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  1. On 12/7/2020 at 1:46 AM, PhantomAsh said:

    Aaannnddd I caved and went in for Nathavarr and the Storm Giant. They've been sitting  in my box for ages and were cuts I had made earlier. But, I'm getting the Cloud Giant (or whatever she is) from the Greek set and I felt bad getting all those other dragons and not this one.......... who can blame me. Either way, that probably is it for me; there's plenty of other things I'm interested in, but they're either a fair bit more (oh, encounters), or low enough on the priority that I don't mind waiting until retail (like the beastmen - nice, but eh at this point).


    I initially didn't want the Storm Giant. I have no real need for it, and it doesn't fit with my Dragons, Pirates, Dinosaurs and Lovecraftian mythos theme of my miniatures, but once I saw the actual mini I couldn't help but get it. I can't wait to paint it :)

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  2. 8 hours ago, Fnordlover said:

    Useless advice for the majority of people, who don't have 3D printers. But hey, if I had a 3D printer I wouldn't need Reaper, so good news for Reaper.


    I would imagine you know somebody who has one, and if not, you could always use a service like craftcloud3d

    Would I rather have a bunch of cannons from Reaper for it? Absolutely, especially considering I bought 3 ships. But there are alternatives if you feel that you want more and don't want to add a significant amount of cost. I guess it would be useless advice if there wasn't a way to use said advice, but there are definitely options. Heck, I bet if you asked haldir nicely, or anyone else on the forums, they might help you out with their 3D printer.


    I'm not surprised that the number of cannons dropped. To be honest, even without the full compliment of cannons, this ship is a steal compared to the WizKids ship, and then add on that they are giving us some cannons, and the cost to produce isn't too far off from what we're paying for the whole thing with the cost of the molds factored in. The WizKids ship is selling for 170 right now, with cardboard levels and much smaller, I still feel like I got a killer deal on them.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    That's still a 40-75% increase in the base cost depending on how many you get at $4.50 USD per pack, and they've (edit: apparently) specifically said they won't be offering extra cannons.  Then add in shipping costs on top of all of that.


    So now you're forced into having a lack of cannons, or mis-matched cannons.


    You could always find one of these that you like, print a bunch up for really cheap, then sell the ones that you have coming with the ship to pay for the STL and the resin/plastic to print:


    Here are some more:

    https://www.stlfinder.com/3dmodels/naval gun ship cannon 3d models/

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  4. Had this pop up in my feed of "you might like" kickstarters. It's an STL for a Japanese themed "mini" (it's actually a 10 inch tall 1/26th scale, so a big mini LOL), and it has a limited number of physical models they'll print for specific pledge levels. I pledged for the physical model (don't have a printer yet and won't have one in the near future). The model is absolutely fantastic, and the detail level is insane. I had told myself after Bones V and Marvel United, I was taking a breather from kickstarter to let my wallet recover, but I couldn't pass this one up.  They even designed it to allow for wiring so that you could put LEDs into the eyes, the sword and the gem in his hand so they could light up! Thought I'd share so that we could get through more stretch goals :)




  5. 3 hours ago, Thoramel said:

    So I've finally decided I'm going to add a third pirate ship. Been leaning that way for a while. But wasn't certain until this morning. Now I've been sitting here all day trying to decide if it's going to be another regular ship, or a glow in the dark ship. Tough decision. 

    I just got my third, and it's glow in the dark, the other two regular. I figure if I don't like the glow in the dark, I will sell that one, otherwise I will sell one of the gray ones.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    I'm tempted to buy a second boat in the off chance I can flip it for a profit, but I'm not sure...


    I thought about that too, but then decided I just wanted two. :lol: But, I would say you won't have to worry about not making money off the second one. Matter of fact, I would say that you will probably be able to pay for both of them if you sell one. The official D&D ship (Falling Star Sailing Ship) is selling for 170 here, and it has cardboard floors, and this one is FAR superior (IMO). Heck.. I may have just convinced myself to buy a third and sell that one to pay for the other two....

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  7. 1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Well, I finally did it, I added the Pirate Ship.  I wasn't going to, but then my son started planning a pirate themed adventure for his brother's bachelors party, so I got the ship.  Somehow, I ALSO got a fan favorites added to the list as well; the pledge manager is a dangerous place.


