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  1. Dear Ed: thankyou very, very much, this info was just what i hoped to find. Thanks to everybody at Reaper, keep on working on the best range of minis in the market :D the people on this forum is the best regards from Peru Drakkin, the alien
  2. Hello: i got the "little" one on a 50mm base, it meassures in metrical (from bottom of feet to top of the head)very very close to 8cm (give or take a few milimeters). the big one, a friend of mine mounted on the same base size, crouched as in the photo its bigger than the other, i would be around 12cm if standing, i believe. And is very heavy, i would base it with real stones :D, standing it would topple really easy in a gaming enviroment. pose it slightly crouched for safety. hope this help regards Drakkin, the alien
  3. uhmmm. is that true? did you succeded? maybe there is some ruling somewhere? that is the kind of thing that could/would help us here. You maybe don´t know that but what FDA in USA says has a lot of weight in the media and goverment here. saves time and money in the analisys labs i guess. regards Drakkin.
  4. Thank you very much. I was asking in behalf of a friend who wants the hidra for his DarkElves and wanted to know it the size was right. i think hes going to purchase one or two now. >D regards. Drakkin.
  5. Dear Reaper Dudes> thanks to everybody answers. Don't worry about being rude with my custom agents, we (my fellow collectors in Peru) are rude with them too >D (behind their backs) You would never believe, this whole toxic toy scare rebound to my country from some scandal in china for some Mattel dolls painted with lead white paint or something. Front page in the newspapers for a week and the politicians found clever to make thight meassures in customs for EVERYTHING. The guy in the Hobby local store wouldnot get his glues and enamel paints trough without long and expensive paperwork, even the Methanol Bottles of fuel for the motorized scale planes and cars would get drafted in the net. ITS INSANE. I know. I just hoped that some gov.page in the country of origin would help to point out the issue. USA standards and classifications are good for most things that are not produced locally. We have no form or shape of Miniatures Industry here in Peru. We fear that if not toy, the minis would become Artcraft (more expensive fees). Well, in the end, we shall keep smuggling our minis in >D. Sometimes, the officers dont notice that the figures are metalic when there are also boxes of plastic minis in the box Patience, patience, I got lots to paint anyway. thanxs again Drakkin
  6. Hello: i live in Peru, and i have bought dozens upon dozens of minis from Reaper trough de years. But since a toxic toys scare last year, the customs agents are more strict with the paint pots, and toys. Now, what would help us (the collectors in Peru, we are a small club) is some way to make customs understand that the minis are not toxic. Well, I dont know if the special alloy of Reaper is some kind of trademarked secret. But they wonder if it indeed contains lead or not. If there is some kind of non-toxicity certificate issued in US, would you please point me to the appropiate gov.weblink so i can show it to mi custom agent. They can perfom an analysis here, but it would destroy part of a mini, and the costs of the analysis is ridiculous ($300). I can't afford that. :P I have been buying blisters one by one on small packages now and then (that customs tend to ignore), but, that only makes my thirst for new minis grow (and my backlist is enormous). Please, if this is the wrong forum to ask this query, point me in the right direction. (we also suggest that the card of the blisters can get a NON-TOXIC label) Drakkin. (mini wargamer-junkie)
  7. Hello: i was wondering, what size is the square base this Hydra is standing upon? hope somebody answers, thanxs in advance. Drakkin, the alien
  8. Hello: I'm not that fond of elves, but I already have enough dwarves :D, and I think that it would be nice to have a noble elf. Sitting at a small coffee table or looming over a small column, dressed in fluffy clothes writing in a scroll with a fluffy feathered quill. Maybe with a thinkful stare looking at the infinitum. It would be used as a npc Poet, or an elf Ambassador, or an elf Lawyer :D. But, if a new dwarf is to be done, it could be a Dwarven Blacksmith, but not a hammering dwarf, it could be a Dwarf lovingly honning the edge of a sword. regards Drakkin, the alien.
  9. You "can" get only the bird if you really hate the rider... but at the current crazy pricing policies, that would not be smart. If you want to buy, lets say, half the pieces of a bigger multipart miniature, you are going to expend at least 75% to 80% of the price of the whole model. If you are unaware and buy everypiece of a model, but a single little one, you are going to be charged at least 110% of the whole model price. And no, I'm not exagerating. Thats from recent price rises. Oh, the old days, when there was just no discount for the bits, and if you buy eanough pieces to build a model they would just charge the whole price and throw the plastic base for free! Long gone days But, if you look hard enough, there use to be some smaller birds, without riders... Now if just Reaper would release some giant HAWKS... that would be great. I would like some giant vultures, that would make my day :D
  10. Hi, yesterday i catched an epp of "Dharma & Greg". That where she has had a car crash accident and was jumping in one foot most of the show. In a sidestory, Dharma & Greg's fathers are disputing over a leather armchair and Dharma's father dares Greg's to duel in D&D. "Here, you can be the elf", he says and shows him a miniature. he keeps the miniature wizard for himself. (so I assume that its a very old D&D first ed :P ) It was on cable and I'm not sure how popular Dharma & Greg is over there (I´m an alien, you know). Drakkin, the alien
  11. I suddendly recalled this from last year: http://www.paintingclinic.com/images....006.JPG i'm still interested in that bat :D Anybody knows if something like this has been anounced for release anytime soon?? Drakkin, the alien
  12. 10017 Tomb Of The Mummy King Box Set $39.99 this code above keeps me awake at night..... how many minis inside....?? is there metal scenery...?? (we have seen a pilar, and a sarcophagus..) a giant maybe...?? anyone...?? ???
  13. Hi, I love Garritis pegasus and unicorns. Her dragons are grear and i will buy all the halflings she care to sculpt. Second place in my mind comes Ben Siens, for his trolls and gnolls, and lizards. :) And the egiptian work he is doing somewhere else. :) Mr. Klocke makes some of the best looking elves I have seen in a long time. I will buy some, someday. Right now i got something against elves (to many battles lost against them :P) Jason Wiebe has my fourth place. Ms. Guthrie used to be my number one, but now Sandra's work is over everybody else. :D Denis Mize latest work I dont like much, but back then, when I was younger, I drooled over his Silver & Steel series. There they are, the reason i'm changing all my hard earned gold coins into pewter. Drakkin, the alien
  14. There http://www.reapermini.com/Merchan....BY-2000 its not at all! Drakkin
  15. Hello: this is an experiment to see if i can show up my minis. If it works, this is my mesa de trabajo. One big lizard and one little wotc mini :) http://photos.yahoo.com/bc.....view=t Also this is the one i want advice for: http://photos.yahoo.com/bc.....view=t i made him a skull helm (because i didnt liked his head :p ), but now i'm not sure if to make it bone or metal. Because of the other pieces of armor the mini has, i think that the helm could also be bronze or something. But, do you think that if i make the helm bony, the shoulder pads would look right made out of bone also?? That chainmail would obviously be dark metal. Drakkin
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