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  1. This specific miniature was one of the reasons I bought an FDM printer! Well, that and the lodges from Dragon Trappers Lodge LOL I've seen some fantastic results combining stuff for big prints like this FDM and resin. The lower detail stuff (and bigger pieces) you print in PLA, then the super detailed smaller pieces you print in resin. Saves a lot on the overall costs, as I've printed things not too much smaller than that, like the DTL Stormkite, and only used about 10 dollars in filament. Actually, what I've done for the FDM for things like that base are that when I slice them, I actually put them on the print plate in such a way that all of the pieces are just ever so slightly touching, so that it comes out as one piece instead of multiple. It still has the lines, normally, but no gluing nor worrying about how it's going to go together!
  2. I think it's a massive undertaking and a lot of people feel intimidated. All of my paints and minis are packed up for our move next month, so this is a backburner thing at the moment, but once the move is complete and my new painting space is freed up, I will absolutely be jumping back on this! 🙂
  3. LOL I already have 2 large ships that I'm going to be building a display with (ghost and regular), not sure I need ANOTHER ship 😄 I threw them into one of my boxes for the move, so I'll have some extra time to think about it
  4. I modified the Ghost Ship from Bones V to have 3D printed, glow in the dark masts that look like tattered sails. Anyhow, I cut the original masts off above the connection point to the magnetic bases (and reused the bases for the new masts). Since we're moving soon, I'm doing clean up of all of my mini stuff and packing all of it away, and I can't think of any reason I would keep the original masts... I thought about throwing them away, but considering they're not exactly "in print" so to say, I almost feel bad doing that. I don't even know if anyone can use them now that I cut the connector at the bottom off (I originally glued it all together, then cut it off when I found the STLs I fell in love with to replace them with!). Any thoughts? I'd hate to toss them if they could be of any use....
  5. That thing is amazingly fantastic! It's in my queue, but I'm so far behind on what I want to print, and can't print at the moment anyway... Would love to be able to get around to doing those dinos, that's for sure! I have an idea for doing a caravan of dinos from this, Mini Monster Mayhem and Dragon Trappers lodge and replacing the humans in this group with dino men (using Reaper and some art from STLs). Maybe I can get to printing them after we move in June.
  6. I believe the kickstarter said it was 1:12th scale, and he's around 10 inches tall (26cm).
  7. I apologize for the blurriness in certain places in the pics. I've packed up my light box up, so I had to improvise 😄 Anyhow, I've been working on this for ... well... what seems like forever. I printed most of him off back when Blackforge released the STLs for it. Since we're packing up to show our house, I decided i needed to get it to a good point to pack it up before all my paints were put away for a few months. I used some new paints for the armor (Vallejo Space Dust), which I think really makes it stand out a bit. Can't wait to have an office to be able to display this with all my dragons! 🙂 And, yes, I installed lights into it! Although, I didn't do the sword, as the fairy lights I got for it really don't project enough to light up the whole sword. Next up will be to finish printing Kojiri in fox and panther form and paint those to go along with it, but that will be after the move.
  8. A good friend I showed it to recommended that when I put it on a wall to display it, I need to put some green LED lights behind it so that it glows from the eyes/mouth and from around it. Since the Otar mask sort of glows green, I definitely need to do that 😄
  9. I haven't found any malachite to upgrade it yet, so it's only like 5% increase 😄
  10. For Christmas this last year, my wife got me a 3D printed Dragon Priest mask from Skyrim off of Etsy, knowing that Skyrim was one of my favorite games of all time (if not #1). It came unpainted, so gray plastic, and I told her I was going to paint it like the Otar mask, which if I remember correctly was a malachite item (malachite being a weird, magical smithing material from the game). Anyhow, while I didn't get it as close as I would have liked, I like how it turned out and figured I'd share 🙂 When we move in the next couple of months, this will grace the wall of my work from home area next to the huge signed poster from the Presidents of the United States of America LOL
  11. I think they're for both the super fans (such as myself) AND for trying to bring in new people. I know, personally, that I've convinced at least one person per kickstarter to join in new (except III, which I missed when it actually happened and bought stuff from later). It's a fun experience overall, and seeing the reveals during the campaign, then seeing ideas go from rough sketches to actual figures that you get in the mail is unlike any other company that creates figures in my mind. Reaper really makes the process visible and enjoyable, and I personally don't mind sending them bunches of money for the entertainment AND the really awesome miniatures. Some people have had issues in years past, but with 20k+ backers, someone is going to be unhappy at some point no matter how good a company is. That said, I feel it's rather telling that there are so many people like myself that keep coming back for more
  12. Here I was, all content to be painting Bones 1-5 stuff, and trying to get ready to move. I told myself I'd probably skip Bones VI if it happened before we moved, and it looks like it will be happening about when we do. But I saw the dragon that was previewed... and... well.... I don't NEED another dragon, I mean, I only have 14 and about a dozen in line for my 3D printers.... But it's SO cool!.... Ok, I'm in for the dragons at least.... And maybe the undead.... and the crypt.... Maybe the chibi stuff for my daughter.... Of course, this is the SAME conversation I had with myself with Bones V, and ended up spending around 800 dollars on it. 😃😄😆😂😭
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