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  1. So, what sort of throughput does it seem like we're getting? Does it seem that they got through about 500 like what they were expecting to do a day?


    If so, I would say if they do 500 orders a business day (which would be about a half day of EU/CAN/AUS), it would take around 32 more business days to get through all of the orders. That would put the last day at around May 28th for the last day of shipping (estimate). If that estimate holds through. With about 10% of the orders from the original waves being Canadian, my estimate for my stuff (beginning of Wave 6) will be around May 6th.


    If we begged, do you think they would be willing to post at the end of the shipping day how many they got through? Not an up to date count through out, just a quick "xxx shipped today"? Not holding my breath, but it would be a good consolation for not being able to watch the ticker go.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Inarah said:

    Weren't two of those days on the weekend?  


    It was my understanding from last Thursday's video that they not only had to do the network thing, but rearrange the contents of warehouse B to make room for the equipment they were moving over from warehouse A,  while still maintaining regular factory production working hours. 


    I think they already did the network thing by pulling a cable through a pipe. Not much more needed than that cable and a place to plug it in at. Hopefully they aren't delaying it just because they don't have a video feed up and running yet!

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  3. Just now, Doug Sundseth said:


    When packages ship to the US from the EU, the price is lower, as the VAT isn't collected. I don't know what the customs regulations are in the UK after Brexit (I doubt anyone does), but I would be surprised if UK and EU VAT would apply. More important would be potential duties or the added paperwork required for a second, individual customer, customs declaration.


    :ph34r: Which is sort of what @Glitterwolf wrote while I was writing this.


    Ok. I haven't had a lot of time to follow what's going on with Brexit and its implications, so I wasn't sure if there was a reason for the worry about 2 payments for VAT. The added clarification helps so thanks :)

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  4. Just now, Glitterwolf said:


    I hope you're right.

    Basically if I order directly from USA to the Netherlands (EU) I need to pay customs/taxes VAT in order to receive it in my home country.


    Now it goes through UK as another EU member but not directly to the Netherlands, that's okay since the UK is still an EU member, I pay once to receive it here.


    Brexit happens.

    Suppose a No Deal Brexit were we don't know what will happen.

    Then I paid VAT to enter the UK from USA and I might need to pay again when I receive something from the UK ( not an EU member anymore) in the Netherlands ( Or Any other EU country)


    We could be wrong about this, but this is basically the scenario we fear when Brexit happens without a deal.

    So I hope we will get our stuff before that happens and I'll be watching what kinda deal Brexit will mean for the future.


    I see. I guess the question at that point would be would you be forced to pay VAT for your order going to the UK when it's on a pallet and they don't actually KNOW you are the recipient until it's shipped out of the UK? I would think if anyone has to pay VAT at that point, it would be Reaper to get the shipment into the country. If a company from the UK shipped you something, you wouldn't have to pay VAT twice (even with Brexit)?

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  5. 46 minutes ago, Nunae said:

    Yes, even if stuff is still cheaper than retail price, paying VAT twice feels wrong. If I prepay VAT I entrust a large sum of money to a company, in the expectation that they use it to my best interest. And my best interest isn't to import them into a country my country has no deals with so that it'll be hit again.

    See you in the Battlefield I guess. ^_^


    Forgive me if it's been discussed before, but I see people say something about having to pay VAT twice. How would you have to do that? At this point, you've prepaid VAT, and the government (whether UK, EU or both) haven't gotten a dime of what you paid for the VAT. When you paid,  you paid VAT for EU rates, correct? If so, when it gets to you, Reaper will submit payment for your VAT that they collected to the EU, and not to the UK. Where would the second payment come from? I guess you MIGHT have to pay extra VAT if you like in the UK and they decide you have to pay more than what they collected for VAT for the EU, but there's really not much that can be done about that (the blame would squarely be on the UK government for that). Maybe I'm not understanding the whole process, but that seems to be how it was explained, and how I would think it would logically work since the UK isn't the end destination. Would they put VAT on the outgoing mail too?? I wouldn't think so since Reaper probably had to pay for taxes on the shipment going into the country. Please feel free to correct me if I've got any of that wrong, I'm not trying to downplay any concerns, it just seems that it might not be as complicated as it's being made out to be?

