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  1. I have seen this first hand and it is such a phenomenal idea and product! The shipping prices will depend on how much you buy, of course. I know they would love to make everything in plastic, but the cost of doing so is a bit out of their budget right now, so parts of it will be resin and some parts will be plastic. Once they get it all produced and know the actual weight of everything, then they will be able to give exact shipping amounts. They really want everyone to be able to have it if they want it and they are doing what they can to make a quality product for as inexpensive as they can.
  2. Castle! is a supercool, modular castle kit that can be built and then taken apart again and again for easy storage. I'm very excited to see that my friend has finally gotten his idea so close to fruition, all he needs is a little help. Please check out his Kickstarter, and if it interests you, please help make it a reality! Follow the link below. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/castlefoundry/castle-the-modular-construction-system?ref=live
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