here’s my logic, and you guys can explain to me where I haven’t thought it through correctly: Until I have a good knowledge of the various troop types & how the special abilities interact, I’m probably going to point a big pile of points of mine at a
  3. 50082 is closest to my desires. Guess the modding nessisary to tone down the "Latter-Day Ninja" vibe & play up "Second Story Man" / Cat Burglar wouldn't be that bad.
  4. While Chronoscope offers several women in catsuits, I don't see any men rigged for silent intrusion. They're either in power armor, suits, or billowing long coats. I think the line would be well served by someone in the Sam Fisher / Mission Impossible / Stainless Steel Rat / GI Joe's Snake Eyes / Metal Gear Solid range. Were it purely up to me, I would suggest night goggles perched on the fore-head, and creeping with a knife poised to slit a throat.
  5. While I'm not new to wargaming as a whole, I'd like to start with an army that excels at my preferred strategy, while I'm getting my footing. Nowhere have I been able to find a simple pro & con breakdown of each army. Rather than a dozen replies about how any army is flexible enough to accommodate any play style, I'd like to see what folks see as the core strength and weakness of each faction. Examples would be something like, "Elves strive for magical superiority, but they tend to get squished in hand to hand” or “Necropolis favors the Mongolian Hordes Technique – throw enough
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