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  1. Had the day off, and painted some. Got Cannonball and Sauron done! Only 50 left! Next up: Mastermind (realized I grabbed him instead of Sebastian Shaw), Polaris, Domino, Forge, White Queen, Sebastian Shaw, Shatterstar, Sunfire, Avalanche, and then Banshee.
  2. Dazzler is done. Realized I'm close to having two more boxes finished, so after Cannonball and Sauron, I'm mixing up the line up some to be Sabastian Shaw, Polaris, Domino, Forge, White Queen, then Shatterstar, which would complete the X-Men Gold Team box and the X-Force box.
  3. Got a bit of inspiration going today, so got not only Longshot done, but also Warlock. Self thinks Warlock looks decent 😄 anyhow, line up is currently Dazzler, Cannonball, Sauron, Forge, Polaris, and White Queen.
  4. Morlun is done. That wraps up Spider-geddon! Next up: Longshot, Dazzler, Warlock, Cannonball, Sauron, and Forge.
  5. Blob is done. This gets me to 160/216! Next up: Morlun, Longshot, Dazzler, Warlock, Cannonball, and Sauron.
  6. Toad is done! Went with the original color scheme from the 60s. Next up: Blob, Morlun, and Longshot
  7. Silk is done. Really liked the base on this one. Next up is Toad, Blob and Morlun (Morlun being the last Spider-geddon mini I need to do)
  8. Thanks everybody! Didn't expect to be done with it as quick as it was, so I gave it to my wife early instead of waiting until Wednesday, and she loved it!
  9. Not enamored with the model or the character, so went a bit plain Jane on Super Skrull. Next up Silk, Toad and Blob
  10. So, from Bite the Bullet, Diox the Metal Bard Dragon born, part of the Valentine's day gift for my wife. A couple days break from MU, but back to Super Skrull, Silk, then Toad now.
  11. Thanks! Was more enjoyable than I was expecting as well. Although, I did get a chuckle after looking at the pic again, he kinda looks like Robin Williams 😄
  12. Pyro is done. Next up is the mini for my wife, then Super Skrull, Silk, Toad then Blob.
  13. Havok is done. Next up is Pyro, then I am going to paint a 3D printed model I'm going to be giving my wife, then Super Skrull
  14. So, had yesterday and today off from work so continued painting in some free time. First up is Spiral. I thought about going a bit more metallic with the armor and swords, but this seemed a bit less ostentatious coupled with the 6 arms. Second up is Stryfe. Since I don't really like his design (as a character not just a model), I decided to try to make him look like the one cover from X-cutioner's Song with Cyclops and Jean Gray on it. First attempt ever at NMM, even though it's not *true* NMM, and more of a comic NMM. Can't say one way or another if I like the results, but he's done and well... That's something
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