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  1. And they are, to the best of their ability without having to stop everything to get it done. This isn't something they can just flip a switch and say "it's perfectly in exactly laid out Waves now!". The system they have is SUPPOSED to do that for them, but what is the saying? Slartibartfast : Best laid plans of mice. Arthur : And men. Slartibartfast : What? Arthur : Best laid plans of mice and men. Slartibartfast : Oh. No, I don't think men had much to do with it.
  2. Don't feel too bad about it, I am Wave 2 with 3 ships (2 regular and 1 Ghost) and I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet. I understand being curious why things aren't seeming to go in any specific order, but at this point they've only been sending orders for 11 days and have gone through over 10,000 US/ROW orders. I don't even remember exactly how long the first Bones kickstarter took to fulfill, but I don't think they were finished for the first Wave in any way after 11 days for that campaign. Think of it this way: They had the order all lined up with wave when they started getting containers. They tried to wait it out for the last two, but decided they were going to start shipping without the stuff in the those containers (then one showed up when they were starting). So, you have a list of people who would have had their stuff right off the bat had the last container shown up on time suddenly thrown out of order. They finally got the container, but after running out of a couple items that were in other containers, but had the remainder in the last one. They really only had two options once the last one came in: Stop EVERYTHING and go in and piecemeal together the wave orders again for ~6000 orders to ensure that wave order is strictly followed Continue fulfilling, letting the program they paid for to have developed spit out orders until they are done shipping them out #1 would mean that you'd still be waiting, as would every single one of us that had stuff waiting for the last container. Have you ever tried to pull data out of a database and had to clean it up with stuff that's already done and then refactor everything based on a new set of requirements? It's NOT a fast process, especially if you don't want to screw it up and make things worse. #2 ensures that they hit every order, and do so in a way that's still organized and using the same requirements that the system was built in with, and there are people who have their orders right now who would still be waiting if they tried to go back to being perfect with the waves. They had a plan for how this would work, and they're sticking to it, which is faster for all of us to get our stuff than trying to pivot mid-fufillment just to keep things in a wave order. Hopefully that doesn't come across as combative, not my intent. This is a logistical nightmare for them, and it can be frustrating to have to wait, but it's not really that much longer of a delay. Just like anything else in life, a bit of perspective helps to alleviate anxiety. We've all been through a rough past year, some worse than others, and the fact that Reaper is only a little bit delayed due to all of it, including with the container fiasco is a bit amazing in my own humble opinion. If we get to the end, and you STILL don't have your stuff and haven't gotten tracking notice that will be the time to make sure they know and try to figure out what's going on. Getting yourself worked up right now over it isn't going to make your stuff show up any faster, and it's not going to help your mood nor your blood pressure, so why get worked up over it? --ETA: This last statement isn't directed at you specifically, Sirithiliel, it's more of an in general thought.
  3. I don't know of anyone who got one who has gotten a notice. There are ships going out, but they're doing a set number a day since it appears that they have to do some special prep work to get them ready to go. I'm Wave 2 with 2 regular and 1 ghost ship, and haven't seen anything yet.
  4. I saw one entry for it. We were joking about Pflugerville and Murfreesboro names in the chat :D
  5. Yeah, the footprint is far smaller without the ruins with the base.
  6. The original isn't really super large. I mean, it's big, but rather small compared to their larger dragons. I would agree, it would be strange since they would have to do new molds, and that just wouldn't make financial sense to spend 100k+ on a new mold when they already had one. This is the scale, although please forgive the absolutely terrible quality of the picture, I'm not all that great at taking photos of minis, and this was a rush job to get a pic to boot.
  7. I'm sure I have some close family that only have one as well, but I've been on the internet since 1997. For the longest time, I only had the email address that came with my internet provider, but I've switched providers so many times I lost count of how many I had. I then got a yahoo account so that I didn't have to keep changing it, but it quickly filled with spam and then when I joined XBox Live had to have a Microsoft email. Now that I have Android I have a Gmail account, and then I have my own .com domain name with family and other personal stuff going there... which is 3 accounts there (one for things I know I'll get spammed from, one for things like eBay, and one for forums like here). Then I have a work email, which even though I'm trying to change jobs I'll have to keep, as it's also my student email as I work at the college I'm getting a degree from. As to the reopened PM, I finalized my orders a long time ago, as the last thing I was on the fence about (the Ghost Ship), I broke down and bought well before the original PM ended. Actually looking back there are a number of things i got for just one or two models, so I went a bit overboard with stuff I really don't need LOL
  8. Only one email address?? Can't say I hear that often! Not even counting work, I have 6, and that's not including the multiple I've let expire or stopped using over the years, either.... Want to borrow one?? LOL
  9. I would venture a guess to say that maybe even UPS might have done this. I've seen weirder things happen...
  10. Did just see that someone said in the KS comments that their ship came with 20 cannons, so I might be wrong about the 26... caveat emptor.
