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  1. So, had yesterday and today off from work so continued painting in some free time. First up is Spiral. I thought about going a bit more metallic with the armor and swords, but this seemed a bit less ostentatious coupled with the 6 arms.



    Second up is Stryfe. Since I don't really like his design (as a character not just a model), I decided to try to make him look like the one cover from X-cutioner's Song with Cyclops and Jean Gray on it. First attempt ever at NMM, even though it's not *true* NMM, and more of a comic NMM. Can't say one way or another if I like the results, but he's done and well... That's something



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  2. Yeah, definitely a lot! And it is great to be able to say Season 1 is complete, considering it sat for almost 2 years with only about 10 of them painted before I got back into it and started painting again! Getting 130 of them painted in less than a year really makes me feel like I've been making a dent in them! Maybe once I'm done with these, I can get back to painting my Bones 1-5 minis 😄 Many of those have been sitting far too long... Although, I may end up selling or trading some of those, as some I just don't think I'll ever get to.


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  3. 17 minutes ago, Gryphon said:

    You've done a fantastic job on these.  They look like so much fun I've gone and looked up x-men on thingiverse and printables to see what I can find (and I'll probably look for DC comics and marvel as well, but that may be more painstaking).  I can only admire the dedication, persistence, and consistently fun paint jobs you're pulling off here. 

    I appreciate the sentiment! I love painting (been doing it now since I was in college... way too many years ago 😄) and still to this day find it exceptionally relaxing. Even though I know I'm nowhere near the best painter out there, it's fun trying to figure out what color schemes I want to use and seeing them come to life, even if I'm not always particularly happy with the end results, like Black Cat and Mockingbird (of course, the sculpts for them to me were uninspiring). America Chavez was enjoyable and I think that helps to make the end result better. Only reason I'm so motivated to do these so far is because I want to have as many painted before Season 3 is delivered in the spring with another 139 minis! o.O Several of those are going to be big, such as Stature, Giant Man, Galactus, and Fing Fang Foom, so it's definitely going to up the challenge to paint all of those.  Of course, being a comic fan since the late 80s when I was old enough to appreciate them and loving the movies (yes, even the more recent ones!) helps too, as I don't like seeing them without paint on them 😄

    Of course, knowing others enjoy seeing them painted also helps!

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