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  1. Look great! I had forgotten about these particular minis... You did a great job bringing them to life, so to say! :D
  2. Very cool! Are you getting the Dark Depths expansion in Bones V? That has some good sculpts that would fit in nice with these :)
  3. Some better pictures of Charon and the passengers. I tried some new techniques on the black for Charon's cloak, so I took one of his front with the others, then one of the back. I don't quite have the brush control to do the multiple glaze layers on the fine details that some of the cloak has, so it's not exactly what I was shooting for, but I got it as far along as I could manage considering. I also need to do some layering on Charon's bones, and some detail work on some of the items he has like the oar. Layering on bone has never been one of my strong suits, especially on normal sized guys. Still trying to figure out what I want to do to layer up the canopy...
  4. I can't say I know specifically what they were going for. If that's what they were doing, then mission accomplished! :D
  5. Continued working :) Have a bit more of the canopy worked on, but have not decided how I want to highlight it. Might just use the base colors I used before the wash, but unsure what I want to do with it from here. Also did some work on the ghosts and Charon. You can't really tell from the first pic, but the Greek soul has a white wash on it before I did the light blue drybrush. It looks almost as if she's got a white transparent dress on, similar to the soul with the red dress in the other pictures. You'll notice that they are still translucent (the one pic of the other 3 you can see the sunlight coming in the room through them), but they also have some solidity to them as well. I still have their bases to make look like it's wood like the boat, and Charon has a bunch of work left to do on it (like the layering of the black and bones and the oar, and some other details). The greek soul has a copper coin for Charon, and Charon is staring at one. Unfortunately in this lighting you can't see the drybrush very well on the souls. I will try to get better pictures as I move along, I want to paint their eyes white (I think), and then I have the lost souls I'm doing in a similar vein, but am using a green wash and green drybrush on.
  6. I just came in to say, when I saw the title of the post, the song "Riders on the Storm" by the Doors popped into my head, but with "Riders on the Worm" as the words. I need help.
  7. I have been avoiding Kickstarter lately, considering I spent WAY too much on Bones V (and have about 20 dollars worth of additional stuff I still have sitting in my cart ready for me to pull the trigger to add on top of the massive amount of stuff I already have purchased LOL), in addition to a full in pledge for the CMoN Avengers United game, but saw this one pop up and had to back for the 2x 10 and 1x 14. Right now my paint organization is a medium flat rate box of GW paints and 3 Reaper starter kit boxes of paints on my desk. Not entirely efficient when trying to find something I use on a regular basis!! And, the fact on the 14 one you can put a tablet/phone, that means I can watch some of the Jessica Rich Dark Sword videos I got with Bones IV while I paint!
  8. A little bit further along. Got the bilge area cover done, tried out a new color combination to make it sort of a red wood. Think it turned out pretty good. I also have the canopy base coated and the pillars started, but those aren't really at a good point to post yet. Hoping to get some more time this weekend to do some more!
  9. Ok, got the other side done with the algae. Also added some to the barrel on the side, and on the steerage (like it's been catching the algae for a long time LOL). I'm definitely looking forward to the pirate ship from Bones V now!
  10. So, a little more done. Found a good tutorial on doing algae, and was going to do use it initially. It showed you how to use baking soda. But, I decided that I didn't want to deal with the potential mess of working with baking soda, and found a package of moss that I had sitting in my painting drawer on my work desk, used primarily for model railroad trees and bushes. So, I broke a couple pieces of that up, some in larger chunks and some in smaller bits, then attached them to the side and added some paint. I'm feeling pretty good about the end results, although not quite as dynamic as what the guy who used the baking soda made his.... But I can live with that. Once I get done with the other side of barge with the algae, I am going to attempt to do some OSL on the eyes and the lantern of the skeleton figurehead.
  11. Some drybrushing has been done to weather the wood, and I tried a new technique with the ropes. I actually like how it turned out, so I'll have to use this for the rest of the roping on this :) Glad I've been able to find some time to keep working on it!
  12. A little more done. Hoping to have more time tonight since it's going to be raining and cold, so no working outside after getting done with work. I'm liking how it's turning out so far. I have an idea that I'm going to try on the front prow of the boat: I remember seeing pictures of boats that are constantly used in waters that are grimy and have a lot of algae and stuff like that which have sort of layers of grim in several overlapping layers. I'm going to try to do some stuff to mimic that if I can. The figurehead is going to be unique looking as well, but isn't far enough along that I want to get a focused picture on it. Of course, I see some spots that I missed when I was doing the base coats in certain areas, and a few places I missed some green in the center. So far it's been fun! Can't wait to get the pirate ship since this has been such a blast to paint!
  13. Pretty funny that I come to post this, and the top post in this section is someone else's barge in progress LOL Anyhow, this will be slow going for the next week or so (finals week for the spring term), but I really needed to do some painting to relax, and for some unknown reason I started painting this instead of continuing on my Argent. Started off with the water, and have the bilge area pretty far along. This was one of my favorite models from Bones IV, so was excited to get it primed and the paint started!
  14. Finally found a little bit of time to work on this again. I am liking the yellow, and have started to add some details to the armor plates. Still have quite a lot I want to do with it, but I am DEFINITELY liking this better than with the blue! Haven't decided what I want to do with the horns yet.... Thoughts?
  15. That's the plan. I did a quick addition of the yellow to his face when I started the wings, but I'll probably add more once I get the wings done. What's amazing, though, is that to get that base yellow brown to cover well, I've had to use a LOT of the main color. At almost an entire bottle of... can't even think of what color of brown it is. I'll have to write that down, as I'm going to need to do an order for it from Reaper so I can finish things up.
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