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  1. It's been a while since I posted anything on this, mainly because I was trying to get the table done so I could put the finishing touches on it and this on at the same time. Got the table done, and I think I am about ready to call this done. I tried to make the edges sharp, but I haven't gotten the finer points of working with this resin down, apparently, and it has a bit of imperfections on the back that bother me, but overall I like how it turned out. Also got the table finished (and started another one LOL). Seems like every time I tried to touch something up, though, it made me have something else to touch up. I accidentally got some blue metallic powder on it from the other table I started, and then poured another coating of resin over top of it without realizing it, and then just said, screw it, it's done.


    Here's the pretty much finished product:



    And, if you have any interest, here is the table that I made with the wood that this piece came from:


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  2. On 7/12/2018 at 1:39 PM, LarsM said:

    This is GREAT!.. really great, and different from anything else I have seen.


    Thanks :) I figured it would be a cool way to make a conversation piece, and try my hand at casting resin before building my table. I actually have the table almost 75% complete, just have to wait on another batch of resin (underestimated what I needed). Then, once I have the casting done for the table, some sanding, then I can do the last coats of resin for this piece and the table... One bad thing about my wife and I working full time and having a 3 year old is not having a lot of time to devote to something like this without taking vacation time.

  3. Haven't made a lot of progress on the test piece, as I am focusing on the table at the moment (going to do the final coat of both at the same time to save mess), but just in case anyone is interested, these are the slabs that the test piece's wood came from :) After suiting up to keep from getting more poison ivy, I did some sanding on the first slab last night :) Aside from the poison ivy, I am loving both of these projects! This lumber easy to work with and the grain patterns are fantastic! Not directly miniature related, but definitely related to this diorama build and thought it was worth sharing :D




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  4. So, one point of info for anyone thinking about doing the live edge wood for tables/art pieces/whatever. Be careful when you work around the bark. Learned this the hard way after doing the sanding on the bark for the test piece and then doing the main cuts this weekend on the slabs for the table I'm building. There apparently was poison ivy oil in the bark of the slabs I used and I am now having to do the steroid treatment to get rid of it since the saw dust from the bark covered my arms and my neck... Fun fun. Haven't finished the last coat of the above piece yet, only as I want to do the final coat the same time I do the final coat on the table.

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  5. Here it is taken out of the area I used to put the top resin on. Still need to touch up sand the back and put a layer of the gloss resin on there so that it's as crystal clear as I can make it, and then I need to do one final "flood" coat to smooth out the imperfections on the surface, but I've been enjoying this so far!



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  6. Ok, so I have the first coat of the sealing resin applied. Still drying, and still needs another coat on the front and one on the back. I LOVE the way the red in the wood jumps out with the resin on it, and makes me extremely happy I chose this wood for the table I'll build! Getting close to being done!




    Not sure why it's flipping it upside down when I edited it to be right side up.... Oh well, you get the point :-)

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  7. Used the grinder on the back last night and sanded it down pretty good. Also was able to touch up the paint on the two minis that I had to sand part of off, although I'm not entirely sure how good it's going to look. I guess it will look better than having the white of the Bones material showing through the front of the piece... I just can't really tell what it will exactly look like since doing the sanding on the front obscures the what's underneath it.


    Next up: the protective epoxy coating that also will make the casting resin clear again. Hopefully will get the first coat of this tonight.

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  8. Yeah, the trees were... interesting. Hopefully the leaching of the color from the yellow doesn't discolor the resin enough to be too distracting, although before I sanded it down it didn't appear to be too terribly bad. My thought on it recently was it's possible that when the pour is done that you could then keep an eye on it while it was setting up and push any extraneous floaters back to the tree itself. Would mean I'd have to stand there and watch it while it was settling, but I believe the initial pour is what did it, and I just wasn't really looking for the floaters before covering it up.


    No updates today, i didn't get to do any resin pours for the final coat. Still hoping to have it done before the weekend (or at least close enough to have another picture).

  9. Was going to work on it a bit again last night, but ended up spending some time playing Incredibles Lego with the little one instead. Whole family was under the weather due to allergies... I did stop off at Lowes and get an angle grinder to take off the ripples and divots on the back, so as long as it's not raining tonight when I get home, I'll grind that down then sand it. Might even try to put the first layer of flood coat on it if I have time, but no promises :) Will need to remember to paint the piece of hood and hand that have been sanded off when I did the first sanding pass on the front so that I don't have white showing on the front of the minis.

  10. 10 hours ago, Boaz said:

    I used to help a friend cast colored cement mold and we got creative around the seams to seal for pore ... Vaseline pressed into the seam can smooth out sharp edges and putty can be a resistant gap filler (skimmed with Vaseline to smooth and antilock) , the right kind can stand up to decent weight ... and yeah you have to be clean about it as every little glop is an indentation in your end result ...


