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  1. Go to your local hardware store and look at the tool boxes. I used to travel a lot for work and had a nice set up in a moderately sized tool box. I was using it for plastic models rather than minis but I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well. The one I had included a lift out tray that worked well for tools and brushes. I used the bottom for paints but there was plenty of room so I'm sure you could easily set up a safe area to transport figures along with the paints. I've always liked egg cartons with paper towels or foam to keep everything in place. Craft stores also offer a lot of plastic organizers that might work and would fit in the bottom of the tool box.
  2. I'm a fan of fender washers, they are available in sizes from tiny (sub 1/2") to about 2" so cover Halfling to ogre / small giant figures. Fender washers have a smaller hole in the middle than standard washers. Larger you can take a trip down to the electrical aisle and get some round junction box blanking plates (about 4"). If that isn't enough sometimes you can find round pieces of particle board or plywood from 6 - 24" across. Another plus to washers is with bones they add a nice heft that they otherwise miss compared to metal minis. I prefer round bases so that if used for gaming they give a nice idea of reach.
  3. I really like 3667 and the ranger with the bone whip is neat. I like the sculpture but the whip doesn't work for me at all, a little surgery will fix that problem though. Batt Ridgely makes me realize I need more cowboys, really nice mini.
  4. Well now that I've got my photo posting issues figured out... I've made good use of the spice rack building skills I learned in Jr High Woodshop. This only scratched the surface of my needs, so I built another much larger twice and tall and twice as wide, but not as nice. That didn't do it either so the overflow has gone into a large parts organizer with clear plastic drawers. I think this is the one http://www.homedepot.com/p/Akro-Mils-24-Large-Drawer-Small-Parts-Storage-Cabinet-10124/203538887 I also build plastic models so I moved my military paints into the bins, separated by nation / service. If I'm building a P-40 Warhawk, I can just take the whole drawer out with the WW2 USAAF colors. One could easily do the same by color or use, a red drawer, flesh colors, glazes etc. Not tall enough to store the dropper style bottles like Vallejo upright, but works great for Model Master, Citidel / GW, Akan, and Tamiya paint bottles. Please excuse the mess, the work bench is in need of a pause for reorganization
  5. The past week or so I've been unable to link from Photobucket into this forum or another I frequent that also uses the IP forum software. It isn't a problem on sites using another brand of forum software. I copy my link like normal, but when I click paste, nothing just blank. I've been using Photobucket probably 10 years now and have never run across something like this.
  6. I also like oils, yes they take some time to dry, but the effects are worth it and I always have a ton of other things to work on while I wait. Have not seen the water based oils.
  7. Well I got off easier than the last time, I even stayed below my initial $300 until the end. I got almost all of the large minis in KS1 so it was a lot easier to pass on some of the large ones I was on the fence with this time. Ultimately Dragon's Don't Share 2 put me over the top, I tried to convince myself that I didn't need it, but I lost that argument. I do wish they would let you buy extras of the expansions like they do with the core. I don't need multiples of everything, but there were a few I would have grabbed an extra of. I guess that would probably get pretty complicated though either allowing people to part out the expansions or having to keep track of who got the expansion to allow adding extras. All in all good fun, and the minis should arrive just in time for my birthday next year. Happy Birthday to me in 2014.
  8. The next map section was a beach with a big pirate ship, but we didn't make it that far. They accidentally showed it to us earlier, and then cut it back down to what you see now. Ok, that makes sense. Now that you mention it, I vaguely recall that. A Bones pirate ship would have been cool. Thanks
  9. Well this was completely unnecessary since I still have a huge box of unpainted mini's from KS1, but it was fun. I like the way they broke out the expansions so that once in you could get more "free" stuff as with the core as the KS went along. 3 is clearly themed, but 1 and 2 do not seem to have an obvious theme. I am a bit confused though, where are the pirates? Between 2.85 and 3 mil, there is a sign that says Thar be Pirates. I assumed there would be some sort of pirate themed reveal at that point. The wallet is getting off a bit easier than last time.
  10. You wil be able to change your selections around until December 31, and can add funds until that time as well. Thank you. I'm about 90% sure of what I want but on the fence in a few spots, plus of course last minute reveals that I may find are must haves.
  11. Are the pledges going to work the same as last time, where you will be able to make fine adjustments at the end to cover an extra mini or other item if you were off a bit or had a last minute change of heart and wanted to add something you were initially going to pass on?
  12. Ok, now I'm getting angry. Congress has 14 days to re-open the government or I'm going to miss out on Bones II and there are some good looking minis being shown off so far. I don't suppose Reaper takes government IOU's in lieu of cash. Don't look in that big box on the floor, it's none of your business how many Bones I've finished painting from the last kickstarter.... ok, it rhymes with hero, but that is all I'm saying.
  13. Nothing, I ordered V +1 of almost everything and a few duplicates of figures my wife also wants to paint. I spent several hours this morning organizing and test fitting all my minis (to ensure all the parts were there). It is an impressive pile, now I need to figure out which one to start with. I had mixed feelings on the Cthulhu figure in photos. I had to get him because it is Cthulhu, but wasn't sure how happy I'd be with the figure when it arrived. I am happy to report the figure is much cooler in person, and I would be having serious regrets when I saw it the first time if I had passed on that one. The demons are pretty neat too, much larger than I expected.
  14. Except for the few figures that already come with a substantial base, I base all of my figures onto a metal washer. I've been using 5 min epoxy or CA for years (decades really) and have never had one come off its base in all that time. Small hobbit sized (1/2" tall) to larger ogre / small giant size (2 - 21/2"). I haven't glued any of my bones yet, but I've used the same 5 min epoxy or CA glue on all sorts of plastic and resin bits without any trouble. If it will hold a heavy metal mini, a lightweight bones shouldn't be a problem, unless they happen to be one of the plastics highly resistant to glues (unlikely because those tend to resist paint as well).. Personally I prefer the 5 min epoxy because I can build it up a bit around the original figure base for a little extra hold for those awkwardly shaped bases or for figures intended to fit into the slot of a plastic base (GW / Citadel minis mainly). My results may vary from Wren's because I apply the glue quite liberally. Based on the glue residue in the photos of the bases the figures came off of, I apply the glue much more heavily than in those experiments. I'm going to blend the original base into the washer so don't have to be worried about some excess glue squeezing out from beneath the base.
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