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  6. So, this is a mini I've had sitting around since it came out for the con it was made for. For the longest time, I couldn't get inspiration on how i wanted to paint it up... but got to it in my unpainted mini box (which is 99% Bones from the first kickstarter LOL) and started it up. Not sure what I want to do with the base. And, the eyes are actually done, it's just hard to see the blue from this angle (they're looking to the right of the picture). Any critiques/improvements, or ideas for the base? I really need a better setup for taking the photos... The foam on the beer mug is actually snow effects I added to the top (the sculpted foam was.. underwhelming).



    If it's not obvious, the blue there on the back is a Trollkin that's coming out of the ground with his tongue sticking out. I didn't have a place close enough to the beer mug to make it look like that was what he was going after.

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  7. I painted my Drakar about a year ago. I did no pinning, and didn't really need to do any gap filling, although I do wish I would have done so with the gap on the tail.  One thing to note, make sure you keep it on a level surface, I put mine on a plastic shelving unit which had a top that bowed ever so slightly under Drakar's weight, and the base actually warped a little along the edges and when I moved it to a wooden shelf, it wasn't quite flat on the bottom anymore. A few months of letting it sit there it settled back into place, but figured it was worth mentioning. I also primed mine (like I always do with my larger models) with my spray primer of choice (duplicolor sandable car primer), which made the base coating a lot easier. I actually painted mine fully assembled... I've never really liked assembling after I paint since I tend to get glue all over my fingers and they rip paint off....



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  8. 6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    I love the rust effects and the weathered look of the wood.



    Figured if it were sitting underwater, those were requisite features LOL The rust was incredibly easy to achieve, honestly. 2/3rds of the paints I have right now are Reaper, and I love the different combos I can use with them, but I find that I REALLY like the games workshop technical paints! The rust was done using their Typhus Corrosion on top of the gunmetal color for the cannons, then once that dried, I used the technical Ryza Rust dry brushed on it. The Typhus paint has a grit in it, so it gives it texture, and the rust color when dry brushed on catches the high points of the grit. This, for the most part, leaves the underneath the corrosion color with the oxidized iron color on the upper areas.


    That reminds me, I am running on fumes with the gunmetal color I used for the cannons and need to get some more!

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  9. I really didn't expect to have a lot of time to paint this week do to having an exam on Wednesday, but it ended up not taking up as much time I had thought it would... So, I painted a lot more! Actually have the ship and spirits to the point that I can say I'm ready for the Ghost Pirates now! I REALLY need to figure out how to get the lighting better on the pics, but these turned out ok. The Green seems more subdued on the spirits than I had hope for now that the ship is attached to them. I need to figure out what to do with the base, too, and not sure how I want to do that up. Although, I did just notice as I was writing up this post that I didn't do the barnacles on the bottom of the ship, so I need to do those too :)


    Thoughts/critiques? Should I do a touchup of the bronze color on the roofing now that I have the patina effect on it along the edges?









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  10. Had some extra time this weekend to paint some more. Nowhere near complete on this, as I have a lot of touch-up on the brown to do, some more wash to apply, and then a bunch of dry brush and then the windows on the back and sides to do, but it's coming along well so far! Won't probably be able to work on it this week at all as I have some college class mid terms this week.





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  11. A small update. I painted up the gun deck (which I haven't glued into place yet). I went with a rusted gunmetal look for the cannons and tried to do a algae edged look on the wood planks. I liked the plank look enough I'm going to try to do that with the rest of the ship planks! The white on the very tips of the boards is an attempt to make it look like the very ends where the boards have broken are rotting a little. It's coming along!



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  12. 28 minutes ago, TGP said:

    Arrrrrrhh. Does the mast carry through into** the gun-deck? I canna tell from the photos.