    Is you table top going to have a rim ? We cast top down with cement so the top of the cast was flat but the bottom could have variation in hieth, a raised center for example once cast and flipped made a great bird bath ... we also could set shapes (putty and Vaseline around the base) to set impesions into the other side, cup holders, nuts for mounting, or hooks in the top flat for hanging smaller casts on a wall ... if you want to hang it or mount legs to it you can set mounts in ether side of your cast ...


     Food for though ...

    The table itself is going be a live edge river table. If you look up on YouTube red lava epoxy table and watch the video by stone coat countertops, that's the general idea of what I'll be doing.


    I got the piece out of the mold last night, and I was right about the ripples in the last pic, it was from the tape. Funny thing is, the outside edges remind me of a jolly rancher edge lol. Still have a lot of work to do yet, but so far so good!cast.jpg

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  11. 2 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

    Maybe you will have a lot of air bubble, especially around the tree leaves. The foliage will keep the air trapped. I think, one way to prevent the air bubble would be to use a vaccum box, which could be emptyed with a vaccum cleaner or compressor. The other way I'm thinking of is to vibrate or beat the under part of your pouring box with a "rubber mullet" to force the bubble out while the epoxy is still liquid. I'm just trying to help, I don't have a peerfect solution, I never tryed these techniques before.

    Thanks! Yeah, I did have a couple bubbles, but the main ones came from the bark in the wood more than the trees (although there is one by one of the trees). What I did to try to avoid that is I poured up under the tree from below the branches so that it forced up through from the inside. Seemed to work pretty well. Of course, that's why when you look at the pic you'll see floaty bits above the tree and the leaching of color from the yellow tree above it. There is one area that has a decent amount of small bubbles, but it's where the bark is again... Most of the bigger bubbles that appeared actually appeared on the top level this time, and when I sand, then put on the top flood epoxy layer, that should fill those in (they popped already). The smaller bubbles I'm not concerned about as this is my first experience with this process and I'm ok with flaws at this point :) I've already learned enough that I should be able to avoid similar issues with the table when I actually start building it.


    That being said, there are a couple minor issues I'll need to address as I get further along.

    1) Bailey's hood is slightly above the top layer of resin, and Balto's outstretched hand is as well (about halfway out). When I sand this down, unfortunately those will be sanded down as well. Thankfully, I can just put another dab of paint on them before I do the flood coats and they should still look fine.

    2) a little bit of the trees are out above the surface also. Again, this will be sanded down before doing the flood coat. I've inspected what's sticking out, and it's not the plastic branches, but the actual foliage material. That shouldn't really affect the look at all IMO

    3) there is a minor divot in the area along the edge of the bark that I must not have addressed with the resin all that well. I don't think it will be an issue, as the flood coat should fill it in ok (since it's self leveling). Just something I noticed while checking it this morning.

    4) There are.... ripples (not sure exactly how to explain it) that you can see in the pic. You really can't see them all that much when you look at it in normal light, and they may be more apparent once I get the piece separated from the form box.

    5) The outside edges are rough as heck. Obviously I need work on using the Tyvek tape and making it smooth. That's going to be interesting trying to get that to smooth out and have it flush and angled properly. I believe I can use a saw on the resin, and if I can, that's going to be chop sawed off. #4 might also be from the tape on the bottom as well, so we'll know when I separate it all out. If it is, that should be easily sanded away as well.

    6) If you look closely at the middle/left middle part of the top edge, you can kind of see where some of the original pour leaked out. I'm unsure of the effects of that, as I can see some minor gapping, and some roughness, but that could be easily sanded out. Of course, it could be a giant gap as well. Either way, once cleaned up, it will probably not be noticeable.

    Here are the results of the final pour after about 12 hours of curing (will be fully cured in about another 8 hours):



    Thankfully my wife is very supportive of this project LOL. She has put up with me talking about it constantly, and has been very patient. I'm sure she's glad I'm trying to hone these skills before doing a table that is going to be 60"x40" that will require over 400 USD of resin LOL



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  12. 13 hours ago, robinh said:

    maybe to prevent the leaching in the future you could spray a sealer (gloss probably) on the trees before you start pouring.

