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  1. I certainly didn't know how well my body would handle it, that's for sure. I'm in my early 40's, and haven't been in decent shape for... far too long I've tried a lot of things to try and get into shape over the past decade or so, and nothing ever really stuck, but this kicked my rear end enough that I have been riding a stationary bike now that I finished the patio to try to keep my metabolism burn going! Aside from a couple finger injuries from using a rubber mallet trying to level the blocks and a sore lower back that lasted about a week after getting done, I've actually fared a lot better
  2. Thanks! It was quite the job, that's for sure! I first told my wife about wanting to do it all manually, and she said I was nuts It was tough slogging through the digging and hauling of gravel and sand, as there wasn't any progress that gave me a sense that I was making progress, and shoveling 3-400 lbs of gravel/sand per load then pulling it into the backyard was exceptionally tiring... But, once i hit the point I was making blocks and laying them down as they were cured, it made it a LOT easier! I had actually thought I'd still be working on this into next year due to bad weather from winte
  3. So, like everybody else, my family has been cooped up a lot over the summer. Back in March, my wife and I started working from home, and our daughter's school year was cut short. We got to the beginning of May and we were all going a little stir crazy, and I decided I was going to build a patio around our fire pit in the back yard. So, on May 15th, I started planning out and digging around our old fire pit to begin. Coupled with taking a several classes each term online (going for another degree), working full time from home, and having a kindergardener running around, this absolutely helped k
  4. Just started Captain Marvel :) Not too exciting at the moment, but enough that I thought I would share. The glaze on the red was still wet in the pics, so that's why the highlights aren't showing exceptionally well in them, but as I get more pics they'll show up more.
  5. Did some experimentation, and I think I got some highlights that help. What do you think, better?
  6. True! What's funny is I have at LEAST 12 different colors of blue, around 8 from Reaper and around 4 from GW, and none of them were quite what I wanted for this color. I used a mix of a dark blue with Sofie Silver to get this look, then put a layer of a lighter version of it, then added a blue wash. But, every color mix I tried was... underwhelming... after this point. I definitely don't need another blue color, so I need to do some test mixes with what I have to see if I can't come up with another color. Although, I am glad I was able to get the eyes fixed LOL the derpiness of my
  7. yeah, that's what I'm stuck on. I don't know what color of blue I want to do to highlight more. I will probably try to do that, but I have to have the shade right.
  8. Continuing along :) Here is Wasp. I have some touchups to do, but I'm pretty close to being done. The visor was smooth, so I tried freehanding her eyes behind it and then glazed over it to make it look like it you could see her face a little behind the visor. I don't have very much talent with the free hand, so it's not exactly what I wanted to go for, but a lot better than I thought I'd be able to do :D Wasp Front Wasp Side Wasp Back And just noticed that I got some yellow down into the black space between the yellow on her helmet and the visor... ugh,
  9. got him to a decent point. I'm trying to decide if I want to redo the skin tones or not as his face looks a little weird. I thought about adding more depth to the blue, but I couldn't decide on what versions of blue I wanted to use to layer up, so I might leave him like this with the blue. Haven't decided yet. Cap Front Cap Back Cap Shield
  10. Not very far along with Cap. I have his shield done, and have started on his head. I took these pics, then realized I painted him with a lazy eye! I've since fixed that (well, we'll see when I get another good picture), and cleaned up the A on his head. I haven't yet figured out what color scheme I want his outfit to be, like if I want it to be closer to the comics, the movies, or the Avengers video game that's out right now. Too many choices!
  11. I have Ultron mostly done, although I have some touchup stuff to do, and I'm still trying to decide on how to highlight the areas that look like they are glowing red... I can't seem to figure out the best way to make that stuff look red still without going too orange with the color (many of the red highlight colors I have are orange/red). I may call it a day with him... Not sure why my camera didn't do a very good job with showing the variations of the metallics very well... Oh well.
