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  1. It's so sad that Randy Savage died, and in such an inglorious way too. I would have expected him to die doing something awesome, but instead he had a heart attack while driving. He was always one of my favorites, and yet Hulk Hogan was the one who got the reality show... I woulda sent Macho Man a fan letter asking if he would open my Vampire box with an elbow drop(on video!) if he was still alive. I would probably get shot down, if he even responded at all, but it would have been totally worth it just to ask.


    In fact, when I finally get around to painting my Anabolic the Barbarian from LTPK4, I think I'm gonna do his clothes up in neon pink, bright yellow, and black. I'm gonna have to even try to get his eyepatch striped yellow and black and add a beard to him if I can. It probably won't turn out very well, since I suck at painting, but I'll have tried. Seriously, I think it would fit perfectly on this guy. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/barbarian/sku-up/02924#detail/02924_cs


    Well, at least he will be remembered fondly in the Randy the MachoMan Savage Dragon mod in Skyrim ::): If you got one of the Dragons, you could put a hat and glasses on it and paint it up with neon pants and say it was the Machoman Dragon!

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  2. buglips, I seem to remember one of the Reaper folks mentioning that only a few people, including myself, actually got in after the actual kickstarter ended. Just remember, though, that the few of us that got in later actually paid more for the Vampire and add ons (I seem to remember that t was said that it was like 10 or 15 people or something like that, but could have been more as it got closer to finishing). I think the Vampire was 150 versus 100, so I guess you could say we paid extra to be treated like part of the initial group :)

  3. I'm hoping that Vampire + Kaladrax + Nethyrmaul falls under teir 3, so they can get shipped before the shipping gets pushed aside for the open house, but I've waited this long, so i can wait a little longer ::D: I'm just getting a little antsy to get some paint slapped on those two dragons! The other projects I'm working on are going to be pushed aside when they come in, just so those two beasts can get some TLC :B):

  4. Ah, well, I guess I'm used to things like football cards and such. I think I saw that there were a total of 14,000 sophies they sent out? I'm sure that's split into two, and the normal one being the majority, so maybe 6000 Urban Legend? That's not a lot... And, the majority of people who actually got them probably didn't get them to sell, so we may see a few hundred total that end up being sold from the 14000? I'm sure there were a number of people who did get them to sell, but I can't see it being enough to have for people who may have wanted them, but never knew about the Kickstarter.

  5. Well, once they are all shipped, and received, and people have what they want, they will more than likely go up in price. I mean, not very many of them were made, and they won't be produced again (hopefully), so in a year or two, when only one or two make it on eBay every couple of months, they'll be selling for more. It's just like anything else. When they first come out, the prices are pretty tame, but since they'll be considered fairly rare, their values will go up as time goes on. Really silly to sell them at 17 bucks, though.

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