    I thought about that myself. When I did the final pour last night, some of the bits of the material for the leaves broke off and are free floating now... Not a big deal, but if I were to do it again,. I'd definitely test if a sealer or glue coat would help. I'll post a new picture once I get a chance to get outside and take a look

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  13. Second pour:

    There was another leak in the tape, although this time it only lost about 2 ounces of resin, so I'm not too upset about that. There is one HUGE bubble that showed up, which didn't come to the surface until after it started curing (it's from the bark up towards the top right edge of the bark... hard to miss). At this point, I've used a bit over half of what was left in the big bottle, and although it seems like there is only about an inch of space left to go, I'm unsure at this point whether I have enough of the resin left or not. I might, but so far I've not been good at gauging how much I need versus how much I have. The only thing so far that I'm disappointed in is that while the red/orange trees are turning out great, the yellow dye in the middle tree is leaching out into the resin, so there is a yellow hue surrounding it. Not much I can do about that at this point, so I am going to continue with it as I go along. I filled in the hole with the spider in it, and the spider didn't melt, nor did it lose it's paint. So, that's a win! Last pour will probably be tonight!



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  14. First pour was (relatively) successful. Reason I say "relatively" is that I messed up and didn't realize it until this morning. The mixing was easy (aside from the fact that everything was massively coated in the main bottle's component, which made it tough to clean up and handle), and the pouring was simple. I was able to get all of the bubbles out except for one, at least from my cursory glance this morning. The part that failed? I poured an inch of the resin, and it was poured in 3 pours - pour about 1/4-1/3 inch, then use a torch to get the bubbles out. Well, apparently when I did the torch the second pour, it melted a hole in some of the tape on the side. So, when I poured the last 1/3 inch, it started to leak out of the box. When I checked before bed how it looked, there was a stream of epoxy coming out one of the sides, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I did wrong. This morning, when I checked again (expecting it to have all leaked out), I noticed the holes. Easy enough to fix (just put another piece of tape over the holes), but I need to be a LOT more careful with it when I do the rest. You can't really see all that much in this picture, but there is a layer at the bottom that has hardened and is *mostly* bubble free :)




    So far, so good then. I can avoid the leakage issue by not getting the torch too close to the tape, and from my estimation of what I used for the first inch, I should have enough from this kit to be able to finish it without any issues. More pouring tonight!

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  15. So, I heard back from the company that makes the resin. They are shipping me a new resin kit. So, what's really nice about that is that it looks like I can use the original kit I got, even though the main part is about half gone, and it's looking like I might have enough to do this specific pour with what is still in there. If that's the case, that means that's one less kit I actually have to purchase to do the table :) Score!


    Anyhow, I built the box to house the display while I do the pour. I was going to do the first pour last night, but silly me didn't buy a measuring apparatus at Lowe's last night while I was picking up supplies... :rolleyes: So, another stop off tonight on the way home again. Thankfully it's actually on the way home, so it's just a few extra minutes.


    Here's the box with Tyvek tape in it - the tape is used in wrapping homes that are being built before the siding is put on. It's water proof, and when the resin sets, it doesn't stick to it, so it will be a LOT easier to remove the whole thing when it cures.




    Then, with the display put into the box, ready for epoxy :)



    Hopefully tonight I'll be able to do the first pour. You have to do it in 1 inch increments, so I'll have to do 2 1/2 pours to get it fully poured, and there is an approximate 24 hour wait time between pours, so if I'm lucky and things go well, I'll be able to have the casting portion completed by Friday.

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  16. Yeah, the bag was intact, so it didn't leak thankfully, but definitely sucks that it happened. Haven't heard back from the company yet (hoping it's just because it's Monday and they are in California), but i might be able to work with it as long as the second bottle definitely didn't rupture. I'll know for certain tonight as I want to break it open and see if I can't do the first pour of the resin if it's still usable. Here's hoping!

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  17. So, it's ready for epoxy. The place I ordered the epoxy from shipped REALLY fast, got it on Saturday, but the box with the bottles of casting epoxy was crushed in transit, the larger of the two bottles ruptured and half the contents filled the bag that had the two bottles in it. Thankfully, I don't think the second bottle was affected, so the liquid didn't set up in the plastic bag it was in, but I haven't had a chance to try to pull the bottles out to clean and check them yet. I should (hopefully) be able to at least use the remaining part to begin the casting process this week. Have contacted the company and have yet to hear back from them yet, but rather disappointing that the USPS couldn't be bothered to read the "FRAGILE: LIQUIDS" label that was prominently displayed on the box... Rather disappointing when you pay 150 dollars for 1.5 gallons of the stuff :(


    Anyhow, here is the pre-epoxy finished product!



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  18. 4 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

    I agree that the mimic doesn't fit, it doesn't make sense with the terrain.  


    How thick is the resin going to be?  With the trees I can't quite figure out your plan for where the resin fits in.