    You only got ONE ship? LOL I already told my wife that we're going to have a shelf dedicated to a scene of a regular pirate ship being chased by a pirate ship crewed by undead pirates. I even ordered some scenery stuff from an etsy shop that had 3D printed barrels that have weapons, skulls and such to make them look like they are loot for an undead pirate crew, and will be using the pirate king shrine from the Brinewind Box Reapercon thing as what's driving the undead pirates :D Of course, I didn't want the Fan Favorites either, but once I saw the Mammotaur and the turtle paladin, I couldn't resist! And, my daughter is getting into 5 Nights at Freddies, and of course they have animatronic characters in the Fan Favorites that she said she would love to paint.

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  8. Since I got some inspiration after posting my request for color scheme help for this guy, I went ahead and started painting him blue! I'm actually quite far, but since his wings were still a bit wet I only got a pic of his back. I did wet blending on the wings, then did some more on the veins on the wings. I still have horns, claws, eyes, the ridges on his back, and the black wing areas to complete, but I'm happy with him so far!


    T'raukzul back

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  9. 55 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    I'll NOT buy much in Bones 6...Said NO ONE on this forum::o:


    :lol: Yeah. I have been trying to be good with kickstarters, not spending too much on them, but it's been tough LOL Almost got in on a 3D printer, but I have to be good, we're going to be moving hopefully next year so have to get finances in order between now and then. But, VI will be something I set aside some money for whenever it rolls around. Even at the 26 or so dragons I'll have by April, I could always use more, especially with how Julie sculpts them!

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  10. 19 minutes ago, Adrift said:

    I backed Reaper Bones KS 1-4 and thought for sure that I wouldn't 'need' much from Bones 5 and still ended up dropping $700-800 on this one. 

    Surely, I can resist going hard on Bones 6.


    That sounds familiar! LOL I said, as long as they don't have a bunch of dragons, I'm set. Then they did a pirate ship, the undead pirates, the undersea stuff, the stuff my daughter will love.... I'm saying now, I don't anticipate buying much in Bones VI, but darn it I know that's probably not going to be true.

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  11. So, sounds like blue has the most votes so far :) I actually think that might work well, and I MIGHT have a way to get the variations in the blue. I saw these pics, and being a painter, I thought it looked like someone went through and painted those scales up LOL base color, washes, then highlighting on each scale :lol:

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  12. So, I have this bad boy sitting on my painting desk, primed black:



    I am trying to come up with a decent paint scheme, and came across the variable bush viper. I have to say, if I can pull off this look, this will make for an amazing piece. So, I can't decide. Green, red, or blue?







    or Blue:



    I'm leaning towards the green, but both the red and the blue both look amazing...

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  13. 51 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    Yup, I have this same issue, still have B3 core set and a ton of B4 to work on, wife is not happy with another big box coming:(

    I still have Bones I stuff to paint :lol: Not a lot, but a few things. Still stuff left over from II as well. Majority of it is from IV, though. I missed 3 because I wasn't on KS much at that time due to my daughter being an infant, but I did get a few things from it, like Ma'al Drakar, but those I painted up quick since they were ones I was super excited about and got them when the inspiration struck. Doesn't help that I got some other not kickstarter related (like the stuff from ReaperCon this year) that adds to the list.

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  14. 21 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

    Check out the latest update... they just announced that the PM isn’t closing until sometime in 2021!  Still time to load another freight box!  ::):

    Ha! I must have missed that update LOL I actually hit my spending limit, unfortunately. We're looking to move in about a year, so I need to be good now :lol: My wife already gives me a hard time about how many miniatures i have unpainted, and this (including 2 pirate ships) added to my painting queue and another 79 miniatures from the Marvel United kickstarter coming around the same time next year and I'm going to be given crap about it so much more.

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  15. Can't believe that the PM is closing soon! What the heck happened to the rest of 2020?? I have everything I intended to get (and then some) so the extension until DEC 1st wasn't needed for me, but it's amazing that we're here already. For some reason I'm thinking they're going to need a freight box for my stuff, and I'm going to need my wife to help me carry it into the house when it gets here :lol: Another fun ride with a Bones kickstarter!

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