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  1. bojesphob

    Bones 4 Dragon Turtle

    Any thoughts on what would work better for the eyes? I tried to base what I did off of pictures I found of the eyes of actual sea turtles, and their eyes seem to be darker.
  2. bojesphob

    Bones 4 Dragon Turtle

    Spent what little free time I had over the weekend wrapping up my dragon turtle. Extremely fun piece to paint!
  3. bojesphob

    Roc as Thunderbird

    I really like it! The main reason I didn't get Roc was that I had no idea how I would paint it (I'm terrible with feathers), and seeing yours, that really makes me sad I didn't get it to try. You did a great job!
  4. bojesphob

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    For anyone interested, the base color for the horns was GW Markarth Flesh before being washed with GW Agrax Earthshade. I think that was what I used, although I might have also used the Vampire Shadow, since that is essentially the same color and I have both sitting right next to each other in my paint box LOL
  5. bojesphob

    Bones 4 prehistoric Triceratops man

    I don't know if I have ever seen, do we know what this guy/girl is called? Anyhow, getting some painting done before summer classes start up with my Bones 4 stuff, and got this guy done. I'm not sure why I had so many issues with focusing on the mini when trying to take the pictures, so I apologize for the crappiness of them. Next up after this: Dragon Turtle!
  6. bojesphob

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    If I recall correctly, this is the process I used: base (all but stomach): GW Castellan Green (I think, I'll have to double check, it was either this or WAAAGH! Green) base (stomach): Privateer Press P3 Trollblood base Markings (none on stomach): Reaper Bones 4 Styx Purple layered up with Sorcerous Mist If you notice, there are some purplish areas around the eyes and the nose area. These I did in the Styx, then only put one mark of Mist on the front of the nose area. There are circular designs on the frills, and stripes on the body Wash: GW Agrax Earthshade (brown) on stomach and body Highlight on stomach: P3 Trollblood highlight Dry brush on body/stomach: light dry brush of P3 Bootstrap Leather, then another light drybrush of P3 Rucksack Tan, then a VERY light dry brush of GW Pallid Wych Flesh Horns/beak/toes: I'm going to have to figure out what I used for the base color, I can't remember. But, I did use that color, then washed with Agrax Earthshade, then highlighted up with Pallid Wych Flesh Eyes: White (base white, can't remember what brand I used), bright orange (Reaper IIRC), with a slighly diluted wash of GW Casandora Yellow
  7. bojesphob

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    Thanks again everyone :) Next up is the Dragon Turtle! I found some pictures of sea turtles and am using them as inspiration for it. Will definitely be posting that one when I'm done!
  8. bojesphob

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    Thanks, guys! It was a fun one to paint! I am trying to decide what to paint next. I am futzing around with the barbarian triceratops man while I decide what I want to paint next...
  9. bojesphob

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    After finishing up the ghost pirates for my ghost ship, I moved on to the next inspiration I had for my Bones 4 pledge minis, the Thunderfoot behemoth! I almost went with the Blacktooth Terror, but I need to do some gap filling on that one and figured the Thunderfoot I could just paint away since I had a little free time the last two nights. I was hoping the designs I put on before doing the washes and drybrushing would have stood out more, but overall I still like how he turned out!
  10. Got all the ghost pirates painted :D I think they look pretty good with the ship.
  11. Finally got a little time to paint, after getting all of my Bones 4 stuff assembled. Did two of the ghost pirates like what I did with the wraith. I like how they turned out :)
  12. As a matter of fact, I'm going to paint them up like I did my clear green Wraith I did from Bones I :) The railings and treasure chest and such are all going to be painted normally, and the ghosts themselves will be still mainly transparent with some drybrushing and washes. Haven't decided if I will do the swords painted or clear, though. This is the wraith completed:
  13. Got all my stuff in, so I was able to pose the Ghost Pirates with the ship! :) Yay! Now just to paint them and figure out how to put them on!
  14. Actually, you could do what I do: do a light wash of green/blue green (GW has some really nice technical paints just for that), let it dry, then do a really light couple of dry brushes of green over top. I've got a step by step with one of the translucent wraiths from Bones 1 somewhere if you want to see it. Turns out well! And, I got my Bones today!! Already have the dinosaurs assembled, along with about half of the barge assembled as well. Even sat down with my 4 year old and showed her how to assemble the Rocky dragons (which she LOVED). Happy day!
  15. Just got my shipping alert (Wave 6, none of the problem sets) :) Am excited I will be able to complete my mashup for ghost ship and ghost pirates!