    The resin will be the full thickness of the wood when complete. It will (hopefully) look like it's encased in a block of glass when complete. Just imagine it in this instead of the wood in this table372af10249293159b6cc3b59ea130940.jpg


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  19. Got the trees in yesterday :) I REALLY like how they look with the minis! Will have to decide exactly where to place the trees and the adventurers and actually trim the bases off the minis and pin them so I can place them looking like they're actually standing there.


    Also, I placed a mimic in the scene further up the tree for added dynamism, does it go well with it, or should I leave him off? I thought it was fun having him seemingly mock the adventurers like he is their goal :D




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  20. I got the piece of wood cut from the slab, and have it measured out to 16x12 inches. I'll probably do the epoxy resin up to 14 inches, so it will be about 16x14. Here's the cut with the minis sitting on it (before i started painting again last night):



    After about an hour of painting, I got more of the knight and archer done, a bunch done on the spider and the female wizard, and the halfling rouge started.



    This is approximately the positioning I am going to do use for the minis - Hyrekia prodding the adventurers on, Balto pointing at the spider since he just noticed it, Bailey already ready to go pounce on it, Arthrand readying his bow to shoot, and Duke bracing himself for a fight. They'll all be sort of facing the hole in the wood where the spider is, except for Hyrekia who will be facing back towards the other guys. The trees I ordered should be delivered tonight, so I can see how I can incorporate them.

    Up close of the adventurers:



    And the spider :)




    Next will be setting the model train trees in it to see how that looks, then a sand on the piece of wood, a stain, flocking of the grass, and then after that will be the building of a frame for the epoxy pour, then I'll be ready to buy the epoxy and then try mixing and pouring! So far so good! :)

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  21. I finally got started on my little side project that I'm going to use as a test run for a epoxy resin live edge table that I have planned. (for those of you who didn't see it, I asked about it here:


    I went and picked up the live edge slabs from a local lumber place, and the one had an almost perfect spot for the idea I had for this test run piece. Here is the top of the slab:



    The to area with the branch still sort of connected and surrounding area are almost dead on to what I was envisioning for this. I know what's running through everybody's mind: what exactly was I envisioning?  I have a number of Bones minis from various kickstarters, and I had a few heroes that looked like they needed a quest. Namely:

    Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage
    Balto Burrowell
    Duke Gerard
    Bailey Silverbell
    Arthrand Nightblade


    I also have a Vermin: Spider that sort of looks like he'd go well with this.


    So, what this all adds up to is a scenario where these heroes are questing, and see a VERY large tree sticking out of a hill - I'm thinking almost like a World Tree, or a Tree of Life type deal, surrounded by some normal sized trees that are in the midst of changing colors for the fall (this will be done by using some Woodland Scenics trees). Anyhow, at the base of the tree will be a cave of sorts, with the Vermin: Spider crawling out... Maybe like an entrance to an underground lair or something like that. Will also do a little bit of flocking on the ground (to make it look like grass), and the minis themselves are already in progress of being painted.


    The posing of the minis will probably not end up where i put them in the image (and I apologize for the hack photoshop work), and the placement of the trees (and even sizes) are probably wrong. This particular section of wood is approximately 24" long, and about 16" high, so at the moment I haven't even made sure that the scaling for the minis compared to the piece of wood are correct, but this is my "concept art", as it were. Once all of these components are assembled, there will be a layer (towards the back) of blue tinted epoxy resin, and then the layer with the minis/trees/etc will have clear epoxy resin on it. I'm even thinking about building a small LED light to go off to the left that will sort of illuminate it so that it looks like it's daytime.




    So, what do you all think? Am I crazy to even attempt it? LOL


    Since I have already started painting the minis, and I have the wood slab in the garage, this is now a WIP :) Once I have the piece cut off, and the minis to a point where I want to show them, I'll post in here. I have 2 of the 3 almost complete, 1 in progress, and 3 that I need to start.

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  22. Thanks guys! I've got the plan all done up, and will be picking up the wood for these projects tomorrow (I can't wait! LOL I'm actually excited to do the table, and this test run is going to be AWESOME if I can get it down right IMO!) Will definitely be an interesting project, that's for sure!

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  23. A bit more complex than either of those, unfortunately. If you look up epoxy resin table on youtube it will show you a bunch of videos of what I'll be trying to do (with a table, and in a smaller sense as a test run before doing the big project). It's actually like a more complex water effects type solution.


    For reference, here is a piece of wood that has had the epoxy resin added to make a table:



    Now, I've seen one that someone made a diorama using train set figures (the REALLY tiny guys), so I'm thinking this won't be a problem, but was hoping I wasn't the first person to come up with the idea I had with Reaper Bones. Alas, I may just need to do it and see what it does LOL

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