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  1. Figured I'd start a thread for this since I've been working on it lately. This is the new stretch goal base. I really like how the little stones turned out! Will also post some of the other pictures as well from what I have done, but wanted to start with this since I just got to a good stopping point with it. I'll definitely be wiring it up with LEDs. Here are the pieces I have in progress for the body. I use some painters masking fluid to cover the eyes and the spots on the torso, then used an eraser to take it off once I was done painting. Can't see it extremely well at the moment, bu
  2. I got the rest of my pledge a couple weeks back, but with how busy work has been and finals week for school, I haven't had very much time at all to paint. Now that I'm between terms for school and work has slowed down, I can paint a little again, even though I still have to spend some time keeping our daughter entertained since she's still stuck at home in the afternoons after kindergarten with not a lot to do. She'll paint with me a little bit, but move on to other stuff after a short while. She's actually painting Squirrel Girl right now from the KS exclusives for this. Since it seems that m
  3. I bought that STL too LOL Will go well with the bunny warriors I printed for my daughter from Epic Miniatures LOL
  4. Tenjin is in all printed (except the stretch goals for the panther/fox that I want to do. Now I just have to find time to paint! I'll probably have the owl perched on his base, then put the panther or fox on the main base with Tenjin.
  5. Ah. Yeah, I don't worry too much about the gloves, as since I'm using water washable resin, I just wash them a little bit in the water when I drop in the stuff I want to clean. I also usually wash AFTER I remove the stuff from the supports.
  6. Do you like putting the whole build plate into the cleaning vat? I didn't want to mess around with taking the whole thing off to wash, so I got one of the magnetic plates that you can just pop off and do what you need to for saving time. Easier to clean off the base too. Only bad thing is I had to add washers to a sensor (I have the Anycubic Photon Mono) to get it to not shatter the LCD, which the makers of Anycubic nor the magnetic plate mentioned would be necessary.... grr.... Oh well.
  7. Still using the clear blue resin, here is the Tenjin Kojira owl print, base in gray, owl in the blue. I'm thinking I may keep him like this as a "spectral" owl :)
  8. Mini Monster Mayhem's Solar Eclipsed Celestial is printed. Love the looks of it! The star/smoke/whatever it is will stay the blue color with some inks and possibly dry brushing, and I'll paint the body a fleshy tone, and there are a number of things I'll paint gold like the halo and pointy rings around her head, and bikini looking things.
  9. I might have to shuffle him towards the front of my print line! Of course, I haven't been able to paint as much lately, so my printing has been less since I have a backup there. Once I start getting some extra free time I'll start up again... But, yeah, definitely want to paint him now that I see him printed! You should send the pic of the print to the LotP guys, they like seeing their stuff printed out!
  10. You'll have to post how well it goes together. I have it in my queue to print, but it will be whjle before I get to it.
  11. There are a lot of factors that go into how those scans turn out. Normally, they actually do a 3D scan, and scan the whole thing, which is what they did with the ones I've printed so far. Some, though, they use photos take from a bunch of different angles and have a program stitch them together. While those are OK looking, they don't always end up turning out well, as I would imagine if you are in a museum taking photos, there's usually glass between you and the thing, or you can't get around to all angles. I tend to open the files in Lychee to see how they look there before I decide if I want
  12. And, here is the Chinese Lion Guardian statue cured and dried. Love the details :)
  13. Theodoric the Great of Italy. From a 3D scan of the bronze statue of him that was commissioned in the 1400s, and found on MyMiniFactory in their free Scan the World area. Printed to about 72mm scale. The details on the shield and armor are still very crisp, and even though it's a little hard to see in the picture, the chainmail skirt that he's wearing is still textured. Although the actual statue is in bronze, I'm actually going to attempt to paint it lifelike, so we'll see how that goes LOL (Huh, I see the forums are no longer allowing me to link images from my webhost because it'
  14. I know, right?? LOL It's from MyMiniFactory's Scan the World campaign. It's free, too, which is nice. If you look in the customer pictures, one guy at a museum even printed it off on a huge printer and have it as an exhibit! https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-triceratops-skull-in-colorado-usa-6225
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