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  1. It has them turned for you? I have so many weird issues with the images I take LOL
  2. Thanks! I'm actually really surprised that I got through it so quick! To be completely honest, though, I DID take Monday off for my birthday and worked on it for like 5 hours LOL Such a fun model to paint!
  3. Just finished this guy up tonight! Got the base from Dragon Forge today and had to wrap it up. This mini is scaled to 22" at 100%, but that seemed a bit too large for the space I currently have for displaying stuff, so I lowered the scale down to 70% when I printed, so he's only 14" tall now. There were a couple of breakages (some of the pieces have thin contact points) and the central piece of the body had a printing error where it flattened out some. But, I'd probably have to point it out to people for them to see it because it sort of blends in well to how he's contorting his body. The feathers didn't turn out as vibrant as I wanted with the red and yellow, but I am happy with the subdued color as well. The base is one of Dragon Forge's Aztec themed 130mm bases. Critiques of course welcome. http://www.bojesphob.com/army/printed/Quetzalcoatl1.jpg http://www.bojesphob.com/army/printed/Quetzalcoatl2.jpg http://www.bojesphob.com/army/printed/Quetzalcoatl3.jpg And here is the column he's wrapped around. Sorry for the blue towards the top. http://www.bojesphob.com/army/printed/QuetzalcoatlPillar.jpg
  4. Wrapped this up today! I keep saying I'm going to get my Bones painting caught up for when my Bones V stuff gets here, now I have a bunch of 3D printed stuff i somehow managed to work into the queue.... Not sure how that happened... But, aside from print errors (was the second thing I printed, so there are a few of them unfortunately) I think they turned out pretty well! http://www.bojesphob.com/Army/printed/Mando1.jpg http://www.bojesphob.com/Army/printed/Mando2.jpg
  5. so, yellow work? http://www.bojesphob.com/Army/printed/AnubisWIP3.jpg
  6. Been printing up a storm LOL Have a couple that turned out FANTASTIC and figured I'd post them here so you all can see them before I start painting them. First is the Clay Cyanide Jormungandr: http://www.bojesphob.com/Army/printed/jorg.jpg You'll notice I have Dance of Death in progress in the background, which also gives some scale to Jorg. Also have the water of the base painted up as well. There are some pieces for an ice giant sitting around it as well, but have a few piece to print for that before it's ready to show off. And, my favorite print recently. the Cold Giant by Lord of the Print. I knew it was going to be decent sized, but it took printing it to really realize how big it actually is! Bones barbarian facing him off in Paintbottleland. http://www.bojesphob.com/Army/printed/ColdGiant.jpg
  7. So maybe do a gold with black irises? That might be interestin
  8. Maybe. It almost looks like the eyes are black in all of the artwork of Anubis that I can find (that's where I got the color scheme, for the most part). Maybe just do white with black irises?
  9. I am close to being done with the Anubis I printed. Definitely loving the new printer I bought! There were a few printing issues with this piece, but since I didn't want to waste a lot of resin after the fact, I just dealt with the broken pieces/misprints as they were. I'm doing FAR better with the prints now that I know the finer points of where to place the models in the slicer programs and how to add the supports, so it was definitely a learning experience! That said, I bet if I don't point out the printing issues or where I trimmed pieces in the wrong places not realizing that I cut the wrong stuff off instead of the supports, you probably wouldn't notice. Anyhow, I have a few touch ups left to do, and I haven't decided how to do his eyes yet... Can't decide if I want to do more of a normal eye or if I want to go with the way that the Egyptians portrayed him like what's on the snake of the staff. Any thoughts on what you would think would be the better looking of the two, let me know! Anubis Front Anubis Back
  10. Learned some new stuff over the weekend.... Mainly that sometimes there aren't enough supports on some of the pieces even if you do the "auto" function in the slicing software. This, in turn, caused one of the legs of the Mandalorian to partially drop off of the base and damage the FEP film. So, new ones ordered... Anyhow, I got quite a bit printed, and am learning a lot about it as I go along. I am THOROUGHLY impressed with the quality of prints this Anycubic Photon mono makes!! Just need to figure out a good place for it and the wash/cure stand as where they're at now isn't going to work long term. Got my dragon skull printed AND painted! Really will look nice with the Bones V Dragon Bust that I'll be getting :) The first part of the pic is the front of the mini when it was based, the second part is where I'm at right now. I think I'm going to go in and clean up some of the areas around the teeth, as I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures that it looks like some of the white bled into the black recesses. Dragon Skull And, Anubis God King is mostly printed. I didn't realize how big this mini was until I had it printed! Still need to print off the mummies on the base when I get the new FEP films. Anubis
  11. doesn't bother me too much. I only got the clear for things like water bases or effects on minis, so they'll be getting a wash and then a drybrush on top even if they stay clear. Mando will be fully painted, so you won't even notice when I'm all done :)
  12. Finally got the settings right, and got the Mandolorian printed from a free STL. Have a few other things printing right now (using some advice from Glitterwolf :) ) and he turned out pretty good! I'm pretty sure the yellowing is from him sitting in the printer overnight, and I didn't cure him until this morning, but not really worried about it with him as I will be painting him and not keeping him clear. The Child is printing right now along with some pirate stuff, so once I get those cleaned and cured, I'll post some pics of those too. I did end up snapping Mando's legs off when I was trimming off the supports, but it was easy enough to glue him back together.
  13. Third attempt worked! Once I get back from dropping a certain someone off at kindergarten I'll be able to scrape it off, clean it, cure it, and get some pics.
  14. Well, first print attempt failed miserably. But, after reading the bottle for the clear resin, I don't think I had the exposure set properly. I have it rerunning now to see it will work. Set up was exceptionally easy, and hopefully after adjusting the layer cure time will get the second attempt to print properly. Will post when I get a good print!!
  15. Printer and wash station just arrived... If I wasn't so backed up with some production issues at work, I would SOO be setting it up right now! LOL
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