  12. Sure no problem Red Skull Front Red Skull Back
  13. You can't? That's really weird. Can you see them from these links? Iron Man Front Iron Man Back
  14. I actually almost have Red Skull done. Have some touchups to do, specifically around the eyes and I may end up trying to repaint his teeth as the white paint I used was way too thick even after I diluted it a bit and I'm not sure if I'm happy with the end results. I didn't know how good I'd be able to paint him, as reds aren't usually one of the colors that I do terribly well, but I'm actually ecstatic with how he's coming along! I would say definitely one of the better ones from the Marvel game I've painted so far!
  15. Have gotten him to almost finished. I have a couple minor touchups I might do, although I've not decided yet. The blast area turned out better than I was expecting, as I didn't know a good way to handle it but this worked out pretty well I think.
  16. Had way too much extra time this weekend... Ended up getting Hulk close to being finished, and then started Iron Man! I used the Reaper paint Ruby Red metallic for his armor with highlights of a mix of that with Sophie Silver and I think he's coming along pretty well. Trying to decide what to do with the energy for his repulsors in his feet and how to get that worked out. Next up will be Red Skull :)
  17. Thanks! I'm almost done with him now. Need to do some touch ups on his feet (I got some gray from the base on them), and I need a better pic of the front, but I think he's turned out well. I'll post an updated front pic when I get the touch ups done
  18. Started working on Hulk last night after getting to a good stopping point with Ant-Man. The years of painting 40k Orks is helping tremendously The green will go through a couple more layers of wash and highlight, but I like how it's coming out. The purple pants will need a wash of purple, then another highlight I think, and this is just the start of his hair, so that will be highlighted up from that dark green base. Of course, then the facial features need done up like the eyes and mouth.
  19. Oh my was I excited when mine came in! :) Even though I have plenty of Bones to paint, I knew I would want to jump right into these when I got them! Loving every minute of it so far LOL I think I am almost done with Ant-man. I'm not 100% sure if I like how the lenses on his helmet turned out... I tried to reuse a technique I've done for glass things in the past and it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to. I have a few other touchup spots to do, but overall I like how he turned out! :) I'll be posting the start of the Hulk once I get this posted!
  20. Was able to paint a little bit more on him last night, although no progress on Hulk since I focused on Ant-man. Base colors are down, although I do need a little bit of touchup on some of the silver and a few places of the red to fix some places I messed up because my daughter wanted to use my detail brush. Anyhow, the helmet they designed the mini with looks a bit like the one he wore in Captain America: Civil War, so I'm trying to have the rest of his costume match that as much as I can manage even though the details aren't exactly the same.
  21. Finally got the core game from COMN for the board game Marvel United kickstarter yesterday. Of course I ABSOLUTELY had to start painting them, and besides starting on the Hulk (which I'll make another post for when I get some pictures for WIP), Ant-Man was the one I needed to start with. Why? Because they sculpted a quarter into the base for him to sort of stand on like he was shrunk down. Probably one of my favorite poses from the minis in the KS! Anyhow, I have the quarter mostly painted up, and am pretty excited with how it turned out. I have a few touchups (like my highlighting going down
  22. Should have been working on the patio last night that I'm in process of building, but ended up having a mishap that involved a rubber mallet, a finger, and a bit of blood. Anyhow, instead of continuing to work on it, I ended up painting and finishing off my Brinewind Box Treasure of Blood Reef mini! I apologize for that the colors are washed out, I couldn't get the settings on my phone just right to get it to look exactly like it does in person, but you should be able to get the idea. The purple in most of the pics on the octopus are NOT that blotchy, but the one pic from behind it has the bes
  23. Thanks! Next time I break out the paints I'll have to try that!
  24. And this just made me think of a great name for his ship..... THE DEAD ALBATROSS LOL Would also sort of fit the theme of the Pirate King having bad luck with him going paranoid, and then it would also be a bad omen for merchants that are attacked by it after the crew goes undead :)
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