  11. I know this is going to sound daft, but are you sure you only spent ~ 300 USD on the kickstarter? Could you have done several orders that totaled more and forgotten you did? If that Value for Duty is in Canadian dollars, it would have been around 546 dollars USD. Anyhow, I did several orders myself, and my initial pledge was 260 + shipping, but I ended up having ordered well over 800 dollars worth of stuff with multiple orders. Mind you, I'm not trying to say you can't remember what you ordered, but I have spoken with people who've gotten their pledges and forgot they ordered something since it wasn't in the first part of their pledge and were surprised. Just trying to fully understand your situation, and to make sure that maybe it's not a nefarious as it might seem. One other thought, maybe Reaper accidentally sent you more than you ordered (which someone actually already asked them about on the Twitch stream), and declared what they sent you and not what you actually paid for?
  12. Yeah, definitely comes with a bunch! There was a point they said it was going to come with... 13? can't remember, but then they realized that it wasn't nearly enough and decided to up how many we'd be getting. Here's one of the forum member's box opening, specifically where he opens the cannons: https://youtu.be/ocSHu-B1a-A?t=463 Should take you right to where he's pulling them out!
  13. Prices on retail have been around 3x what we can get them for in in the kickstarter, just for some reference, so if they did declare retail, you'd be paying on a cost of around 900 dollars, not 600. At least this is from experience from previous KSs I've been in on. From what I've understood from others who've gotten stuff shipped to them out of country, Reaper tends to declare what you paid, not what it's worth in retail, although someone else would have to chime in on if that's the case this time around. I've never known Reaper to intentionally do anything to force customers to pay for more than the lowest humanly possible, and with the way shipping is due to COVID, it seems that they had to deal with the devil to actually be able to ship this stuff to you at all (ie, devil = UPS).
  14. Was it taxes or brokerage fees? If it was the brokerage fees, Reaper had no control over that, that's UPS bending you over on that one. There is a method to not have to pay those, you would have had to go to a Customs office and fill out the customs forms and pay the customs due yourself, but it sounds that isn't an option for you now if you already have it, and if so, I apologize for being too late to let you know that.
  15. they'll come with 26 of them, so not sure if you'll need a huge amount more, but I think Reaper said they'll sell packs of them as well (but not sure if that's still the plan since they upped the number they're giving us). You an also find some good STL files for cannons if you have a 3D printer.
  16. Figured I'd start a thread for this since I've been working on it lately. This is the new stretch goal base. I really like how the little stones turned out! Will also post some of the other pictures as well from what I have done, but wanted to start with this since I just got to a good stopping point with it. I'll definitely be wiring it up with LEDs. Here are the pieces I have in progress for the body. I use some painters masking fluid to cover the eyes and the spots on the torso, then used an eraser to take it off once I was done painting. Can't see it extremely well at the moment, but even the eyes of the dragons on his shoulder pads glow too :)
  17. I got the rest of my pledge a couple weeks back, but with how busy work has been and finals week for school, I haven't had very much time at all to paint. Now that I'm between terms for school and work has slowed down, I can paint a little again, even though I still have to spend some time keeping our daughter entertained since she's still stuck at home in the afternoons after kindergarten with not a lot to do. She'll paint with me a little bit, but move on to other stuff after a short while. She's actually painting Squirrel Girl right now from the KS exclusives for this. Since it seems that most people who got this kickstarter stuff started with certain characters, I decided to try a couple first that it seemed others weren't doing yet, and also ones that might be more challenging than others. So, I went with Moon Knight and M.O.D.O.K. Moon Knight is pretty much done, M.O.D.O.K. still needs work. Figured I would do one running thread for all of them as I work on them, so as to not clutter the forums up with these as I work on them. Only around 75 left to paint! LOL
  18. I bought that STL too LOL Will go well with the bunny warriors I printed for my daughter from Epic Miniatures LOL
  19. Tenjin is in all printed (except the stretch goals for the panther/fox that I want to do. Now I just have to find time to paint! I'll probably have the owl perched on his base, then put the panther or fox on the main base with Tenjin.
  20. Ah. Yeah, I don't worry too much about the gloves, as since I'm using water washable resin, I just wash them a little bit in the water when I drop in the stuff I want to clean. I also usually wash AFTER I remove the stuff from the supports.
  21. Do you like putting the whole build plate into the cleaning vat? I didn't want to mess around with taking the whole thing off to wash, so I got one of the magnetic plates that you can just pop off and do what you need to for saving time. Easier to clean off the base too. Only bad thing is I had to add washers to a sensor (I have the Anycubic Photon Mono) to get it to not shatter the LCD, which the makers of Anycubic nor the magnetic plate mentioned would be necessary.... grr.... Oh well.
  22. Still using the clear blue resin, here is the Tenjin Kojira owl print, base in gray, owl in the blue. I'm thinking I may keep him like this as a "spectral" owl :)
  23. Mini Monster Mayhem's Solar Eclipsed Celestial is printed. Love the looks of it! The star/smoke/whatever it is will stay the blue color with some inks and possibly dry brushing, and I'll paint the body a fleshy tone, and there are a number of things I'll paint gold like the halo and pointy rings around her head, and bikini looking things.
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