    **(Because if it does not...it should :ph34r: )


    Sort of. If you notice in the Reaper pic, the ghosts are inside the middle of the remains of the ship. If you look in the middle of my WIP front pic, there is a piece of a mast sticking down. I think the way it's designed is that the mast would have gone down to the gun level where the ghosts are coming up from the bottom. So, it won't connect with the gun deck, but it's made to look like it used to before it was sank. I just looked at the picture from PP, and it looks like they painted the bottom part of the mast in green like they did the spirits (probably didn't think about it being there I would gather).

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  13. I believe some may remember when I posted I was thinking about doing this, and I have officially received the main part of the mini from Privateer Press for use with the Ghost Pirates from the Bones 4 kickstarter I will be getting so I can combine the two :) This is model called "Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet" from Privateer Press that I just got:



    With that in mind, I will be not building it with the crew, and using these from Bones 4 instead:



    Of course, they will be the green versions ;)


    Over the weekend, I got the Skarre model in the mail, and started working on it. The main ship is unpainted ATM, but looks like thus:



    The spirits on the bottom I now have primed and painted. Sorry for the images, the green actually stands out a bit more than what the pictures are showing and I can't find the right light to give a true representation of it right now.



    And, I almost forgot... The Pirates will be painted up like this, so that the stuff like the wood planks, treasure chest, etc will be solid colored, but the spirit will be inked and drybrushed:



    As I get more completed, I will definitely be posting more pics! I wish I could say that the Ghost Pirates were what I was waiting for with baited breath, but there was way too much cool stuff from that kickstarter for me to say that it was only the Ghost Pirates I'm excited about LOL

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  14. On 2/16/2019 at 4:48 AM, Glitterwolf said:

    This looks great!


    I did something similar with Kaladrax.

    If you would like to obscure the points of contact ( claws/roof) you might want to use some moss and vines.

    It's an old crypt after all!



    Thanks :) Overall, I do like how it looks, but I do feel the flight stands (although clear) do stand out a little bit. That will have to wait, though, I have my other project that's tied into the Bones 4 release already started :devil: Ghost pirates on a ghost ship! :zombie: I'll be hopefully posting a WIP shot tomorrow!

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  15. At one point, I think I asked what people thought of this idea, although that was probably almost a year ago... Anyhow, I got some flight stands and was able to get Neathyrmaul attached to the Crypt. He's a bit katywompus, but, considering how difficult it was to get him attached at all, I can't really say I'm too upset about it. Getting him to stay balanced while also having the glue dry in a way to keep him in place was challenging to say the least. Thought?






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  16. SO FAR, I've only had one Kickstarter I've been in on that didn't have successful results: Drake II. That was a cluster from the moment it completed. The minis were pretty cool and the game sounded fun, but man did that guy run with the money. If a company is still communicating after they had issues, and make SOME sort of attempt to get rewards to people, then I have a tendency to be a bit more forgiving of any issues. Drake II creator went through over 100k USD of funding, tried to get further funding, and then just basically gave up... Just glad I only spent about 50 bucks on it, there were a LOT of people who spent way more than that and basically got shafted when he disappeared.


    I've got 2 aside from Bones 4 that are in the state of having been completed, but haven't been fulfilled yet. Hoping those turn out well (Time of Legends: Joan of Arc for the dragon and Volfyirion). I've had good luck, although aside from Drake II most of them have been reputable companies I've dealt with. Only odd one was a local comic store wanted to do a local Comic-Con, and he was able to get one set up in the city by doing a kickstarter. That was pretty cool as I got a signed Deadpool comic by Tony Moore (Deadpool, Walking Dead comic artist) and a shotgun shell signed by him.

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  17. On 10/21/2018 at 9:51 AM, BLZeebub said:

    Whoa!  What is that down the middle and on the left?!  It looks amazing.


    It's a metallic powder embedded in casting resin. It's a really cool concept that was making the rounds on Facebook in a youtube video  a while back, which is what inspired me to do this table. The cool thing is, that is actually glass smooth, the texture is actually *inside* the resin, and the metallic powder settles in such a way to give that effect. It was very easy to get it to do that, but I have to agree, I love the look of it :) The coffee table I'm building right now has that same look, but a really electric blue looking metallic powder instead of the black. (youtube link: Stone Coat Countertops Lava Table)

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