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  1. Playing around some more :) Did some inking and then mixed some GitD powder with some white paint and put some on the bones of the reaper figurehead. Also used some of the white on the dead pirate king that's going to be the centerpiece of the ship on the bones and the albatross
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I really like how it turned out. In normal light, the cannon still looks rather ghostly, and it still glows. What I REALLY need to do is use the UV flashlight I have to see if it will reabsorb the light so that it will glow more, which I'll probably do sometime today. I also think I'm going to do a quick wash with tan on the ropes to make those a little bit of a different color, and a smidge of silver on a couple bits in the wood area that are metallic (like the pins in the wheels, or to pullies)
  3. Decided to test out my idea on the glow in the dark ship on one of the cannons. I'm thinking this is going to be how I do the full ship! I coated in matte varnish (so the inks will stick) then did a mid brown wash on the wood. Once that dried I did a VERY watered down tarnished steel RPS paint wash on the barrel. Anyhow, I tested and it still glows, so I'm thinking that this should work really well for the whole thing! Now to buy 3 gallons of brown wash 😄
  4. ..... Um... Well.... Yeah, no, I won't say anything.... When all else fails, paint it metallic.
  5. Got the ghost ship laid out with some additional things put on it ;) Most prominent is the Pirate King Shrine from last year's ReaperCon! Will figure out the best place to put the undead crew, and will take the bases off and glue them to the ship at some point after painting them. Also didn't put the captain holding the compass or the drinking buddy skellies on as I had forgotten where I put them. Also did a 4 second exposure picture of it with the lights off!
  6. Another possible solution for you, as I had to do this with one of my Bones minis: take a metal rod, like a long piece of what you would use for pinning, embed one end directly behind the culprit and then bend it in such a way that it lines up along the back of the model and glue it all down. Then paint over it. I did that on the back of one and it worked really well, and since it's on the back you can't see the rod
  7. I had that happen too. Make sure you have all of the points where they come together are glued. Once I had a few points that weren't obvious glued together, it stayed in place FAR better. One of the hands on the bottom one goes on the leg of the top one, I think, and the top ones hand is meant to glue into place on the wing of the bottom one. I'll have to double check to make sure that's where I had to make the added glue joins, but I haven't had any sagging/warping since I connected those points.
  8. I still have stuff from Bones I to paint :D I just keep finding new stuff I want to paint, and having adult ADD doesn't help, nor does buying a 3D printer... Ha! I have a list of around 30 dragons I want to print on my printer to add to this collection (you'll notice there is one hiding on the right that was printed that I need to paint as well). This is one of the big reasons when we move next year I want a room for my hobby stuff and want to build some custom shelves that take up the walls so that I have plenty of space to display stuff!
  9. No problem! I thought it would be fun to get a picture of them all together. Although, now I feel bad that I don't have enough time to paint at the moment, as all of those unpainted dragons makes me sad :( Heck, I don't even have Dance of Death completed, those are just base colors on that one.
  10. That's correct. So, 12 if you count the Sea Dragon as a dragon. One of the smaller dragons along with the Zombie dragon from Bones IV are hiding next to the giant Joan of Arc dragon on the left (only place with room for them LOL).
  11. Just the one. So, I got all my Bones V dragons assembled and on my shelves... I need more shelves lol
  12. Been a while since I have been able to do any painting, which sucks since I love doing it. But, with getting all of the stuff from the Bones kickstarter this week, my daughter wanted to paint stuff, so I worked on Mysterio. I think I'm close to being done with him, although I found a few places I want to touch up that I see in the pics. He turned out far better than I was expecting him to!
  13. My wife actually bought a canister compressor for using to .... lol can't even remember exactly why she bought it, but we actually have one now that I think about it. I'll have to look into that badger, as I'd love to be able to do at least the base coat on my ship easily and not have to use spray cans.
  14. Not just that, at least for me, but the cost to get into using an airbrush is a bit daunting if you want one that's quality. I've seen some cheap alternatives, but not sure if I want to venture into it or not.
  15. I wonder if the fire marshal was in Wave 1 with a Ghost Ship and was mad that his stuff wasn't sent out yet so dropped the hammer LOL That said, I somehow squeaked into getting my stuff with tracking before it was shut down! Scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. Hopefully it's not early, as we're starting to go back to the office for my current job on Monday, and we have a lot going on this weekend and I'd rather not have it just sitting around on our porch or in front of our garage. It does seem the doubled the weight on the packages, or if not the ship weighs FAR more than I was expe
  16. And they are, to the best of their ability without having to stop everything to get it done. This isn't something they can just flip a switch and say "it's perfectly in exactly laid out Waves now!". The system they have is SUPPOSED to do that for them, but what is the saying? Slartibartfast : Best laid plans of mice. Arthur : And men. Slartibartfast : What? Arthur : Best laid plans of mice and men. Slartibartfast : Oh. No, I don't think men had much to do with it.
  17. Don't feel too bad about it, I am Wave 2 with 3 ships (2 regular and 1 Ghost) and I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet. I understand being curious why things aren't seeming to go in any specific order, but at this point they've only been sending orders for 11 days and have gone through over 10,000 US/ROW orders. I don't even remember exactly how long the first Bones kickstarter took to fulfill, but I don't think they were finished for the first Wave in any way after 11 days for that campaign. Think of it this way: They had the order all lined up with wave when they started gettin
  18. I don't know of anyone who got one who has gotten a notice. There are ships going out, but they're doing a set number a day since it appears that they have to do some special prep work to get them ready to go. I'm Wave 2 with 2 regular and 1 ghost ship, and haven't seen anything yet.
  19. you were probably one of the first for the day!
  20. I saw one entry for it. We were joking about Pflugerville and Murfreesboro names in the chat :D
  21. Yeah, the footprint is far smaller without the ruins with the base.
  22. The original isn't really super large. I mean, it's big, but rather small compared to their larger dragons. I would agree, it would be strange since they would have to do new molds, and that just wouldn't make financial sense to spend 100k+ on a new mold when they already had one. This is the scale, although please forgive the absolutely terrible quality of the picture, I'm not all that great at taking photos of minis, and this was a rush job to get a pic to boot.
  23. I'm sure I have some close family that only have one as well, but I've been on the internet since 1997. For the longest time, I only had the email address that came with my internet provider, but I've switched providers so many times I lost count of how many I had. I then got a yahoo account so that I didn't have to keep changing it, but it quickly filled with spam and then when I joined XBox Live had to have a Microsoft email. Now that I have Android I have a Gmail account, and then I have my own .com domain name with family and other personal stuff going there... which is 3 accounts there (o
  24. Only one email address?? Can't say I hear that often! Not even counting work, I have 6, and that's not including the multiple I've let expire or stopped using over the years, either.... Want to borrow one?? LOL
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